Universal City Promoting Congress (CMDC) 04.28/29.2010 Moscow.

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Securing the loyality and backing of the neighborhood group " City and city promoting, territorial notoriety of alluring urban communities. " Lovro Mandac, Executive of the Top managerial staff, GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH Global City Showcasing Congress (CMDC) 04.28/29.2010 Moscow GALERIA Kaufhof
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Securing the loyality and backing of the neighborhood group “ City and city advertising, provincial notoriety of alluring urban communities. ” Lovro Mandac, Chairman of the Board of Directors, GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH International City Marketing Congress (CMDC) 04.28/29.2010 Moscow

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GALERIA Kaufhof Welcome to Moscow

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Kaufhof profile today Kaufhof in figures Markets: Germany, Belgium Located in downtown areas/shopping centers Locations: 126 branches* in more than 80 German towns and urban communities 15 branches in 12 Belgian towns and urban communities *incl. Sportarena Turnover 2009 (net deals): 3.5 billion € Sales zone: 1.5 million mⲠVisitors/clients: approx. 2 million every day Employees: 22,200 (2009; full time comparable) GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH

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01 The circumstance in the downtown areas City focus retailing yesterday and today

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The move to the downtown area CITY CENTER RETAILING YESTERDAY AND TODAY The early years: The first retail establishments (The begin of the twentieth century) Department stores utilized forceful advertising strategies to pull in clients from the wide open into the downtown area interestingly The new “cathedrals to consumption” were completely one of a kind

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CITY CENTER RETAILING YESTERDAY AND TODAY The arrival to the downtown area From the mid 1980s: “The urban revival” Towns and urban communities get to be habitats for exchange and centers for correspondence and advancement People move over from suburbia to live in the downtown area Large retailers return and build up nourishment outlets and strip malls Source: Bernd Heimbã¼chel (2007): Erlebnis Stadt.

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Today: The retail chain assumes an imperative part in downtown areas The retail chain goes about as an initiator of different exercises went for vitalising the downtown area Its capacity to draw in customers into the downtown area is noteworthy CITY CENTER RETAILING YESTERDAY AND TODAY The move to the downtown area

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Current downtown area pattern Explosive ascent of the shopping center Today’s favored area: the town focus Total range of approx. 13.5 million mⲠ01.01.2010 aggregate of 428 shopping centers 2010 no less than 9 shopping centers arranged The move to the downtown area CITY CENTER RETAILING YESTERDAY AND TODAY Source: www.rheinparkcenter-neuss.de, Rheinische Post 10/23/2010

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Beyond the town focus: Artificial shopping situations Current pattern “against” the town focus “Artificial shopping environments” FOCs and reason manufactured “retail villages” ? The idea of a reenacted urban environment: Professional, focused on showcasing methodology effectively advances shopping tourism “Leisure park atmosphere” in view of cleanliness and direct format Well-sorted out administrations (advantageous stopping, childcare, ATMs, maps) Competitive favorable position: Luxury brands at markdown costs Source: WÜS 13 August 2008; Photos: www.wertheimvillage,com, www.panoramio.com CITY CENTER RETAILING YESTERDAY AND TODAY

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Problem ranges: City focus retailers go under weight from contenders CITY CENTER RETAILING YESTERDAY AND TODAY Without expansion in obtaining force, retail structures develop at others ’ cost

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02 We have to cooperate Cities and retailers – reach and act mutually Successful systems and organizations in the middle of urban communities and retailers

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Leading by case Development of the new Cologne downtown area system (since 2008) Joint origination, arranging and usage of all measures went for fortifying the city\'s position focus WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER

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Leading by sample Nationwide bolster program “Operation Midtown” – Largest city rivalry: Idea behind the activity: Annual rivalry proposed to improve the appeal of downtown areas (since 1999) Public-Private-Partnership – city undertakings and city promoting ventures Participation in 2009: Applications from 122 urban communities/groups in five government states Organizing Partners 2010: Relevant elected state ministeries GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH, Multi Development Germany GmbH Other collaboration accomplices (case North Rhine-Westphalia): Stã¤dtetag NRW, EHV NRW, Mc Donald‘s, Handelsjournal, STRÖER Deutsche Stã¤dte Medien GmbH, Source: Imorde, Projekt-und Kulturberatung GmbH WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER

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Leading by illustration Organigram “Operation Midtown” WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER

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Leading by case Inspiring and trading thoughts through across the nation and universal correspondence and data urbanicom e.V. – Platform for city and exchange urbanicom unites the qualities of everybody included: Since 1966 global relationship of driving European city organizers, designers, property proprietors and agents went for forward looking urban advancement Resolute duty at grass roots level directly down to the littlest retail unit and native vested party WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER

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Leading by illustration Inspiring and trading thoughts through across the country and universal correspondence and data urbanicom e.V. – representing the city The work of urbanicom: urbanicom talks about inquiries that influence both the city and retailers urbanicom trusts in fortifying urban focuses urbanicom attempts to safeguard multifunctionality in towns and urban areas – home, work, life urbanicom offers a structure for yearly classes and occasions e.g. “urbanicom vor Ort” Source: Urbanicom, Eberhard Gebauer WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER

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03 Case studies and voices from the urban areas Measures went for establishing client dependability in the downtown area How to make and adventure cooperative energies

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Center of fascination - the downtown area CASE STUDIES AND VOICES FROM THE CITIES

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Networking to build productivity and adequacy Independent system unites private business premiums in Cologne with City-Marketing Kã¶ln City-Marketing Kã¶ln unites beforehand go only it stalwarts in a solitary, compelling group: Consistent administration and coordination of exercises by City-Marketing Kã¶ln Joint improvement of thoughts and ideas Implementation in three agent territories: City Commerce, City Image, City Quality Development of an adjusted part structure as a private business activity WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER Leading by sample

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Leading by illustration Enduring occasions that draw guests from a long ways past the neighborhood “biggest style show in the world”: Krefeld “Our design indicate flawlessly showcases the differences and viability of retailers in Krefeld – our guests have been desiring years from all over Germany.” Jã¶rg Pastoors, Managing Director GALERIA Kaufhof Krefeld Mega-City-Event for as far back as 18 years with Sunday opening Draws guests from all over Germany, 2009 approx. 500,000 guests Huge media scope, even in national press CASE STUDIES AND VOICES FROM THE CITIES

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Leading by sample The “biggest style show in the world”: Krefeld CASE STUDIES AND VOICES FROM THE CITIES

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Leading by illustration Enduring occasions which have affected urban advancement Window dressing rivalry on an overall scale “Hagen has turned into THE capital of window dressing. The occasion has brought the city and retailers significantly closer together.” Christina Gã¶ttert, Business Development Hagen Successful occasions went for countering the expanding homogenisation of towns and urban communities and also the retail division Exhibition stand at the world’s greatest industry exchange reasonable Euroshop (2008) CASE STUDIES AND VOICES FROM THE CITIES

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Leading by illustration Seasonal, appealing occasions The city is a shoreline – footfall for the duration of the day until midnight “Our guests feel like they are on vacation, the ideal blend of utilization and relaxation.” Frank Tã¼ting, Sales Director GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH Extraordinary utilization of “ordinary” structures outside top times or when empty (e.g. auto park floors or occasion venues) Top media vicinity more than 2 months (ARD, ZDF, nearby media) Picture: City shoreline on the housetops of Dã¼sseldorf CASE STUDIES AND VOICES FROM THE CITIES

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Leading by case Increasing the quantity of outside guests Expanding shopping tourism: Targeted offers and joint endeavors “Creative joint endeavors and inventive advertising ideas are the genuine mystery to boosting sales.” Martina Baumgã¤rtner, Business improvement relationship for the locale of Viersen Successful and imaginative occasions: New tourism undertakings, for example, “Cool Breaks” and “Fly and buy” are substantial scale showcasing occasions intended to pull in European short-break vacationers. Contextual analyses AND VOICES FROM THE CITIES

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04 The difficulties today and tomorrow We require a reasonable duty to the downtown area Towns and urban areas, government, property proprietors and commerce… all must have impact

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Leading by illustration Investment in issue locale BIDS and ISGs – how to increase the value of a region Without the private\'s dedication division, the issues confronting numerous urban areas can\'t be understood: Joint financing through private and open speculations Modernization and redesign of whole city regions Ensuring cleanliness and wellbeing Financing for occasional improvements, Christmas lights and so forth. Quelle: www.bid-neuerwall.de, www.graf-adolf-strasse.de, www.ihk-hessen.de, www.hamburg.de/offer projekte/WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER

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Towns and urban communities need dreams and dreams ... THE CHALLENGES TODAY AND TOMORROW

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… and individuals who will unite to make them reality THE

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