Understudy Led Conferences .

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Student Led Conferences. Let’s Begin. My Electronic Portfolio. Reading/LA. New Sarpy Elementary 2000-2001 Grade 2 Mrs. Andry’s Class. Creative Writing. Math. SS/Science. My Strengths. Improvements. Parent Focus. Reading/Language Arts. Let’s Continue. Creative Writing. Return
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Understudy Led Conferences Let\'s Begin

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My Electronic Portfolio Reading/LA New Sarpy Elementary 2000-2001 Grade 2 Mrs. Andry\'s Class Creative Writing Math SS/Science My Strengths Improvements Parent Focus

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Reading/Language Arts Let\'s Continue

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Creative Writing Return Home

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Return Home Math

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Return Home Social Studies/Science

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Return Home My Strengths I\'m best at The reason this is so is I\'m likewise great at This is on the grounds that

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Return Home Improvement/Goals 1. I have to enhance 2. My objective for this nine weeks is

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Return Home Parent Focus I simply need you to realize that I welcome it when you The most delightful thing you accomplished for me this year was I wish we could Thank you for

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