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Dynamic. Howard College Growth Center, Delmarva Establishment, Mid-Atlantic Malignancy Data Administration and Men Against Bosom Tumor framed an organization to offer Mammo Days. The main role of the task is to give free
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Theoretical Howard University Cancer Center, Delmarva Foundation, Mid-Atlantic Cancer Information Service and Men Against Breast Cancer shaped an association to offer Mammo Days. The basic role of the undertaking is to give free mammography screening to ladies who get Medicare with the goal of advancing the propensity for acquiring yearly mammograms. Also, the undertaking investigates the learning and use of Medicare mammography advantages among African American ladies in the District of Columbia. Members are recognized through different means including temples, media advancements and other screening projects. Ladies who come in for screening finish a brief overview to focus their insight and use of Medicare advantages. Preparatory information demonstrate that the greater part of ladies overviewed to date are not mindful that Medicare gives scope to mammograms and the rates of utilization among the individuals who are mindful are low. Data from this system will be used to create more extensive focused on government funded training projects .

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Background African American ladies living in the District of Columbia are more averse to have mammograms in the event that they are elderly or living in less princely Wards. Investigation of Medicare cases by the Delmarva Foundation demonstrate that 51% of African American ladies age 50-67 living in DC had mammograms in 2001 and 2002 contrasted with 61% of white ladies. The most noteworthy utilization rates of Medicare mammography screening happened in the District Wards with princely and ethnically differing inhabitants while the Wards that are overwhelmingly African American and less wealthy had interest rates of 51 percent or less.

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Objectives Provide mammograms to no less than 60 Medicare beneficiaries every year Assess the information and utilization levels of Medicare mammography advantages among African American ladies age 50 and more seasoned living the District of Columbia Determine hindrances to using Medicare advantages among African American ladies Determine the best channels for coming to the objective populace

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Methods Participants are recognized through focused on advancements in the ranges of most noteworthy need. Places of worship, CDC Breast and Cervical Early Detection Program, Community Based Organizations, and neighborhood media advancements are utilized to inform ladies of Mammo Day screenings. Ladies going to Mammo Days get a clinical bosom exam and mammograms gratis. Preceding getting screened members are requested that finish a short survey with respect as far as anyone is concerned and use of Medicare mammography advantages and obstructions to utilize.

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Results To date eight Mammo Days have been held and 76 studies have been finished. Based upon the finished studies to the lion\'s share of ladies were not mindful of the Medicare mammography advantage. Among the ladies who were mindful of the advantage the greater part had not used it to get a mammogram. A few key channels were noted as assets for acquiring data about the Medicare advantage. Mammo Days was regularly said as a hotspot for discovering more data about Medicare scope for mammograms.

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Results Cont. Q1). Do you realize that Medicare pays for mammograms? Yes 12% Yes 6% Age 50-64 Age 65 and more seasoned No 39% No 6% No Response 37% Age 50-64 Age 65 and more seasoned Q2). Have you ever utilized Medicare to pay for mammograms? Yes 0% Yes 6% Age 50-64 Age 65 and more established No 53% No 41% Age 50-64 Age 65 and more seasoned

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Results Cont. Q3). How could you have been able to you get some answers concerning Medicare scope for mammograms? 1. Mammo Days 2. TV system advancing Mammo Days 3. Loved ones individuals

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Discussion Preliminary data gathered from the Mammo Days venture demonstrates a need to expand government funded training to advance Medicare advantages for mammography. Projects particularly went for focusing on African American ladies in urban territories are required. Gathering more data to comprehend hindrances to using Medicare mammography advantages among ladies who are mindful of scope is a vital next stride for this undertaking.

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