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Mission. Enhance personal satisfaction and make business opportunities by empowering new arranged encounters. UPnP: Three Years really taking shape. 10/99 Forum formally formed6/00 UPnP curve. finalized6/00 WinMe ships with UPnP5/01 GW gadgets announced5/01 UPnP toolboxs announced10/01WinXP boats with UPnP10/01 Steering board of trustees chooses joining with Web Services for v211/01UIC launched11/01GW stan
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UPnP Forum State of the Union Salim AbiEzzi Chairman, Steering Committee Microsoft Corporation

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Mission Improve personal satisfaction and make business open doors by empowering new organized encounters

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10/99 Forum authoritatively framed 6/00 UPnP curve. finished 6/00 WinMe ships with UPnP 5/01 GW gadgets declared 5/01 UPnP toolboxs reported 10/01 WinXP ships with UPnP 10/01 Steering board of trustees decides on union with Web Services for v2 11/01 UIC propelled 11/01 GW standard distributed Q1/02 UPnP tool compartments & WinCE ships Q1/02 Logoed GW gadgets ship 04/02 MS & IBM consent to permit WSDL on RANDZ premise 06/02 AV benchmarks distributed 07/02 Printer & scanner guidelines published 10/02 Amendment to MA includes curve. procedure to Forum for v2 11/02 Basic Device standard is expected to distribute * Q103 Logoed AV gadgets to dispatch UPnP: Three Years really taking shape v2 occasions * Almost finished

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Forum Context & Priorities Internet door gadgets : Extend present achievement AV & imaging gadgets : Get interoperable items to showcase. Security : Finalize arrangement and add security backing to confirmation apparatus. Mechanization working advisory group: Complete example executions and finish details. IGD working board of trustees : broaden the IGD detail & build up a determination for the auto setup of remote access focuses. Affirmation element : Grow rundown of confirmed gadgets and advance and endeavor the UPnP logo. Bringing down the bar : Simplify the guidelines for receiving UPnP innovation by empowering the Basic DCP approach. IPv6 : advance the advantages of IPv6 in gadgets on home systems. UPnP-v2 : Make move to Web Services as smooth as could be allowed.

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UPnP Working Committees Completed standard Design complete Final part audit Design in advancement

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The Promise of UPnP-AV Media of any sort from any source gadget to any goal gadget under the control of a third gadget Media Sync Media Source Video Music Photos Display Speakers Media Flow Media Renderer DCP Media Server DCP UPnP is utilized for Discovery & Ctrl Discovery User interface Format arrangements Playback ctrl. DCP customers Controller

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Objectives of IGD/WAP Committee IGD Enhancements to port mapping in v1 IPv6 bolster Firewall setup WAP Configuration of 802.11 access point parameters Configuration of security to effortlessly present new customers (key pipes) Long term plan is to blend the arrangement, control, and observing of systems administration gear for various physical media including: QoS, Security, design, & diagnostics

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Direction of Printing & Imaging Strong spotlight on UPnP v2 because of enthusiasm for big business organization (where Web Services are imperative) notwithstanding purchaser

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Basic Device DCP Enables gadget sellers to ship item taking into account private DCP Intended to encourage the appropriation of UPnP innovation Is not adequate for affirmation and for utilizing the UPnP logo Unless at one or more institutionalized administrations are incorporated

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UPnP v1 is Rock Solid Big speculations went into v1 Fruition of three years of work Spec is full grown (mechanical quality) Deployment of ensured gadgets has begun Availability of business instruments Support in Windows Me, XP, CE .NET & future forms

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UPnP v2 Align UPnP with Web Services Motivation for v2 Unify advancement devices for UPnP gadgets and Web administrations Unify designer experience and information Unify conventions so that a solitary stack speaks with both UPnP gadgets and Web administrations

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Progress on UPnP v2 Steering board of trustees chose to receive WSDL in Oct 2001 Microsoft and IBM consented to concede a RANDZ (no sovereignty) permit for the utilization of WSDL with regards to UPnP gadgets Official W3C panel taking a shot at the WSDL blueprint dialect Established an UPnP Forum Architecture Committee for characterizing the UPnP v2 engineering

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UPnP Architecture Process Amendment to UPnP Forum part understanding Introduced an Architecture Committee comprising of up to seven guiding council individuals Ratification of UPnP design spec. requires consistent endorsement by AC and 75% larger part of the directing council Architecture is authorized for executions on different stages

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UPnP Implementers Corporation 26 part organizations 14 affirmed door usage 7 individuals on BoD For an a la mode list, see http://www.upnp-ic.org

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Member Geographies

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Members by Country Europe (65) Austria (1) Netherlands (3) Belgium (4) UK (11) Denmark (2) Ireland (3) France (14) Italy (3) Germany (13) Spain (1) Hungary (1) Russia (1) Sweden (6) Switzerland (1) Latin America (3) Brazil (1) Chile (1) Columbia (1) North America (345) USA (325) Canada (20) Asia (90) China (1) Hong Kong (3) Taiwan (41) Singapore (2) India (7) South Korea (18) Japan (18) Australia (4) Australia (3) New Zealand (1) Middle East (9) Israel (9) Total is 515 individuals

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Member Profile Information in view of the quantity of Members who have finished the Membership Profile Form (294 Members)

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Steering Committee Members Metro Link Microsoft Mitsubishi Philips Pioneer Research Ricoh Samsung Siemens Sony Thomson Axis Broadcom Canon GE GlobespanVirata HP IBM Intel Lantronix LG Electronics New Steering Committee Members (2002 SC Election)

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Working Committees

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Traffic to Web Site

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Conclusion Our central goal is to empower new arranged encounters for customers and to make income open doors for our organizations V1 gives a strong establishment to present and close term business open doors V2 will adjust UPnP to Web Services and influence its energy, devices, and industry mindshare It is through your commitments that UPnP will convey on its guarantees and potential

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For the interconnected way of life

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