Upstate New York We should Spotlight on Circumstances.

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Upstate New York Let\'s Focus on Opportunities Susan Christopherson Department of City & Regional Planning Cornell University

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Up"state" - fourteenth biggest in the US Clinton Franklin St. Lawrence Essex Jefferson Lewis Hamilton Glens Falls Utica-Rome Utica-Rome Fulton Rochester Syracuse Albany-Albany-Buffalo-Buffalo-Seneca Schenectady-Schenectady Niagara Wyoming Yates Troy Otsego Falls Cortland Chenango Tompkins Cattaraugus Columbia Schuyler Greene Jamestown Steuben Delaware Allegany Binghamton Elmira ² Dutchess Sullivan Ulster County Newburgh 0 12.5 25 50 75 100 Miles

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A Different Approach Get a superior grasp on the wellsprings of monetary improvement issues Recognize and expand on learning economy resources in wellbeing and instruction Build participation among upstate governments and municipal associations Rethink the strategy motivation

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Job Trends for Upstate Metros 1990-2003 Source: U.S. B.L.S., foundation information, yearly midpoints

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Average Wage Per Job for Upstate MSAs 2000-2004 Source: U.S. Agency of Economic Analysis

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Per Capita Personal Income by Upstate MSA, 2002-2004 Source: U.S. Authority of Economic Analysis

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Get Out of the1950s City/County conflicts,inter-jurisdictional rivalry among "contracting urban areas" Upstate - downstate rivalry Poorly planned deregulation and appropriations that raise costs for buyers and little business Insufficient foundation speculation to associate Upstate with US and worldwide economies A dated mental self portrait. Upstate is presently a quickly evolving (global, "green", inventive enterprises) locale

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70 60 50 40 Percent of income 30 20 10 0 US, 1980 Upstate, 1980 US, 1990 Upstate, 1990 US, 2000 Upstate, 2000 Information Goods creating/appropriation Distribution Manufacturing Primary Adv. buyer svcs. Fund/Real Estate Producer benefits Upstate Economy: More expanded

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Emerging Upstate Industries Build on authentic interests in designing, aptitudes & research Composed of Small and Medium not huge firms Attract new specialists and global firms Rochester Photonics Cluster.

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If Your Company Were to Create or Relocate Centers of Innovation, Which of the Following Elements Would Eliminate a Prospective Location? Source: 2005 National Innovation Survey, Council on Competitiveness

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The Way Forward Key Dimensions of a Sustainable Upstate Economy: Intra-local Cooperation Trumps Competition Long-term Planning Builds on Assets Policy Action at Federal and State to Affect Regional Capacity Horizontal Linkages Among Key Institutions

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Don\'t abandon fabricating. We advantage from assorted qualities. Influence effectively solid wellbeing and instruction divisions for monetary advancement, supporting development and speculations. Utilize our advantages ! Demand nearby/town/province government union and more provincial collaboration. Request a basic examination of state monetary improvement programs and an attention on building resources, workforce aptitudes, and framework. Support SMEs not simply extensive firms. Advance another picture of upstate

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Upstate New York Let\'s Focus on Opportunities (for a change) Susan Christopherson Department of City & Regional Planning Cornell University

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