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Definitions. Site: the relationship between a city and the physical environment and scene in which it is locatedSituation: the relationship between a city and whatever is left of the urban framework in which it is found. Guarded Sites. Mont Saint-Michel. . . Mont Saint-Michel. Would this be a decent kind of spot for urban development in the 21st century?.
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Definitions Site: the relationship between a city and the physical condition and scene in which it is found Situation: the relationship between a city and whatever is left of the urban framework in which it is found

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Defensive Sites

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Mont Saint-Michel

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Mont Saint-Michel

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Would this be a decent kind of place for urban development in the 21 st century? No, there is no longer a requirement for this sort of security, so confinement turns into a weakness Yes, 21 st century urban communities depend (in addition to other things) on tourism cash, and Mont Saint-Michel is a prime visitor goal Isolation has gone from being fundamental to being a bother to being a courtesy, … Site qualities are assessed diversely in various times of a culture\'s advancement

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This "cautious" city is attacked by somewhere in the range of 3,000,000 sightseers yearly! Carcassonne, France

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Sites favoring business

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Situation is characterized by a city\'s place in the urban framework

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Different elucidations of Manhattan\'s website  1764 1807  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~blkyn/Map/NY.1807.html http://www.carto.com/chighlights/us_east.html

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Pittsburgh, "the point" Originally a cautious webpage, however ideal for stream based trade and later for industry … Allegheny River Monongahela River Ohio River

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The U.S. urban framework, 1800 (pre-railroad) Don Meinig Atlantic America, 1492-1800

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Chicago\'s site In the mid 19 th century Chicago competed with St. Louis for the part of the main city in the "West" Why Chicago? Why St. Louis? Print from Don Meinig, Continental America, 1800-1867 (New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 1993)

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Chicago\'s circumstance Given a specific mechanical framework (a culture complex comprising of antiquities, sociofacts & mentifacts) And given a specific scene Chicago\'s site inclined it to be predominant inside the urban framework Entrepreneurs and speculators exploited its site (some profited and some lost it) to transform this city into the main city of the Midwest

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Chicago\'s circumstance The rail lines made an example… west of Chicago they shaped outspread lines, similar to a channel (W. to E.) or a sprinkler (E. to W.) east of Chicago they framed a "trunk" to New York

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Dizzying time-space pressure

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Shipping rates were kept under tight restraints by rivalry amongst water and rails

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Chicago\'s part was as facilitator of north-south and east-west streams blunder made a trip from north to south equipment must be guided from east to west

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Chicago\'s territorial strength was demonstrated by its obligations in the subsidence of 1873-74 Compare to Peoria

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What are the essential site/circumstance considers today? Comforts Factors that make a place speaking to forthcoming tenants Connectivity To speculation money To taught workforce To correspondence innovations, for example, web and remote administrations

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Austin, TX and Boulder, CO What enhancements do these urban areas bring to the table?

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Vancouver, BC

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Amenities Recreation Arts and culture Scenery Climate History All can be neglected or attracted to individuals\' consideration Cities progressively showcase themselves for organizations as an "incredible place to live," trusting business administrators will thusly trust they can utilize the area to pull in workers

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Connectivity An Atlas of Cyberspaces Martin Dodge & Rob Kitchin http://www.cybergeography.org/map book/census.html Global and World Cities contemplate gathering and system http://www.lboro.ac.uk/gawc/

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Just for entertainment only…

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World Cities of Various Ranks J.V. Beaverstock, R.G. Smith and P.J. Taylor: A Roster of World Cities

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World Cities Maintain a financial hinterland that compasses past the outskirts of the state Act as control focuses for universal streams of capital and data Attract base camp of transnational partnerships and maker administrations organizations Attract an extensive variety of laborers from late settlers to corporate officials, corporate legal counselors, and real speculators and land designers, prompting to the most outrageous wage holes on the planet Top level: New York, London, Tokyo Second level: Chicago, L.A., Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Singapore, Hong Kong Third level: beyond any reasonable amount to rundown, see GaWC site

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SUMMARY Site and circumstance cooperate At a given point ever, inside a specific culture, a specific site might be seen as favorable or disadvantageous It might introduce a risk or an open door Part of this judgment identifies with the capability of a city to interface with different urban communities (its circumstance) Situation changes after some time because of changes in advancements of transportation and correspondence Site changes a great deal less, however again innovation can modify a site to make it more available, less demanding to expand on, more productive, and so forth

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