Upper Iowa College Vital Arrangement.

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Upper Iowa University Strategic Plan Capital Outlay

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Capital Outlay Rational UIU has prided itself on keeping up a 14 to 1 understudy to personnel proportion while different colleges have expanded this proportion. As UIU develops understudy populace it is basic to keep up the present proportion. To give extra and enhanced scholarly space, Colgrove-Walker (CW) would be supplanted with another best in class building. Garbee Hall is currently 40 or more years old and in critical need of repair.

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Many of UIU\'s companion organizations are building suite style living for understudies and have feasting zones with an assortment of sustenance stations. Understudy center gatherings have demonstrated a requirement for enhanced living and feasting offices. A large number of our associate foundations have center zone as a component of an understudy union region, which will manufacture a feeling of group and consider enhanced understudy administrations and meeting spaces. For UIU to be aggressive with other Iowa schools and be focused in Division II Athletics we should keep on improving athletic offices.

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so as to meet the desires of understudies and to enhance scholarly and regulatory backing over a geologically isolated undertaking, there must be a solid accentuation on the utilization and backing of innovation. All IT hardware and operations ought to be brought together in a suitable IT amicable and safe environment (UIU as of now has 28 servers housed in the storm cellar of one of our structures which is not the best possible environment from a security and coherence angle.) The scholarly IT Program ought to be in closeness to the authoritative IT space, which will free up extra space in the Edgar working for classrooms.

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Conceptual Scope, Use, and Cost of Projects

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Student Union 69,000 square foot constructing New feasting offices Meeting rooms 500 man assembly hall Offices for OSD (Office of Student Development) Campus administrations, mailroom, print shop, and the Peacock Connection Estimated cost $13 million in today\'s dollars (incorporates movement of tennis courts)

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Residential Housing Village Multiple suite style units worked as required, making a private town to oblige the necessities 700 to 800 understudy. Capital expense would be negligible in light of the fact that subsidizing would be given by an outsider under an ensured inhabitance contract. Evaluated cost $20 to 25 million in today\'s dollars.

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eCenter Approximately 39,000 square feet in size Data Center lodging servers Offices, PC Labs, classrooms Conference rooms The eCenter would house the UIBD Program for new business new companies and in addition give a preparation focus to the college. Home to ITV studios and online project. Evaluated cost $7 million in today\'s dollars.

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C/W Replacement Liberal Arts Division Offices, classrooms, gathering rooms Approximately 34,000 square feet in size Estimated cost $6 million in today\'s dollars

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Science Building Approximately 34,000 square feet Classrooms Offices Conference rooms Green form Estimated cost $6 million in today\'s dollars

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Capital Outlay Summary Student Union - $13M Residential Village - $20 – 25M (outer financing, OPM) E-focus – $7M Liberal Arts building – $6M Science Building - $6M Athletic activities - $2M

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