Utilizing BITS to Exchange Phantom Pictures.

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Utilizing BITS to Exchange Apparition Pictures Tim Leamy IET – Scholarly Innovation Administrations UC Davis Layout Why? Foundation and History Win9X WinXP – starting endeavors Two segments BITS Picture creation diagram Points of interest Windows FreeDOS Beginning PC setup Why? Phantom functions admirably to image
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Utilizing BITS to Transfer Ghost Images Tim Leamy IET – Academic Technology Services UC Davis UCCSC 2009

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Outline Why? Foundation & History Win9X WinXP – starting endeavors Two parcels BITS Image creation review Details Windows FreeDOS Initial PC setup UCCSC 2009

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Why? Apparition functions admirably to imagine But inherent devices have issues moving extensive picture records, particularly over various subnets BITS Solution Single server for all pictures Images dependably moved out of sight while PCs are being used Very short downtime to picture Free – as of now in Windows Same BITS arrangement ought to apply to other imaging bundles UCCSC 2009

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Background & History Computer Lab Management 18 PC rooms 10 separate systems 330 PCs Maintain 12 distinct pictures Ranging from 5–10GB PCs secured and profiles erased daily UCCSC 2009

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Background & History Windows 95 – Windows ME Win 9X – utilized PC-Rdist Worked amazingly well Could reconstruct registry in DOS before Windows began Easy to duplicate changes starting with one lab then onto the next UCCSC 2009

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Background & History Windows XP Win XP Didn’t function admirably with PC-Rdist Needed to utilize Ghost for beginning introduce Switched to utilizing Ghost Testing as a part of the workplace functioned admirably Attempted to utilize one Ghost console for labs on numerous subnets Attempted to multicast crosswise over switches UCCSC 2009

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Background & History Ghost system issues Encountered challenges with Ghost instruments working crosswise over diverse systems Network availability & dependability crosswise over switches Multicast didn’t work crosswise over switches Large pictures implied long downtime UCCSC 2009

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Background & History Two Partitions Eureka minute – Ghost utilizes “virtual partitions” – why not utilize genuine ones? Made two parcels on hard commute FreeDOS segment 4GB at first with FreeDOS, Ghost, and picture records Now 40GB WinXP segment Rest of plate UCCSC 2009

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Background & History Two Partitions Used PC-Rdist to duplicate apparition picture documents from server to FreeDOS allotment Worked alright Very quick to phantom from one segment to the next Simple – put new picture on server and it was replicated to all customers Could oversee pictures for all labs from my office But … UCCSC 2009

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Background & History Two Partitions Problems PC-Rdist brought a while to duplicate down picture documents Could make a PC unusable for 15 minutes in center of day Copying picture to whole lab was moderate UCCSC 2009

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Background & History BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Used for Windows Automatic Updates Already Built into XP Robust Uses “spare” data transmission to download documents in foundation No interruption to understudy utilization Uses standard web conventions UCCSC 2009

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Background & History BITS Switch to BITS Moved pictures to web servers Downloaded bitsadmin.exe Created bits.pl script Used cron for mechanization UCCSC 2009

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Background & History BITS Worked Great! Pictures moved in foundation Very solid – duplicate picture up to server and all PCs restored the following morning Fast – PC have just ~10 minutes downtime for imaging Easy to oversee pictures UCCSC 2009

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Image Creation Overview Logon as restore Sets Freedos parcel as dynamic Reboots and reimages itself Install new programming, design it, and so on. Run freedos.cmd in Windows to reboot to Freedos allotment Prepares the PC for imaging Clears occasion logs, set NIC to DHCP, and so forth Reboots to FreeDOS parcel Run image.bat to make new picture UCCSC 2009

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Image Creation Overview proceeded with Run windows.bat to reboot into Windows Run upload.cmd to duplicate new picture to server Move the redesigned picture to the best possible registry in the web server alternate PCs will see new picture and download it in foundation with BITS Takes a couple of hours to download, yet PCs are still being used PCs are killed that night. PC set to boot at 4:00am regular Boot to FreeDOS parcel Installs new picture Reboots to Windows UCCSC 2009

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The Details Windows side FreeDOS side Circular – so a few things won’t bode well until the end UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Windows Side Utilities bitsadmin robocopy gdisk32 cron ActiveState Perl UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Windows Side bits.pl Runs each half-hour through cron Checks status of BITS occupation (lines 39-77) If another pictures has been downloaded it duplicates new picture documents to Freedos segment and makes banner record (lines 50 – 61) Checks web server for redesigned picture records (lines 79-99) Creates BITS employments to download pictures with bitsadmin (lines 106-135) UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Windows Side Scripts – Windows Startup script Sets environment variables utilized by different scripts from the PC name LAB, PC_NUMBER Sets IP address if necessary UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Windows Side Scripts – Windows Logon script If username is restore it sets the restore hails and reboots PC UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Windows Side Scripts – Windows Shutdown script If banner document exists it utilizes gdisk32 to make the Freedos segment dynamic Runs restore.pl to make restore.bat Clean up before imaging Clears some log documents & occasion logs Set NIC to DHCP Robocopy to verify Freedos allotment has right records UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Windows Side restore.pl Runs in shutdown script Creates restore.bat in the Freedos segment Uses lab and pc_number environment variables restore.bat is custom for each PC Name SID UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Windows Side Scripts - freedos.cmd reverberate clean > c:\temp\clean gdisk32 1/act/p:1/i c:\ucd\sd 4 UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Freedos Partiton Utilities phantom gdisk ghstwalk hold up reboot UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Freedos Partiton Scripts - autoexec.bat @echo off path=c:\ del *.tmp hold up 5 Starting computer.... on the off chance that errorlevel 1 goto end reverberation Starting restore c:\restore.bat :end UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Freedos Partiton Scripts - restore.bat rem Setting up to restore PC #00 in 163LIB c:\ghost - clone,mode=pload,src=\images\winxp.gho:1,dst=1:2 - beyond any doubt - bunch - fni - auto c:\ghstwalk/cn=XXXX/bv=1:2/sid=XXXXXX/ignore_domain/beyond any doubt/fni c:\gdisk 1/act/p:2/i c:\reboot UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Freedos Partiton Scripts – image.bat @echo off rem Make new apparition picture in c:\images\winxp.gho rem erase phantom records (.gho & .ghs) however keep readme document reverberation y | del c:\images\*.gh? > nul: phantom - clone,mode=pdump,src=1:2,dst=c:\images\winxp.gho - z2 - fni - compass - auto - beyond any doubt dir c:\images UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Freedos Partiton Scripts – windows.bat gdisk 1/act/p:2/i reboot UCCSC 2009

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The Details – Windows Side Scripts - upload.cmd Updates readme.txt in FreeDOS segment Copies the overhauled picture records to disjoin as LABNAME.new UCCSC 2009

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Initial PC Setup USB Hard Drive FreeDOS Uses apparition to introduce picture with FreeDOS parcel and vacant 2 nd segment to HD Creates restore.bat Copies picture documents to FreeDOS segment Reboots to FreeDOS segment and phantoms itself UCCSC 2009

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Initial PC Setup Linux Flash Drive Also chipping away at bootable glimmer drive with Linux Connects to network and downloads picture documents from web server Partition table contrasts – so there are a few troubles Initially utilized floppies with DOS organizing. Be that as it may, attempting to move far from them. UCCSC 2009

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What do you require? Web server for pictures 2 nd parcel on hard commute Determine what restore.bat ought to contain for your setup Script to make restore.bat if necessary UCCSC 2009

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