Uridine 10% hand-foot-salve and glue.

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Uridine 10% hand-foot-ointment and adhesive-paste. For the treatment of the hand-foot syndrome (PPE) and mucositis induced by of 5-FU and its oral derivates ( Capecitabine , UFT ). The (short) story of how it came into being. Side effects of 5-FU (& derivates): PPE Mucositis
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Uridine 10% hand-foot-salve and glue For the treatment of the hand-foot disorder (PPE) and mucositis prompted by of 5-FU and its oral derivates ( Capecitabine , UFT ) Jürgen Barth, Essen

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The (short) story of how it appeared Side impacts of 5-FU (& derivates): PPE Mucositis Pharmacological contemplations around a „antidot" in the 90ies Various substances appeared to be a plausibility Thymine Thymidine Uracil Uridine 2\'- Deoxyuridine Jürgen Barth, Essen

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The (short) story of how it appeared Decision: Uridine Development of a recipe in the Dept.of Pharmacy, Essen "Clinical experience" a little while later: IT WORKS Since then: an "in-house-claim to fame" Useful after extravasation or skin defilement Uridin-Hand-Fußsalbe und Uridin-Haftpaste als effektive Antidota nach akzidenteller Hautkontamination mit 5-Fluorouracil – ein Fallbericht Krankenhauspharmazie 2000; 21: 625-628 Evidence based information concerning adequacy (by systematical request): NONE Jürgen Barth, Essen

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Uridine 10% hand-& foot balm Uridin 10 g Propylene glycol q.s. Basiscreme DAC ad 100 g Uridine 10% glue Uridin 1 g Subliquid paraffin 6,65 g Carbopol 934 2,35 g S pearmint oil 1 gtt. The formulae Uridine is added to a hydrophobic cement glue made out of subliquid paraffin and Carbopole 974P, a sort of polyacrylic corrosive. The glue is seasoned with spearmint oil. Uridine is blended with a little measure of propylene glycol. This scattering is then added to DAC essential cream . DAC fundamental cream is monographed in the Deutscher Arzneimittel Codex (German medication codex), speaking to a gathering of medication monographs other than the European and German Pharmacopeia. DAC essential cream is an amphiphile nonionic cream. Jürgen Barth, Essen

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Aim of an ESOP ponder Systematical information gathering to assess the viability of the salve and –if conceivable the cement ( mucous film) glue How? ESOP will make the formulae (guidelines how to set up a medication) accessible to any intrigued drug specialist who feels ready to set up these pharmaceutical and offer it to doctors who treat patients with 5-FU , Capecitabine or UFT Data will be gathered by the individual drug specialist Summary and assessment by ESOP Jürgen Barth, Essen

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ESOP consider Evaluation sheet (and this presentation) will be downloadable @ the ESOP landing page: http://www.esop.li/Jürgen Barth, Essen

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ESOP ponder Evaluation sheet http://www.esop.li/Jürgen Barth, Essen

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