U.S. Primate Experimentation:.

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U.S. Primate Experimentation:. Behind the Lab Door. How many primates are imprisoned in laboratories and dealers?. During 2003 roughly 120,000 primates were incarcerated in U.S. laboratory and dealer operations. .
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U.S. Primate Experimentation: Behind the Lab Door

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what number primates are detained in research facilities and merchants? Amid 2003 around 120,000 primates were detained in U.S. research center and merchant operations.

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During 2003 the U.S. National Government spent an astounding $1.6 Billion dollars on primate experimentation. This midpoints out to more than $3000 each moment of consistently . What does Primate Experimentation Cost?

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What is life like in a run of the mill research facility? A 33 – 55 lb primate lives in a space of 8 square feet (2\' x 4\'). This resemble a 165 lb human spending their whole life in a space that is 24 square feet (3\' x 8\').

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Life in the lab: Rhesus monkeys, squirrel monkeys, mandrills, chimpanzees, and different species are subjected to nourishment & water hardship and imprisonment in limitation seats.

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Common sorts of examinations include: Brain-Mapping Drug Addiction Infectious Diseases Psychology/Stress Military – utilization of concoction weapons, lasers, microwaves, radiation, and so on

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Primates in Labs Lose Their Minds: UCLA Primate 9730 (Vervet) " Animal has history of ulceration @ tip of tail taking after removal on 3/25/03. Kindly take after the mending since he as of late expelled granulated/scabbed over tail tip." Other wounds included: 3/7/03 separated gastrocnemius ligament; 3/21/03 profound slash to tail; 3/25 palm gash; 12/11/03 cut to upper lip; 12/13/03 cut to upper lip revived; 2/11/04 ulcerated tail tip. We trust this is an unmistakable occurrence of self-mutilation because of mental anxiety."

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The Worst Heartbreak of every one of the: 1300 chimps are bolted into U.S. labs. These shrewd animals who are so much like us invest decade upon decade at the top of the priority list desensitizing restriction. "Karen" a chimpanzee who is confined at the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana has put in 47 years inside a lab confine.

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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) battles to end the mishandle of primates in research facilities In 2005 SAEN media occasions uncovered misuse inside labs over the U.S. earning more than 50 isolate bits of media scope in prevailing press (i.e. Related Press) sparing the lives of many primates.

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For the most up and coming data about primates in labs: Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! 1081B St. Rt. 28 PMB 280 Milford, Ohio 45150 513-575-5517 www.saenonline.org

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