USF Well-Life (Since 1990) The Craftsmanship and Art of Wellbeing Advancement.

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USF Well-Life (Since 1990) The Craftsmanship and Study of Wellbeing Advancement. Christin M. Anderson, MS Solitary Mountain 339 (415) 422-2442 The Wheel of Wellbeing. Key Issues that Effect Wellbeing Life span and Expenses for Human services in the US. Way of life - 45% Environment - 21%
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USF Well-Life (Since 1990) The Art and Science of Health Promotion Christin M. Anderson, MS Lone Mountain 339 (415) 422-2442

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The Wheel of Wellness

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Key Issues that Impact Health Longevity and Costs for Healthcare in the US Lifestyle - 45% Environment - 21% Genetics - 16% Health Care - 10% Other 8 % *Wellness Programs DO sway worker way of life

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WELL-LIFE Interns/Exercise Sports Science Students

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Injury Prevention Clinics Every 3 Months for Facilities Management

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Ergonomic Assessment and Worksite Retrofit Healthy Spine Classes Department Injury Prevention Classes Nutritional Counseling and Exercise Training Services Knee Class

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Stress Reduction Through On-Going Behavior Modification Classes. Judo, yoga. Lunch Time Walks Stress Reduction

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Yoga Tennis Golf Fit Together Cooking School Self-Care Challenge Groups Group Activities (Creates Community) Fit Together Class Cooking School

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Activity Builds Community Yoga Class Gardening Golf Tennis

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A Few of the USF Farmers in the Community Garden

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Health Risk Assessment & Personal Training

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Strength Training at Koret

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Return to Work Rehab

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1 on 1 Wellness Coaching Weight Management Challenge Programs with Incentives Fit Together Physician Referral Screening for Heart Disease and Diabetes Cholestech Annual Health and Benefits Fair Flu Shots Specialized Programs for Health Risk Reduction

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Raises representative good Lowers truancy Lowers harm rate and laborers remuneration expense Lowers medicinal services expense Improves maintenance and enrollment Improves efficiency A solid worker is an advantage EASILY MEASURED! Investment Employee input Costs connected with disease and harm Benefits to the University

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In Conclusion Working Toward a More Active and Greener Campus “Well Earth, Well People”

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