Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program .

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Decisions Enforce the ESA and raise the contention File lawsuitsSeek change to the Endangered Species Act Seek exclusions from the ESA Identify the certainties and arrange an answer. Upper Colorado River Basin: In the mid 1970s, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed that any further exhaustion of water from the upper bowl would bring about risk to jeopardized fish. .
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Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program

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Upper Colorado River Basin: In the mid 1970s, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service discovered that any further consumption of water from the upper bowl would bring about danger to jeopardized angle. Decisions Enforce the ESA and raise the contention File claims Seek revision to the Endangered Species Act Seek exceptions from the ESA Identify the truths and arrange an answer

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Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program STATES Utah Colorado Wyoming FEDERAL AGENCIES U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service U.S. Agency of Reclamation National Park Service Western Area Power Administration INTEREST GROUPS Water clients (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming) Environmental associations Colorado River Energy Distributors Association

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Colorado pikeminnow Ptychocheilus lucius Razorback sucker Xyrauchen texanus Humpback chub Gila cypha Green River is imperative stream for recuperation on account of the surge plain living space, there are 2 bringing forth populaces of Co pikeminnow and most obvious opportunity for razorbacks Bonytail Gila elegans

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Threats: Large Water exhaustion supplies Fish hindrances Nonnative fish

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Managing Nonnative Fish Research and Monitoring Stocking Endangered Fish Recovery Elements Habitat Development Habitat-Flow Management

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Flow security Modified operation of Federal dams/repositories Leases & contracts Improved proficiency of water system frameworks Cooperative repository operations Partnered in another water stockpiling venture (Elkhead) Elkhead Reservoir

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Year-round assurance of streams in Reach 2

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The Green River Reaches

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ESA Compliance on the Green River In Utah about 200 water ventures draining almost 600KAF/year have gotten ESA consistence under the Recovery Program. 54 of those tasks have been little exhaustions averaging under 100 af/year. Some bigger exhaustions incorporate oil and gas ventures, Green River Farms (at present under conference) and some on the Duchesne River

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Some one here could have a consumption that the Recovery Program is covering

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Green River Policy 1994 Flows shielded Reach 2 from FG to the Duchesne Post Nov 1994 WR Approvals subordinate to sidestep of fish streams – Summer and Fall Annually select target 1,800-1,100 cfs for Summer Annually select target 2,400-1,100 cfs for Fall Measure focuses at Jensen UT 20 cfs put aside for basic needs with need over fish streams

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Table 5.5.— Flow and temperature suggestions by hydrologic condition for Reach 2 (Yampa River to White River) to profit imperiled angles in the Green River downstream of Flaming Gorge Dam. a

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Reach 2: Spring Peak Flows Accomplish: in-channel support Green River synchronized to Yampa River Peak Inundate floodplain in Ouray range for 2 weeks in 4 of 10 years Greater than 18,600 cfs associates with backwater Bankfull streams in 1 of 2 years

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Maintenance of Channel Complexity and network

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Backwaters give warm, nourishment rich territories to develop and condition youthful Razorback suckers and Colorado pikeminnow

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High streams expel green growth and sediment, revise producing substrates, avoid channel narrowing

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Reach 2: Winter Flows Accomplish: a steady domain for youthful fish, it is accepted that local fish (old or youthful) bolster when the water is close cold, subsequently it\'s ideal on the off chance that they exhaust as meager vitality as would be prudent, i.e. try not to need to go scanning for an alternate living space because of fluctuating streams.

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Reach 3: measured at USGS gage close Green River, Utah Spring Peaks ≥ 39,400cfs to 8,300 cfs Summer through Winter base stream 4,700 cfs to 1,300 cfs Flooded off-channel natural surroundings will profit youthful Colorado pikeminnow and razorback suckers in lower Reach 3 and humpback chub in Desolation and Gray Canyons.

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www.coloradoriverrecovery.org Questions Jana_Mohrman@fws.gov 303-236-4486

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