United Countries Thousand years Improvement Objectives 2015: Advancing Dynamic Citizenship by accomplishing the UN MDGs.

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Your Local Organization. What do you think about United Nations Millennium Development ... what's more, together with the far reaching United Nations improvement plan, set the course ...
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Joined Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015: Promoting Active Citizenship by accomplishing the UN MDGs

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Module 1 Opening & Introduction

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Introductions Please let us know: Your name & calling Your Local Organization What do you think about United Nations Millennium Development Goals Your inclusion in any group related task, present or past Your desires of this course.

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Objectives To learn and comprehend the eight UN Millennium Development Goals (UN MDGs); To value the JCI Vision and Mission with regards to accomplishing the UN MDGs; To learn and share ventures and encounters of JCI individuals as Active Citizens in actualizing different UN MDG extends; and To set up a Plan of Action for an undertaking/action that can accomplish no less than one UN MDG.

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Course Outline Opening & Introduction Background on the Eight UN MDGs JCI\'s Mission & Vision of a Better World - Active Citizenship & UN organization IV. Making a move: accomplishing the UN MDGs - Plan of Action for an UN MDG venture V. Shutting & Evaluation

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Module 2 Module 2 Corporate Social Responsibility The United Nations Millennium Development Goals

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Exercise/Activity Everybody stand up please… Who has a $1 in your pocket/pack? The individuals who have cash, please sit down.

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Fact Statement 1 Do you realize that more than one billion of the world\'s populace gets by with not exactly US$ 1 (one dollar or its nearby cash identical) every day.

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Exercise/Activity Everybody stand up again please… Who amongst you have gone to rudimentary or grade school? What about optional or secondary school? The individuals who completed said tutoring, please sit down.

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Fact Statement 2 Do you realize that 25% of essential age youngsters in provincial regions of creating nations are out of school… Do you realize that 45% of secondary school age adolescents in creating nations don\'t go to class.

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Fact Statement 3 Do you realize that young ladies represent 55% of hard and fast of-school youth populace? Just about 2/3 of ladies in creating nations work in powerless occupations or as unpaid family laborers, and that in Southern Asian and sub-Saharan Africa, this kind of work records for more than 80% of all employments accessible for ladies there.

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Fact Statement 4 Do you realize that a tyke conceived in a creating nation is more than 13 times more inclined to bite the dust inside the initial 5 years of life than a tyke conceived in an industrialized nation. Sub-Saharan Africa represents about portion of passings of youngsters under five in the creating scene.

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Fact Statement 5 Do you realize that consistently, a lady bites the dust of intricacies identified with pregnancy and labor. This means more than 500,000 every year and 10 million over an era. All of these ladies, 99% - live; beyond words creating nations. Consistently, more than 1 million kids are left motherless because of maternal passings.

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Fact Statement 6 Do you realize that 33 million individuals (all inclusive) are living with HIV/AIDS in 2007; dominant part of which lives in sub-Saharan Africa and 60% of whom are ladies. Intestinal sickness murders more than 1 million individuals yearly, 80% of which are kids under five in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Exercise/Activity Everybody stand up again please… Who amongst you live in a fair settlement with access to power and clean water with toilets/sanitation offices? The individuals who have a decent place to stay, with power, clean water and can, please sit down.

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Fact Statement 7 Do you realize that around one billion of the world\'s populace don\'t have entry to safe drinking water, 1.6 billion more individuals have no entrance to power, and around 2.4 billion individuals need access to advanced cooking, warming and sanitation administrations.

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Fact Statement 8 Everybody stand up again please… In created nations, 58% of individuals utilized the web as a part of 2006, contrasted with 11% in creating nations and 1% in slightest created nations ... Help streams proceed to drop and the guaranteed ODA focuses of the G8 nations are not anticipated that would be met if extra worldwide guide of $50 billion is not given, half of which is for Africa. You may all sit down once more, bless your heart!

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Exercise/Activity - Synthesis WE ARE ALL PRIVILEGED… We live easily than 30 million other individuals in this planet. WHAT DO WE DO WITH THESE PEOPLE?

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What\'s It Worth Think of a given day, say yesterday – and organize your spending for the entire day What decisions did each of you had in spending your own cash In groups of five , talk about and report back your spending in a diagram or table. Present your particular Spending outlines/tables to the class. Collaboration Note: One billion of the world\'s populace makes due with not exactly a $1 every day. Time: 10 minutes

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The UN MDGs 2015 There are eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – which range from dividing amazing destitution to ending the spread of HIV/AIDS and giving all inclusive essential instruction. Deadline of accomplishing the MDGs: 2015. This structures the diagram consented to by all the world\'s nations and all the world\'s driving improvement foundations. They have stirred remarkable endeavors to address the issues of the world\'s poorest.

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The Millennium Summit In September 2000, expanding upon 10 years of major United Nations gatherings and summits, world pioneers met up at United Nations Headquarters in New York to embrace the United Nations Millennium Declaration , They submitted their countries to another worldwide organization to lessen great neediness and setting out a progression of time-bound targets - that have ended up known as the Millennium Development Goals.

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The UN MDGs: current point of view "Eradicating great destitution keeps on being one of the primary difficulties of our time, and is a noteworthy worry of the universal group. Finishing this scourge will require the consolidated endeavors of all, administrations, common society associations and the private area, with regards to a more grounded and more successful worldwide organization for improvement. The Millennium Development Goals set time bound focuses, by which progress in decreasing pay neediness, hunger, sickness, absence of sufficient safe house and rejection — while advancing sex balance, wellbeing, training and natural maintainability — can be measured. They additionally typify fundamental human rights — the privileges of every individual on the planet to wellbeing, instruction, safe house and security. The Goals are goal-oriented however practical and, together with the far reaching United Nations advancement motivation, set the course for the world\'s endeavors to reduce compelling neediness by 2015. " United Nations Secretary-General BAN KI-MOON

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The Eight UN Millennium Development Goals Eradicate amazing neediness & hunger - Reduce considerably extent individuals living on not exactly a dollar a day; - Reduce significantly the extent of individuals who experience the ill effects of craving. 2. Accomplish general essential training - Ensure that all young men and young ladies finish a full course of essential tutoring. 3. Advance sexual orientation balance & enable ladies - Eliminate sex uniqueness in essential and optional instruction ideally by 2005, and at all levels by 2015. Diminish youngster mortality - Reduce by 66% the death rate among kids under five.

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The Eight UN Millennium Development Goals 5. Enhance maternal wellbeing - Reduce by seventy five percent the maternal mortality proportion. 6. Battle HIV/AIDS, jungle fever & different infections - Halt and start to turn around the spread of HIV/AIDS; - Halt and start to switch rate of intestinal sickness/other real ailments. 7. Guarantee natural solidness - Integrate the standards of feasible advancement into nation strategies and projects; reverse loss of ecological assets; - Reduce considerably the extent of individuals without reasonable access to safe drinking water; - Achieve critical change in lives of no less than 100 million ghetto inhabitants, by 2020.

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The Eight UN Millennium Development Goals 8. Build up a worldwide organization for advancement - Develop further an open exchanging and monetary framework that is standard based, unsurprising and non-biased. Incorporates a pledge to great administration, advancement and destitution lessening—broadly and universally; - Address the minimum built up nations\' uncommon needs. This incorporates tax and standard free access for their fares; upgraded obligation help for vigorously obligated poor nations; cancelation of authority respective obligation; and more liberal authority advancement help for nations focused on neediness decrease; - Address the exceptional needs of landlocked and little island creating States; - Deal exhaustively with building up nations\' obligation issues through national and universal measures to make obligation manageable in the long haul; - In collaboration with the creating nations, grow not too bad and profitable work for youth; - In participation with pharmaceutical organizations, give access to moderate vital medications in creating nations

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Where are the UN MDGs? You have 3 sorts of media productions from neighborhood to worldwide in extension With your relegated MDG, list down from the distributions you have any article identified with or pertinent to your doled out MDG In groups of no less than two (one group one MDG) , talk about and present the articles. What number of news have you discovered per UN MDG? What does this say in regards to our advancement? Collaboration Note: We have a restricted time from now till 2015, how would you think we can accomplish it? Time: 20 minutes

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Current worldwide UN MDG activities UN Works An inventive interactive media stage that puts a human face on the

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