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Using Data. Tying together the threads without tripping over. Walton High School Data Use: Placed in context 1. 1996 Ofsted criticised management use of data.
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Utilizing Data Tying together the strings without stumbling over

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Walton High School Data Use: Placed in setting 1 1996 Ofsted censured administration utilization of information. 1997: Headteacher makes new Leadership Group post for advancement of utilization of information over the school. JRC designated, utilizing ALIS extend developmentally as a part of Science. 1998: school teams up with Prof David Jesson (University of York) working with information utilize. Governors get a presentation from Keith Hedger (Shropshire LEA) on information utilize. 1998: utilization of Jesson style examination and ALIS guided over all KS4 and Post 16 courses both summative and developmental utilize.

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Walton High School Data Use: Placed in setting 2 1998-2001: Use at KS4 and Post 16 refined, association of individual staff targets trialed and progressed. 1998-2001: Research on KS3 Core Subjects demonstrates presentation of targets and accomplishment investigation for non-center to be valuable in advancing change. 2001: Full subject target and assessment prepare presented over all years and generally subjects. 2002: Borough school makes a beeline for hold an "Objective Setting Day" in October. Walton accepts the open door to include all understudies during the time spent arranging targets. Remotely assessed by Nottingham Trent University 2002: Reports to Parents overhauled to incorporate target and accomplishment information.

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Walton High School Data Use: Placed in setting 3 2002 – 2004: Integrated framework completely utilitarian: Student have targets and are included in customizing them by arrangement. Offices have targets; thing 1 of DDP is to boost positive residuals. Showing staff have aggregate targets. Data bolsters into Performance Management and UPS choices. Understudy following and advance pursuing includes Tutors, Parents and Subject staff. Comes about completely assessed, by Department and by set.

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Data use at Walton

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Does it convey change in results? KS3 normal level

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Does it convey change in results? KS4

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Does it convey change in results? KS4 PandA RPI

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Does it convey change in results? Post 16… .well, maybe.

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Does it convey change in results? Post 16 negative residuals 2004 AS: No huge negative residuals. 2004 A2: Only Expressive Arts remains fundamentally negative (6 understudies) 1999 to 2004: Geography, Maths, English Literature and D&T have all moved from essentially negative to positive or in-line.

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What else has progressed? KS3: Teacher Assessment techniques now yielding more solid, directed results all the more unmistakably identified with criteria. KS3: Stronger Teacher utilization of appraisal criteria has required understudy information of them, now tackling self-evaluation. KS3: Report quality enhanced; targets, current accomplishment and arranged targets reported with change procedures.

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What else has moved forward? KS4: Form Tutor inclusion in understudy advance checking. Check cards, Y10 Exam development, Mentoring program. Summative proclamations on reports. KS4: Report quality enhanced, remarks in concurrence with what the information says! KS4: Early intercession for slacking understudies; Y10 Check cards by October half term stick point understudies for observing.

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What else has progressed? AS and A2: Estimates and results nearer, AS: Early intercession at AS for powerless understudies, permits time for activity before January modules. A2: Assists in arrangement of data to help affirmation mentor advising decisions for Y13 section. AS and A2: Report quality significantly moved forward.

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What else has made strides? Nature of Head of Department\'s answer to Governors. Headteacher\'s yearly departmental audits simpler to concentrate on principle issues for development. Staffing issues, Pedagogical issues all the more effectively distinguished. UPS choices encouraged. Staff can without much of a stretch present confirmation and Headteacher can undoubtedly check.

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Walton High Specialist Science School Getting started with information utilize. JR Coope Assistant Headteacher

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Using Prior Achievement data KS3: At Walton we utilize: KS2 point scores + Fischer Family Trust + MidYIS tests. KS2 focuses + FFT give KS3 pointers to Core subjects MidYIS (tweaked to Walton) give the rest. Chances Graphs are utilized when arranging focuses with understudies.

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Using Prior Achievement data KS4: At Walton we utilize: KS3 point scores + Fischer Family Trust + YELLIS tests. KS3 focuses, Autumn Package + FFT give all KS4 markers. YELLIS is utilized for "filling–in" for understudies joining with no earlier accomplishment information in Y10. Chances Graphs are utilized when arranging focuses with understudies.

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Using Prior Achievement data Post-16: At Walton we utilize: Average GCSE score and ALIS relapse conditions to give markers to all subjects. Chances Graphs are utilized when arranging focuses with understudies.

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Target Minimum Score Indicators We utilize "marker", not "indicator" as we need to accentuate the measurable way of the information. We perceive the presence of "exceptions", understudies at the extremes, e.g. much better/weaker than marker proposes. Chances chart utilize is critical in picking up understudy and parent trust all the while. We generally attempt to see the pointer as the minimum level adequate, and empower positive yearning with appropriate support.

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On-course checking All staff have set records with markers, earlier accomplishment information, Learning Styles data and SEN alarm inside two weeks of begin of term. Registration by October half term. These convey Target Minimum information. Staff are inquired as to whether the understudy is probably going to be on focus for the demonstrated result. Mentor in charge of checking crosswise over subjects and starting reasonable reaction where required. (Incorporates meet with understudy, report cards, letter home, parent visit, setting up guide session.) Half-termly Leadership-HoD interface gatherings check advance of techniques to advance change.

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Walton High Specialist Science School Using Data in the reporting framework. JR Coope Assistant Headteacher

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Reports as a component of the Data - Year Reports shape one component of the observing procedure: Target Setting day. Check cards. Guardians Consultation Evening. Subject/Pastoral Report. Request of last two relies on upon year amass.

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Report style: we asked the guardians what they needed

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Reports: case from Y11 Centrally electronically delivered with information converged in: Student name, Teaching bunch, Tutor assemble, Numerical Target and Grade proportional, Negotiated target. Divisions can electronically include achievement information (e.g. as accessible for particular courses) Teachers sort in customized remarks in residual areas. Printing and grouping is done by office staff.

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Walton High Specialist Science School More propelled examination and information utilize JR Coope Assistant Headteacher

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Subject Performance investigation Valuable for HoD observing accomplishment of a program. Advises assist advancement procedures by recommending need to target zones of under accomplishment. Can recognize fruitful educating and learning plans.

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Subject disperse charts.

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Subject diffuse charts.

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Subject dissipate charts.

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Analysis by set

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Analysis by set: a preventative note. Doctoral research by Steve Rogers and John Critchlow at University of Durham demonstrated that set residuals are just substantial if gatherings are: blended capacity. Then again Set entirely by test scores that serve as benchmark for Value-Added figurings

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Analysis by set indicating predisposition impact created by setting by capacity in a subject

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KS4: Whole School Modeling Do you need to know the presumable impact of groupings and subject execution on your imaginable 5A*-C figure? On the other hand on your PandA RPI? At that point attempt "Notre Dame Exam Analysis" It is proposed as a post exam investigation apparatus however functions admirably from the begin of Y10.

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KS4: Whole School Modeling Simple adjustment permits simple changes to be made to expected residuals. Demonstrates the impact of office execution change on entire school results.

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Contact points of interest: Julian Coope Assistant Headteacher Walton High Specialist Science School The Rise Walton on the Hill Stafford ST17 0LJ 01785 356300 lanuser14@walton.staffs.sch.uk

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