Utilizing Describing Words .

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Using Describing Words. By Mrs. Hicks. Why use describing words?. Describing words make your writing more interesting. Sally rode her bike. Sally slowly rode her new red bike. Kinds of describing words. Adjectives describe nouns. They tell: How many What color What size & lots more.
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Utilizing Describing Words By Mrs. Hicks

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Why utilize portraying words? Depicting words make your written work additionally intriguing. Sally rode her bicycle. Sally gradually rode her new red bicycle.

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Kinds of depicting words Adjectives portray things. They tell: what number What shading What measure & parcels more She had four treats. I see a yellow inflatable. That is an immense bear. What an astonishing bazaar!

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Kinds of depicting words Adverbs portray verbs. They tell how something is finished. Regularly qualifiers end in –ly. Bobby rode his bicycle home. Bobby rapidly rode his bicycle home.

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Betty\'s Adventure Betty went to the zoo with her family. While they were there a monkey got away! The monkey bounced on Betty\'s back. She strolled over and let the zookeeper take the monkey back to its pen.

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That was a decent story however… Let\'s take a gander at this same story with descriptive words and qualifiers included.

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Betty\'s Great Adventure Betty went to the world popular zoo with her entire family. While they were there a brilliant little monkey cunningly gotten away! The monkey immediately bounced on Betty\'s little back. She gradually strolled over and let the diminished zookeeper precisely take the shrewd little monkey back to its agreeable pen.

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Describing words are incredible! Next time you write in Writer\'s Workshop, utilize depicting words to enhance your story. When you reexamine your written work dependably attempt to include: 2 modifiers 2 intensifiers

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