Undertakings in Normal Recurrence.

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Undertakings in Normal Recurrence. Gravity Tolls and Blast Whackers. What can understudies gain from these?. Regular Recurrence Relies on upon size and flexible properties of the article Idea Associations Recurrence, pitch, wavelength. Demos and Illustrations Normal Recurrence. Nails Chimes
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Undertakings in Natural Frequency Gravity Chimes and Boom Whackers

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What can understudies gain from these? Characteristic Frequency Depends on size and versatile properties of the article Concept Connections Frequency, pitch, wavelength

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Demos and Examples Natural Frequency Nails Bells Tuning Forks Swing Pendulum Musical Instruments Cephied Variable Stars Singing Rod Music Tree Wine Glass Organ Pipe Open and Closed Frog and Cricket

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TREE HOLE FROG of BORNEO http://www.biol.lu.se/zooekologi/epb/human en/bl-en/bl-meta-en/bl-meta-en.htm

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Boom Whackers Construction Locate shading paper and name each with a note Obtain a long and short fluorescent light protect Cut each to the lengths gave in the table B A C G D F E

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Notes with caps relate to a tube with a top on the end.

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Gravity Chimes Construction Cut aluminum poles to the right length Paint every length an alternate shading Sort the bars as indicated by the request gave Method 1: Line bars up on the edge of a table and flip them off onto the floor. System 2: Hand out the bars to the understudies in your class and let them drop them all together.

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