US Marine Corps MAGTF C2 Brief to GCE Meeting.

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US Marine Corps MAGTF C2 Brief to GCE Gathering. Arranged by: LtCol Deb Beutel, EFDC, MCCDC. 4 May 2005. Plot. Reason Foundation MAGTF C2 relationship to FORCEnet and GIG MAGTF C2 Preview Network Depiction Meaning of "End to end MAGTF C2" Ideas to Abilities
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US Marine Corps MAGTF C2 Brief to GCE Conference Prepared by: LtCol Deb Beutel, EFDC, MCCDC 4 May 2005

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Outline Purpose Background MAGTF C2 relationship to FORCEnet & GIG MAGTF C2 Snapshot Connectivity Snapshot Definition of “End to end MAGTF C2” Concepts to Capabilities Warfighter Mandate Way Ahead

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Purpose Provide a diagram of MAGTF Command and Control

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Why MAGTF C2? The USMC’s arrangement for the advancement and handling of future Joint, interoperable C2 Capabilities ISO the Joint C2 Functional Concept, GIG CONOPS, FORCEnet, LandWarNet, AF C2 Constellation, Sea Power 21, EMW, etc…

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“Netting the Joint Force” MAGTF C2 Global Information Grid Architecture Key to Integration

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GLOBAL HAWK U2 RIVET JOINT (RS-135) EP-3 JSTARS AIP EP-3 PREDATOR UAV CAS EW PIONEER UAV Tethered Relay Convoy Operations DRAGON EYE SCAN EAGLE DKET/FKET DKET/FKET VSAT Independent Mobile IP Routed Network Independent Mobile IP Routed Network CAC2S MAGTF C2 CAC2S MAGTF C2 GMF/LMST GMF/LMST DisOps Independent Mobile IP Routed Network SMART-T SMART-T MilSatCom (X, C Ka) JTRS PoP-V and CONDOR Gateway MilSatCom (EHF/AEHF) TS/SI Nets (Intel) Commercial SatCom X, C,Ku, Ka) STEP Nat SYSTEMS TROJAN SPIRIT DSCS L-Band/MTX Supporting Establishment INMARSAT IRIDIUM MILSTAR Commercial C/Ku/Ka In-Theater Intra-Net C2 OTM Network (CONDOR) Blue Force Tracking Systems CONDOR Gateway TROJAN SPIRIT JTRS PoP-V and CONDOR Gateway CONDOR Jump C2 Vehicle USN - ESG JTRS PoP-V and CONDOR Gateway MEF DIV/WING/FSSG REGT/SQDR/CSSD BN/CO/PLT MEB/MEU

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C2PC-EPLRS/802.11x Mobile Networks 1.5m Ku Common Ground Communications Architecture USA Ku/Ka SATCOM USMC STEP Joint C2 Intranet (JNTC-S WIN-T) Ku/Ka VSAT IP Based C2 OTM Network with Digital OTH Relay (CONDOR) Unit Hub Node SMART-T GMF/PHOENIX SMART-T MEF GMF/LMST JNN JECCS or UOC Jump C2 Vehicle “MBCOTM” Jump C2 Vehicle “MBCOTM” MEB/MEU/Regt UEx/UA Bn Jump C2 Vehicle “MBCOTM” Jump C2 Vehicle “MBCOTM” GW Bn Command Post FBCB2-EPLRS/802.11x Mobile Network GW Bn Command Post Brigade and Below COP Data shared by means of CONDOR-Like GW over USA/USMC Ku VSATs Systems GW Company/Convoy Data Company/Convoy Data

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Defining the Strategy The MAGTF “end to end C2” Strategy: Is an approach for conveying a “… end to end, completely coordinated, cross useful arrangement of MAGTF C2 abilities that incorporate forward sent and also reach back,” capacities IAW MROC DMs 39-2004 & 29-2005 (Continuation of Army/USMC union in JROCM-161-03)

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Capabilities Concept-Based Development Guidance Macro Functional Orientation Concepts Integrated Architectures Capabilities List Technology Insertion S&T Investment Experimentation

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Unclassified Working Paper Joint Command and Control Functional Concept Version 0.7 31 October 2003 Joint, Naval & Service Concepts & Capabilities JC2 Functional Concept GIG CONOPS FORCEnet Concept MAGTF C2 Strategy

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MAGTF C2 “Born Joint” Concepts, ECLs JC2 NCES GIG B/E JTRS TCA Applications Enterprise Services Network (MCEN) B/W - Tactical B/W - Operational MAGTF C2 DOT_LPF GIG

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App/Sys Enterprise Services Data Network Fn C2 Constellation LandWarNet Tactical B/W Operational B/W MAGTF C2 Portfolio GIG MAGTF C2 Operational Strategic End to End Tactical

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JC2 Functional Capabilities 1. The capacity to screen the arrangement\'s execution and adjust as vital 2. The capacity to execute the C2 process 3. The capacity to network 4. The capacity to share data 5. The capacity to collaborate 6. The capacity to create shared mindfulness 7. The capacity to screen and gather information 8. The capacity to add to a comprehension of the circumstance 9. The capacity to create strategies 10. The capacity to add to an arrangement 11. The capacity to execute the arrangement including giving guidance and administration to subordinates

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Title Description Metric Source Internet Protocol (IP) Data parcels steered crosswise over system, not exchanged by means of committed circuits IP as the Convergence Layer Net-Centric Operations and Warfare Reference Model (NCOW RM), Technical View consistent with Joint Technical Architecture (JTA) NCOW RM, GIG Arch v2, IPv6 Memos (9 Jun 03 and 29 Sep 03), JTA Memo 23 Nov. 04, JTA v6.0 Secure and accessible correspondences Encrypted at first for center system; objective is edge-to-edge encryption and solidified against foreswearing of administration Black Transport Layer Transformational Communications Architecture (TCA) consistence; Technical View consistent with JTA TCA; IA Component of Assured GIG Architecture; JTA Memo 23 Nov. 04, JTA v6.0 Only handle data once (OHIO) Data posted by definitive sources and unmistakable, accessible, usable to quicken choice making Reuse of existing information storehouses Community of interest approach (TBD) Post in parallel Business process proprietors make their information accessible on the net when it is made Data labeled and posted before preparing NCOW RM, Technical View agreeable with JTA NCOW RM, DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy (9 May 03) JTA Memo 23 Nov. 04, JTA v6.0 Smart draw (bad habit brilliant push) Applications empower disclosure; clients can pull information straightforwardly from the net or utilization quality included revelation administrations Data put away out in the open space and promoted (labeled) for disclosure NCOW RM, Technical View agreeable with JTA NCOW RM; DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy (9 May 03); JTA Memo 23 Nov. 04, JTA v6.0 Data driven Data separate from applications; applications converse with one another by posting information Metadata enlisted in DoD Metadata Registry NCOW RM, Technical View consistent with JTA NCOW RM; DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy (9 May 03); JTA Memo 23 Nov. 04, JTA v6.0 Application assorted qualities Users can pull numerous applications to get to same information or pick same application (e.g., for coordinated effort) Apps presented on net and labeled for revelation NCOW RM, Technical View agreeable with JTA NCOW RM; JTA Memo 23 Nov. 04, JTA v6.0 Assured Sharing Trusted availability to net assets (information, administrations, applications, individuals, synergistic environment, and so on.) Access guaranteed for approved clients; denied for unapproved clients Security/IA approach (TBD); IA Component of Assured GIG Architecture; JTA Memo 23 Nov. 04, JTA v6.0 Quality of administration Data convenience, exactness, culmination, uprightness, and usability Net-prepared key execution parameter Service level assentions (TBD); JTA Memo 23 Nov. 04, JTA v6.0 Net-driven Attributes

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FORCEnet Capabilities Robust, dependable correspondence to all hubs Reliable, exact and opportune Blue Force area and status Reliable, precise and convenient red, white and dim power area, recognizable proof, following and engagement Storage, listing and recovery of all data Information handling, sorting, examination, assessment, and union Means to delineate situational data in a tailorable, client characterized, shareable representation Collaborative environment to permit participation by disseminated gatherings of leaders Automation of certain lower-request C2 sub-forms through AI and choice guides to bolster human, higher-request sub-forms Information certification Function in numerous security spaces, and inside of different levels of security Interoperability with diverse order and control frameworks Ability of individual hubs to capacity while briefly separated Means of observing and dealing with the framework\'s working Seamless consolidation of new capacities into the framework Commanders ready to settle on and do great choices rapidly 2 Specific Development Guidance

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FORCENet Capabilities mapped to MAGTF C2 Layers Enable fast choice Auto Decision Aides Reliable following Distributed Grp SA Robust all hubs Shareable/obvious SA Disconnected operations Self test/analyze Mult Sec Domains Interop different sys Info assurrance Reliable status Upgrade rapidly Store/recover Process/break down

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Mandate from the Warfighter Spiral 0 incorporates CAC2S Increment 1 and C2PC rendition 7.0 All the abilities inborn in CAC2S and C2PC on one screen CLC2S (LOG) injectors Enhanced CE C2 Spiral 0 ACE/GCE meeting Fused Tactical Air Picture Integrated Air/Grnd Picture Increased Army Interoperability (JTCW/JBFSA) Air/Ground Expeditionary Planning (WEEMC/ADOCS) Collaborative Planning/Execution Improved Battlespace Deconfliction

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MAGTF C2 Implementation Spiral 0: Address GCE and ACE C2: concentrate on BFT, COP, CTP, and SA capacities Focus on CAC2S as pattern Already has Joint family as potential JC2 AoA competitor, w/C2PC (JCTW) usefulness as an included in any case, vital prerequisite Spiral 1: Draft a MAGTF C2 SoS ICD Draft NLT September 05 ISO POM-08 FEA

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SPIRAL 0 Capabilities: Fused Tactical Air Picture Improved Air/Grnd Picture Common ACE Equip/SW MAGTF C2 Technical establishment Increased Army Interop WEEMC Capability Air/Gnd Expeditionary Plng Integrated Air/Grnd Picture Collaborative Planning/Exec Improved Battlespace Deconfliction SPIRAL 1 Capabilities (TBD): MAGTF C2 Spiral 0 Plus included usefulness Air/Grnd/Intel/CSSE Enterprise Services MAGTF C2 System of Systems Capabilities

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Way Ahead Establish and Charter a MAGTF C2 Transformation Task Force (TTF) Commence JCIDS investigation and project surveys while growing long haul method and Requirements Documentation ISO POM-08 & MAGTF C2 Draft C2 Campaign Plan Develop FORCEnet & MAGTF C2 OV’s Draft MAGTF C2 Functional Concept Draft MAGTF C2 Warfighter CONOPS Draft MAGTF C2 SoS ICD

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Initial Functional MAGTF C2 Baseline Integrated MAGTF C2 Baseline TACC TAOM DASC ABDASC ADCP N

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