Utilization of English Oral Practice.

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I once read comic books in class when the educator was truant from school. Obviously I wasn't right, yet it just demonstrated how mainstream comic books are among understudies. ...
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´╗┐Utilization of English Oral Practice Holy Trinity College Kowloon Tong School Pooi To Middle School SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School

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Section D Preparation time for Parts I and II: 10 minutes Individual presentation (Part I): 2 minutes Part II returned to: 2 minutes Discussion: 10 minutes

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Preparation First perusing: 2 minutes Second perusing/composing: 4 minutes Jotting notes for part II: 2 minutes Rehearsing it rationally: 2 minutes

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Points to consider Understanding the stamping plan Preparing for Part II: examination Jotting clear notes Considering a fun opening Providing individual sentiments (discretionary) Using names and numbers Deleting focuses

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A fun opening: Comic Books Do you like perusing comic books? I simply read an article on comic books. I once read comic books in class when the educator was truant from school. Obviously I wasn\'t right, however it just indicated how mainstream comic books are among understudies.

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Sequence of focuses Is the arrangement imperative? Which point can be erased without losing the stream of the 2-minute presentation? Where ought to individual supposition come in? At the point when ought to the moderator wrap up? Reminder: That\'s just for my presentation. Much obliged to you .

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Paralinguistic needs Behave well in the exam focus Posture Eye contact Fillers Facial expressions: raising eye temples, gesturing, grinning, and so on. Listen to others " focuses for future reference

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Preparation for Part II The analyst will read the inquiries for you before the two-minute planning time. No written work amid the two minutes. To consider the focuses gave by others

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Discussion Speak up: the inspectors might be 7 feet far from you Give one to two thoughts every time (don\'t represent too long) Allow different possibility to give information Use basic English (utilizing the same terms appeared as a part of entry is a bit much) Be polite

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Making references/Inviting others Just now you specified about the cost of comic books. Would you be able to expand a bit there? You had a decent point there. Would you want to clarify some more? Your comic books entry might be useful to our task. Might you be able to rehash one point there?

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Discussion Help bunch individuals who are experiencing issues clarifying their focuses. There is no compelling reason to vote. There is no compelling reason to arrive at a conclusion. Try not to invest a lot of energy in strategies. Never forget: different competitors don\'t share your school surroundings.

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Wrap up Note well when you have two more minutes to go Wrap up when you have stand out moment to go; condense what has been talked about. " I feel that " s all we have time for. Did I miss anything? " Thank you for a helpful dialog. "

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Leaving the middle Look at the analyst who gives hopefuls directions. Gesture to everybody in the room. Leave your seat and room as discreetly as could be expected under the circumstances. Appreciate whatever is left of the AL exams!

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