Understudy Association Officer Preparing 2009-2010.

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Welcome to Residue! Understudy Association Officer Preparing 2009-2010 The Objectives of Sediment: Offer you some assistance with understanding how to be a fruitful understudy pioneer at Drexel College Answer your inquiries identified with understudy associations, funds, and occasion arranging Before We Start…
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Welcome to SOOT! Understudy Organization Officer Training 2009-2010

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The Goals of SOOT: Help you see how to be an effective understudy pioneer at Drexel University Answer your inquiries identified with understudy associations, accounts, and occasion arranging

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Before We Begin… Questions – Raise your hand and inquire! On the off chance that we can’t answer your inquiry record it, and I will discover the answer and email you. - or -

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All data exhibited today can be found on the Office of Campus Activities Website!!! (counting this PowerPoint) www.drexel.edu/oca * Everything in RED on this PowerPoint is clickable and connected to a site page where you can discover more data identified with that point!

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This SOOT is for … This SOOT preparing is for all Undergraduate and Joint Student Organizations The President and 2 extra individuals are obliged to go to this SOOT for Recognition of the understudy club Graduate Student Organizations and Sports Clubs are to go to particular SOOT Trainings for their zone Contact Jessica Edonick at jlg66@drexel.edu for Graduate SOOT data Contact Sarah Shouvlin at srs92@drexel.edu for Sports Club SOOT data

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Office of Campus Activities (OCA) askoca@drexel.edu ● www.drexel.edu/oca Phone: 215-895-1328 ● Fax: 215-895-2500 Lower Level Creese Student Center - Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) Ari S. Hauben, Director Richard Kopp, Associate Director Vacant, Assistant Director Jill Buckley, Administrative Secretary Kia Perkins, Administrative Coordinator Joe Gonzalez, Budget Coordinator and SAFAC Advisor John Cooke, Assistant Dean for Campus Engagement

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Office of Campus Activities (OCA) Mission Statement: The Office of Campus Activities progresses the mission of Drexel University and the Division of Student Life by giving understudies an advanced university experience through important chances to learn and create authority, interpersonal, programming, and hierarchical abilities so that they may unite and add to the University group. The OCA staff will serve as understudy centered backers, pilots , consultants, instructors, and directors while working cooperatively to bolster programs that address the issues and hobbies of understudies. The 3 Pillars of how OCA underpins understudies are: Leadership Development Event Planning Financial Management

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Drexel Lingo… OCA = Office of Campus Activities SAFAC = Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee CAP = Commissions for Activities and Programs DUST = Drexel University Student Technicians FY = Fiscal Year (July 1  June 30) AY = Academic Year (09-10)

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Outline of Workshop I. Acknowledgment II. Funds III. Occasion Planning IV. Assets V. Initiation VI. Questions

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I. Acknowledgment

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Student Org. Acknowledgment Process Step 1. Submit acknowledgment printed material to OCA Recognition Form and constitution (if changed from earlier year) Step 2. Have your consultant return email sent to them from OCA Step 3. OCA will reach you to set up a meeting with staff part to audit any progressions to your constitution Step 4. Roll out improvements and resubmit your constitution Step 5. Go to SOOT workshop Undergraduate and Joint Organizations: President and any 2 extra individuals Graduate and Goodwin Student Organizations: President and Treasurer Sports Clubs: President, Treasurer, and 1 extra part Step 6. OCA tells association they are perceived Recognition Website

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Student Org. Acknowledgment Student Organizations must apply for Recognition consistently Recognition depends on the Fiscal Year cycle for full advantages If your gathering was perceived in a past monetary year, yet has not finished acknowledgment for the current financial year, that gathering will just have admittance/capacity to save space on grounds until November 1 st Only Recognized associations have full access to University administrations/assets. On the off chance that your understudy association is owing debtors, your Recognition status may be set on hold.

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The capacity to apply for SAFAC, Reserve and CAP Funding! The capacity to save space on grounds through Event Services! The capacity to utilize Sodexho, Facilities Management, Public Safety, and so on! The capacity to utilize the Office of Campus Activities Resources! The capacity to utilize the Office of Campus Activities staff to arrange your occasion (i.e. contract transaction, publicizing, and so on.) Permission to utilize the University name and logo when distinguishing the association as per University regulations and arrangements Access to a hierarchical letter box in the Creese Student Center or in the Office of Recreational Sports Opportunity to procure office/storage room on a yearly premise for understudy association use Opportunity to take an interest in the Activities Unlimited Student Organization advancement/enlistment reasonable amid the Fall and Spring terms Opportunity to gain web space through the Drexel gateway and an association assigned email address Why get Recognized? More advantages of being recognized…

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We are recognized… …now what?

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II. Accounts

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Student Organization Finances SAFAC Office New Requirements Cost Centers SAFAC Funding CAP Funding Fundraising, Dues, Donations Late/Night Weekend Funding Alumni Grant Deposits Travel Expenses Forms

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Student Organization Finances Joseph Gonzalez Budget Coordinator for Campus Activities/Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) Advisor Greenawalt Student Development Center: Room 32A 215-895-1811 safac@drexel.edu www.drexel.edu/safac Excellent Website !! Note: Please permit 24-48 business hours for a reaction to telephone messages or email.

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New SAFAC Training: Treasurers Trainings Beginning with the 2009-2010 year, Undergraduate and Joint Student Organization Treasurers will be urged to finish a SAFAC Training Session to teach treasurers on legitimate monetary works on in regards to their 17-or 71-money related records The SAFAC Office will be facilitating both in-individual and online sessions for Treasurers This will start on September 1, 2009, for gatherings utilizing trusts amid the FY10 (2009-2010) financial year

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New Policy: End of Year Report To get to $$ for the FY 11 (2010-2011) year, a “End-of-Year-Report” for FY 10 (2009-2010) should be submitted to the SAFAC Office SAFAC will convey headings/guidelines/frames in September 2009 to instruct all gatherings , and beginning with July 1, 2010, all associations will be obliged to present this Report. SAFAC firmly suggests that the officers from the former financial year (ie: 2009-2010) present the report (ideally in July 2010), all together for the 2010-2011 officers to have the capacity to get to subsidizing.

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Cost Centers Each understudy association will get 2 expense focuses (accounts): 17 Cost Center : All SAFAC stores are kept and got to from this expense focus. These stores are distributed and returned in view of FY (17 expense focus trust numbers start with 17…) 71 Cost Center : All gathering pledges, duty & gifts are kept and got to from this expense focus. These trusts stay in your expense focus until utilized (71 expense focus store numbers start with 71…)

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Cost Centers Cont… Each Cost Center will have a name, trust number, and organization number: Example: Org Name Fund# Org # Art Club 170001 - 2555 Art Club 710545 – 3568 Account numbers will be sent in your official Recognition Letters likewise, you can go to the SAFAC Office and Administrative bolster staff for this data Undergraduate and Joint gatherings get their record numbers through the SAFAC Office. Graduate understudy gatherings ought to connect with the Graduate Student Association (GSA) for record numbers Note: Student Organizations are not permitted to have off-grounds ledgers!

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Student Organization Funding Options SAFAC Funding Annual Allocation Reserve Funding CAP Funding Fundraising, Dues & Donations Late Night/Weekend Programming Alumni Grant These will all be clarified in more detail in the accompanying slides

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What is SAFAC? Understudy Activity Fee Allocation Committee Made up of 17 full time college understudies: 12 contacts One Secretary One Vice Chair One Chair One delegate from USGA One Staff Member from the Division of Student Life The SAFAC Advisor Note: Only the understudies have a vote on how the cash is conveyed. www.drexel.edu/safac

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Where Does SAFAC Money Come From? Student Students Pay $250 Student Activity Fee on Tuition Bill. $150 of that expense goes to SAFAC All paid action charges get kept into the SAFAC Account SAFAC Committee appropriates stores in view of uses. Understudy associations apply for this cash through Annual Allocations & Reserve Funding

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SAFAC Funding Recognized by OCA Must go to an Annual Allocation Information Session Must present an Annual Allocation Request This procedure is discrete from SOOT All current gatherings must experience this procedure in the event that they need to get subsidizing Recognized by OCA Apply for on an occasion by occasion premise Only fresh out of the box new gatherings framed amid February of past monetary year or later are qualified. On a case by case premise, unexpected costs for pre-supported gatherings, may be considered for subsidizing Reserve Funding Annual Allocations Can ask for Capital, Operational, Conference, & Activity costs Note: All exercises & occasions must be interested in all understudies.

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Check Requests Used to pay for administrations which don\'t acknowledge Visas Used to repay understudies for cash paid out of pocket Cash Reimbursements Used to repay understudies for cash paid out o

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