Unit 5 Going shopping.

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comic books. stickers. music box. pencil box. hairpins. photograph collection. Album ... comic books. is coming up. as of now. Listen and answer: Hobo. Eddie. 1. Would you be able to let me know ...
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Unit 5 Going shopping Comic strip & welcome to the unit

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Thanksgiving Day

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Chinese t r a d i t i on a l celebrations ( 中国传统节日) Mid-Autumn Festival

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Dragon Boat Festival

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Chinese New Year/Spring Festival

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Your companion\'s birthday is coming up. You are wanting to praise it . Do you have any thought s?

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* host a get-together *have a major supper * purchase some birthday presents for …

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Let\'s have a word match. . Partition the class into four gatherings. Compose the names of presents on a bit of paper however many as could be expected under the circumstances. At that point pick one understudy in a gathering to report them on the writing board. .

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Simon and Sandy both have their birthdays one week from now.

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Happy birthday! yo-yo stickers music box comic books ____________ ___________ ____________ ___________ CD photograph collection pencil box pins __________ ___________ ______ _________

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Daniel is approaching Millie for help.

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Questions : 1 What does Millie advise Daniel to purchase for Simon? A football 2 At last, what will Daniel purchase for Simon? A yo_yo

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Important focuses 1. Simon\'s birthday is coming up. Be coming (up) : 快要来临,即将来到 2. have smart thoughts : 有好主意 你认为如何 ? 3 . What do you think? /What do you consider sb/sth? 你认为某人或某物如何? :

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Make comparative( 相似 ) discoursed this way: D: Hi, Millie . Simon\'s birthday is coming up. I need to purchase something for him . Benefit you have in any way thought s? M: I think you can purchase him a football . He loves playing football particularly . What do you think? D: I don\'t have the foggiest idea. I think he has a football as of now . M: Then you can purchase him a yo-yo . I know he doesn\'t have a yo-yo . D: Yes, that is a smart thought . I can purchase a yo-yo for him . Much thanks to you, Millie . M: You\'re invite.

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一、根据中文完成下列各题。 1. Does he have any music _________( 唱片 ) right now. 2. Millie cherishes excellent ___________( 发夹 ). 3. Kitty has numerous __________( 礼物 ) for her birthday. The _____________( 相册 ) is her top pick. 4. My cousin likes perusing _____________( 漫画书 ) after school. 5. Chinese New Year ________________( 就要到了) . 6. I think she has a PC _________ ( 已经 ). Compact discs barrettes presents photograph collection comic books is coming up as of now

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Listen and reply: 1. Will you educate me something regarding Eddie? Homeless person He is Hobo\'s lord. He enjoys eating. He\'s sluggish. He never works out. Eddie 2. Wanderer is going shopping. Presently please answer : 1)Does Eddie need to run with him? 2)Why does Hobo request that Eddie run with him? No, he doesn\'t. Since he needs Eddie to convey every one of the packs.

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Listen and rehash:

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Act the discourse:

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词组 run shopping with me 1 和我一起去购物 wear " t have any cash/have no cash 2 没有钱 3 我的钱包在这儿 Here " s my wallet 4 需要你拿所有的包 need you to convey every one of the sacks 5 有空 be free/have time accompanied me 6 和我一起来

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Fill in the spaces as per the exchange : Hobo is _________ ( 空闲 )on Sunday. He needs ________(go) _________(shop) in another shopping center( 大卖场 ). He needs to purchase ________( 许多 )things however he can\'t ______( 拎 ) every one of the sacks. He is asking his __________( 主人 ), Eddie, for help. " Eddie, please ________(come) with me. I require you ________(help) me." But Eddie ____________(not need) to go. allowed to go shopping a considerable measure of convey expert come to help doesn\'t need

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用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1 Would you get a kick out of the chance to go (shop) with me? shopping to purchase 2 He needs (purchase) a considerable measure of things . to help 3 The instructors require the understudies (help) them. any 4 I wear " t have (a few) cash now . 5 Here (be) my comic books. are

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完成下列句子 。 1. Daniel needs to purchase a pencil box __________(给Simon). 2. Do you have_____________(一些好主意)? 3. Chinese New Year ___________ (就要到了). for Simon any smart thoughts is coming up

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4 . Kitty normally eats vegetables and meat for supper. _________________ (你认为如何)? 5 . This shopping sack is too overwhelming. I ________________(需要你拎) for me. 6 . Mother_________________(想要我去购物)with her. What do you think need you to convey it needs me to go shopping

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Homework: Now, Daniel is going shopping. Make an exchange amongst Daniel and the retailer( 售货员 ). Hello. Can I help you? I need to purchase … It\'s too little/enormous. Shouldn\'t something be said about … ? How much is it? I\'ll take it.

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