Unit 4 Sustenance.

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c cooks solid nourishment. b. 6 What does Daniel for the most part have for breakfast? ... I am extremely occupied. I frequently play volleyball so I am fit and solid. I think I need loads of ...
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Unit 4 Food 制作 苏州市三元中学校 茆韦

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Revision Do you like … ? I adore … ... I like … I loathe … . I abhor … Does he/she like … ? He/she cherishes … . He/she enjoys … . He/she hates … . He/she detests … .

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Reading What we eat and how we live

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Questions: 1 How regularly does kitty move? a three times each week b consistently c 30 hours a week b 2 How frequently does Daniel swim? a twice per day b consistently c twice per week c 3 Where did Kitty get her vitality from? a sweet snacks b school c moving a

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4 Why did Kitty transform her eating regimen? an in light of the fact that she is excessively bustling b since she needs, making it impossible to play tennis c since she needs to be more beneficial c 5 What does Daniel do after school? a moves b plays PC amusements c cooks solid sustenance b 6 What does Daniel typically have for breakfast? a Coke and cheeseburgers b squeeze and bread c fish and vegetables b

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What we eat and how we live Hi!My name is Kitty.I am 12 years old.I need to be a dancer.Every day,I move for two hours. I get drained when I dance.I require heaps of vitality to dance.It is critical for an artist to be healthy.I changed my eating routine since I need to be healthier.Before,I from time to time ate products of the soil ate a great deal of sweet snacks between meals.I preferred cakes,sweets and Coke.I realize that sweet snacks are bad for me.They give me vitality but rather they are not healthy.Now,I dependably eat an apple for breakfast,and I regularly drink some milk and eat some bread.I more often than not eat meat and vegetables for dinner.I have lunch each day.I don\'t eat sweet snacks between suppers any more.

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Hello,I\'m Daniel.I am 12 years of age and a top understudy at school.I like studying.After class,I additionally like playing PC diversions and visiting with my companions on the Internet.I changed my eating routine and lifestyle.Before,I adored Coke and hamburgers.I dependably ate burgers for lunch.I needed to play ball however I couldn\'t run fast.Now,I practice each day for around 30 minutes.I swim twice a week.I don\'t eat fast food any more.For breakfast,I generally have some juice and bread.I dependably have a sound supper for dinner.I for the most part have fish and vegetables.

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Vocabulary How much do you think about nourishment? C o k e c h o c o l a t e t e a 1 a frosty beverage 2 it is sweet and cocoa 3 a hot beverage 4 this creature lives in water 5 it is round and sweet 6 a yellow natural product 7 it is extremely sharp 8 a fiery dish from Sichuan f i s h m o n c a k e l e m o n v i n e g a r S i c h u a n h o t p o t

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Reading Comprehension 1 How long does Kitty move each day? 2 Why did Kitty transform her eating routine? 3 Are sweet snacks great? 4 What does Daniel like doing after school? She moves for two hours consistently. Since she needs to be more beneficial. No, they aren\'t. He enjoys playing PC diversions and visiting with his companions on the Internet.

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5 Does despite everything he eat fast food? 6 What does he more often than not have now? No, he doesn\'t. He for the most part has some juice and bread now.

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Some essential words and expressions: 1 need to be more beneficial 想要变的更加健康 more beneficial 是 wellbeing 的比较级 If you need to be more beneficial, you should work out. 如果你想要更加健康,你就得锻炼。 2 sweet snacks 甜点心 3 be useful for 对 … 有好处,对 … 有益 4 no more 不再,再也不 His dad doesn " t smoke any more. 他的父亲不再抽烟了。

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5 a top understudy 优生,尖子生 Everyone needs to be a top understudy in the class. 每个人都想成为班上的优秀生。 6 fast food 速食,快餐 7 I need to be an artist. 我想成为一名舞蹈演员。 8 I get drained when I move. 我跳舞的时候很累。 9 It is imperative for an artist to be solid. 对于一名舞蹈演员来说保持健康很重要。 10 I realized that sweet snacks are bad for me. 我知道甜点心对我没有好处。 11 Now, I generally have an apple for breakfast. 现在我早餐总是吃一个苹果。 12 I swim twice every week. 我一周游两次泳。

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Homework: 对划线部分提问 1 All the understudies originate from Nanjing . 2 I have four cousins. 3 I saw Kitty at four yesterday. 4 Charlie " s birthday is on 3 rd October . 5 We observe Christmas by giving presents . 6 We purchase a considerable measure of things since Chinese New Year is coming .

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Grammar: An Adverbs of recurrence 频率副词 按照由小到大顺序排列 never 0% at times 20% here and there 40% regularly 60% typically 80% constantly 100%

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B countable and uncountable things 可数和不可数名词 判断下列名词的属性 u c bread( ) banana( ) tea( ) u apple( ) c mooncake( )

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可数名词的单数变复数的变化规则如下: 1 通常情况下名词末尾加 — s, 构成该名词的复数,如 apple — apples,jeep — jeeps 等 2 以 s,x,sh,ch 等结尾的,在末尾加 — es, 如 transport — buses,box — boxes,watch — watches,wish — wishes 等 3 以辅音字母加 y 结尾的单词,把 y 变为 i, 再加 — es, 如 story — stories,baby — babies 等 4 以 f 或 fe 结尾的名词,把 f 或 fe 去掉,加 ves, 如 blade — knives,wife — spouses 等 5 以 o 结尾的名词,有生命的加 — es, 无生命的加 — s, 如 radio — radios,mango — mangoes,tomato — tomatoes 等。 注意某些名词的复数形式是不规则的。

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根据所给中文完成句子 1 They need _________( 八个盒子). 2 I have _____________( 七本英语书). 3 There are ________( 四把小刀) in her grasp. 4 I can see ________( 两只铅笔) on the table. 5 Can you see _______( 五个芒果) in the photo. eight boxes seven English books four blades two pencils five mangoes

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C utilizing " a "/" a " 不定冠词的用法 We utilize " a " or " a " before a particular countable thing. On the off chance that the thing begins with a vowel sound, we utilize " a " . a book an egg an orange a house

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We can likewise utilize things before uncountable things to demonstrate their sums. some tea a glass of milk a bit of paper a kilo of meat

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Additional activities 在下面单词前加 a,an 或 somewhere in the range of (1)____water (2)____book (3)____egg (4)____cake (5)____milk (6)____box (7)____orange (8)____tea

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将下列短语翻译成英文 (1)一台收音机 (2)一碗米饭 (3)两公斤肉 (4)四杯茶 (5)三个胡萝卜 (6)几块面包

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Healthy eating My name is Millie . I am 13 years of age. I am exceptionally occupied. I frequently play volleyball so I am fit and sound . I think I require loads of vitality consistently. For breakfast, I generally have some bread and an egg , and I drink a glass of squeezed orange . This gives me 340 calories to begin the day. I once in a while have rice with fish and an apple for lunch. I truly adore organic product . This meat gives me vitality for the evening and for playing volleyball later . At night, I some of the time have a glass of milk or some green tea and a few rolls. For supper, I frequently have soup, meat and vegetables . I like vegetables since they are beneficial for me . At supper, I take in around 800 calories. That implies I take in around 2000 calories consistently. I require vitamins to stay sound. It is likewise essential to drink loads of water each day. There are no calories in water, so you can drink it without getting fat.

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Questions: 1 Why does Millie regularly play volleyball? 2 what number calories does Millie need to begin the day? To stay in shape and sound. She has 340 calories to begin the day.

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3 What does she have for lunch? 4 what number calories does Millie take in consistently? 5 What does Millie need to stay sound? She has rice with fish and an apple for lunch. Around 2000 calories. She needs vitamins to stay solid.

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基础达标 一 .词汇 根据句意和提示写出单词 1 I feel ____. I need to eat something. 2 We do morning ______ in the play area consistently. 3 My folks plant some ______ in the field. 4 English is exceptionally ______. You should learn it well. 5 He is a ___ understudy in our class. 6 I frequently have rice and ____ ( 肉) for lunch. hungry activities vegetables vital top meat

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用所给词的适当形式填空 1 His mom is a decent _____. (move) 2 After the long run, I felt exceptionally ____. (tire) 3 It " s vital for us to keep ______. (wellbeing) 4 He loves _____ with his schoolmates after class. (talk) 5 I go to the film ____ a month. (two) artist tired solid visiting twice

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to be 用所给动词的适当形式填空 1 I need ______ (be) an educator when I grow up. 2 Now we require a considerable measure of cash _____ (go) to class. 3 How frequently ____ he ____ (compose) to his folks? 4 I ___ (be) conceived in Beijing in 1992. 5 My sibling _________ (not have) lunch at home. 6 He appreciates _____ (fish) and skating. 7 Thank you especially for _____ (give) me so much cash. to go compose does was doesn\'t have angling giving

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B 二 单项选择 1 Let " s have a rest, ____? A. will we B. should we C. do we D. does you 2 You never work out, ____? A. are you B. wear " t you C. do you D. aren " t you 3 An apple a day is great ___ our wellbeing. A. at B. to C. with D. for 4 Please give me ____. A. two breads B. a few meats C. some vegetable D. a few desserts C D

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C 5 I like visiting ___ my companions ____ the Internet. A. to, on B. to, in C. with, on D. with, in 6 - ____ do you go to the silver screen? - Twice per month. A. How regularly B. To what extent C. How soon D. How 7 There ___ some fish on the plate. A. are B. has C. have D. is 8 ____ do you have ____ lunch? A. What, at B. What, for C. At the point when, at D. When,for A D B

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