Understudy Associations.

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Occasion Planning & Risk Management. Assets. Parts of the Advisor ... with the USD mission and that the occasion exhibited matches the occasion proposed. ...
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´╗┐Understudy Organizations Advisor Training Fall 2008 Student Leadership & Involvement Center University Center, Rm. 161 x4802

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2008-2009 Advisor Training Welcome & Introductions Advisor Roles and Expectations Student Organization Representative (SOR) Roles Online Organization Registration Financial Considerations Online Event Registration Event Planning & Risk Management Resources

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Roles of the Advisor Advisors encourage dynamic and communitarian connections that enable understudies to understand their potential as moral pioneers Teaching and Coaching Consulting Counseling Mission of University Advisors encourage dynamic and shared connections by cooperating with understudies they would say. Giving Continuity Supervising projects and funds Attending Meetings Students will be set up to take part in autonomous thought, different experience and element authority advancement preparing. Helping/Partnering with the SOR to decipher college strategy

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Expectations Advises in a way that is compatible with the mission of the University. Guides are knowledgeable and have done individual work to recognize and address issues of irregularity (particularly - social equity, imbalance, consideration, differing qualities, "isms") and can explain their own particular qualities in connection to the mission. Exhorts understudies by the rule that qualities compatibility in essential. The center is not about what we " do " in prompting, yet rather driving and demonstrating. Utilizing different counselors as assets.

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Role of the Student Organization Representative (SOR) Connect with all understudy bunches that get Associated Students subsidizing. Meet with understudy administration (and their guide - at the determination of the SOR) in the month before their AS financed occasions. To guarantee that logistics have been thoroughly considered, changes are steady with the USD mission and that the occasion displayed matches the occasion proposed.

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Student Organization Representative-(SOR) Student Organization Representatives Mandy Womack, Greek Life awomack@sandiego.edu x2253 Lauren Johnson, Greek Life ljohnson@sandiego.edu x4802 Jason Schreiber, Academic/Professional jschreiber@sandiego.edu x7719 Onar Primitivo, Multicultural lcprimitivo@sandiego.edu x2994 Kimberley Fernandes, Multicultural kfernandes@sandiego.edu x6871 Erin Lovette-Colyer, Special Interest elovettecolyer@sandiego.edu x2395 Michael Lovette-Colyer, Religious mlovettecolyer@sandiego.edu x4251 Liberty Hebron, General libertyhebron@sandiego.edu x4802 Justin Calbreath, General jcalbreath@sandiego.edu x7467

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Interactive Collegiate Solution

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Financial Considerations Fundraising Work with Alejandro or Mandy to arrange pledge drive All Fundraising must be cleared with University Relations Funding Opportunities for all Student Organizations ICCBC: Process led twice per year $100,000 (November for Spring; April for Fall) a. Event asks for need to open to whole grounds b. Organization must be on favorable terms c. Detailed data (spending plan and real prices) Budget Committee: Committee meets twice a month $10,000 a. Organization must be on favorable terms b. Complete printed material and meeting with Committee Weekend Programming Grants $750 Accounts On grounds accounts Off-Campus Accounts (can\'t utilize USD Tax ID numbers or name

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Financial Considerations Finance Procedures Check Request: AS check demand found in UC 161 One week to process Documentation reinforcement required Petty Cash Requests up to $100 Fill out Petty Cash Form and keep receipts Purchase Orders Work with Liberty Hebron to execute Online Budget Access Noetix login Call SOR or SLIC for help

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Event Registration

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Event Planning/Risk Management Event Planning Resource www.sandiego.edu/eventplanning Contract Signer: Jason Schreiber, x7719 jschreiber@sandiego.edu Risk Management Use Liability and Activity Release Forms when: Event being held off grounds Transportation is included Out of the common danger included (climbing divider, jousting, paintball)

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Resources Policies & Forms Alcohol Policy www.sandiego.edu/eventplanning Contracts: Jason Schreiber jschreiber@sandiego.edu Liability Form www.sandiego.edu/eventplanning Guest Speaker Form www.sandiego.edu/eventplanning Food Request www.sandiego.edu/eventplanning Budget Forms www.sandiego.edu/associatedstudents Student Leadership & Involvement Center http://www.sandiego.edu/slic/

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