Utilizing Great Versatile Informing (Ver. 5.0).

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Your handheld gadget incorporates an arrangement of Good Preferences you can modify for your utilization. ... on setting up GMM and getting better than average with Good Mobile Messaging! ...
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Utilizing Good Mobile Messaging (Ver. 5.0) For Windows Mobile Devices

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Topics Overview Email Contacts Calendar News (RSS) Tasks/To Do\'s Notes/Journal Good Preferences

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Scroll through your Good™ PIM applications… (MS Outlook/Lotus Notes) View radio scope and current battery quality… current date and time additionally show See a check of new messages… (Unread Inbox Items) View forthcoming schedule things… (Meetings/Appointments) 2:34 PM 10/29/2007 Overview of Home Screen

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Priority Mail/Inbox Icons Intuitive and recognizable symbols in Email view make it simple for you to distinguish the sort and status of your Mail/Inbox things

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Composing Email View a short demo! Click on the gadget! Select Compose from Good Launcher or select Compose when in Email view Enter the beneficiary\'s email address in the To handle; writing the initial few characters of beneficiary\'s name will display a rundown of Contacts. Parchment and snap to choose one or use \'Query… " to discover the name in the organization address book Select Menu and Add Recipient to include extra beneficiaries Enter a subject for the message in the Subject field, enter a message, select Send Tips: To turn upward by initials, sort first introductory, space, last beginning Press space twice to get "@" and \'.com\', \'.net\', ".gov" or ".organization"

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Email Messages Saving Drafts of Emails: If you need to spare a draft of the message and return to it later, select Menu and after that Save As Draft Multiple Compose Windows: If you have more than one make window open, a number shows up at the highest point of the make screen. For instance, 1 of 2 shows up beside the title of the present message. To change to another message, select the title of the message starting from the drop list. In the event that you have not given the message a subject, it is named Untitled.

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Responding to Messages With the message open… To Reply to a message, either: Type "R" or "1" Select "Answer" from the Respond menu To Reply All, either: Type "An" or "2" Select \'Answer All\' from the Respond menu To Forward, either: Type "F" or "3" Select "Forward" from the Respond menu To Call the Sender, either: Type "4" Select \'Call Sender\' from the Respond menu

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Deleting Messages To erase a message highlight the message and either: Type "D" Select Menu > Delete Once it is erased on the handheld, it will be consequently synchronized with your Outlook/Lotus Notes desktop application

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Flag Messages: Follow Up/Complete/Clear With message highlighted in Email… To Flag for Follow Up, either: Select Menu > Mark as > \'Banner for Follow Up\' Type "L" To stamp message as Flag Complete, either: Select Menu > Mark as > \'Banner Complete\' Type "L" To Clear a Flag, either: Select Menu > Mark as > \'Banner Complete\' Type "L"

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To keep a message from being matured off the gadget, you can check messages as lasting Highlight the message in Email view, then… Select Menu > Mark as > Mark Permanent To evacuate the Permanent marker, open the email and select Menu > Mark as > Mark Temporary Mark Message as Permanent

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Move (File) Messages Move a message to an Inbox/Mailbox existing subfolder In Email Inbox view, highlight the message Type "M" or select Menu > Move Highlight the envelope where you need to move the message and after that pick Select Tip: Typing the principal letter of the organizer name will highlight it

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Priority View/Priority Mail Options Priority Mail Options characterize what messages are set apart as Priority Mail and appear in the Priority Mail View In your Inbox view: Select Menu > Options > Priority Mail Options Priority Mail Messages Priority Messages will be messages that are new and are: Sent to you Sent from need senders Sent to certain mailing records or beneficiaries Meeting asks for, redesigns, cancelations Marked as high significance If a message is Read, it loses its need, in any case on the off chance that you stamp a message as Unread once more, it will recapture its need status

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Conversation view sorts messages by subject into discussion bunches. To utilize Conversation view… In Email Inbox view with a particular message highlighted, either: Type "C" Select Menu > Go To > Conversation Email – Conversation View

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Senders view permits you to sort out your Inbox things by sender. Senders view sorts messages by sender into gatherings (a check of what number of things from every sender shows up at the right end of the light blue bar). To utilize Sender view… In Email Inbox view with a particular message highlighted, either: Type "S" Select Menu > Go To > Sender Email – Senders View

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Messages with connections are set apart with a paperclip symbol While seeing the message: Tap on the record name or symbol, to open or utilize 5-way route and hit focus key Select the connection in a message and afterward select Menu > View Menu > View High Quality… Download The document can be seen in a few configurations or put away on the handheld or on a SD card Viewing Attachments

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To append a record to a mail message, the client makes another message (Compose), then… Menu > Attach > File Menu > Attach > Picture After selecting File or Picture, complete the procedure by picking the record you wish to join and coming back to the Compose screen Note: The greatest number of connections permitted per email is 16. Sending Attachments

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Preview Pane Type "V" in Email perspective to flip the Preview sheet on and off Use Menu > Options > Display Options to choose: 1 or 2 line perspective of messages in Inbox regardless of whether to show the Status Bar in Good application Display Options

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Email Options Set email choices, for example, Append Signature Customize Signature Confirmation of console erasures Out Of Office settings To get to Email Options: In the Email screen Menu > Options > Email Options…

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In Email, select Menu > Options Work Offline Turns information off on gadget Send/Receive Now Triggers an information association Blocked Senders Open an email from a sender you\'d like to piece, then… Menu > Block Sender (you can expel the square from the Options > Blocked Senders > Remove Block) Email Options

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Accessing Contacts From the Home Screen, select the Good Contacts symbol or select the Contacts menu thing From the Phone application, simply begin writing the name or number for the contact and select from the rundown when it shows

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Phone/Contacts See demo beneath! Dialing by Name: Press the green telephone key and utilize the keypad to enter the name or number of the individual you need to call. As you enter characters, the names are coordinated against those put away in your contacts. Select the contact, utilize the right key to go through accessible telephone numbers, and afterward press the green telephone key to decide. You can likewise open Good Messaging Contacts and select the get in touch with you wish to call.

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Select the "Contacts" symbol from the applications bar Quick-discover a contact by Typing characters of the individual\'s first or last name then select from menu Type first starting, space, last beginning then select from menu Searching for Contacts

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Automatically dial or Email by tapping on hot-connected telephone numbers and an Email address Highlight a contact and snap select "Alter," "Erase" or "View" from the menu Contacts

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Contacts Click on the photo to see a short demo! Making a New Contact on the gadget and sparing it will naturally synchronize with your email desktop customer… Start by selecting Good Contacts from the Home Screen, then… Menu > New Contact Then… Save or Edit in the event that you have to change/include data later

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Viewing the Calendar Click on the "Logbook" symbol on the Home screen Press the Calendar catch on the gadget View by Day, Week, Month, or Agenda view Use the route keys to go ahead and in reverse on your timetable Different hues hint arrangements out of the workplace, affirmed, conditional, and so on

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Preview sheet for arrangement detail Direct access to arrangement view by selecting and tapping on specific square Type "M" for Month view Type "W" for Week view Type "D" for Day view Type "A" for Agenda view Calendar Views

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Creating a Calendar Entry Tap on the coveted time or date or select \'New Appointment\' from the menu Enter a Subject, Location, and in the Invite field (for gatherings) start writing the name of the person(s) to welcome and the Lookup highlight will show

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Create New Meeting Click on the photo to see a short demo! Different choices for gatherings and/or arrangements include: Suggested Times For all participants taking into account their accessibility on their timetable Suggested Time Options can be gotten to by the "Alternatives" catch Recurrence Edit Recurrence permits you to design your gatherings repeat Suggested Rooms Looks for open meeting rooms

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Menu > Options > Calendar Options… Allows you to set: Start of day & End of day in your date-book day view Set the default update choice for all your new appts/mtgs Show a 5 or 7 day week in week view Calendar Options

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See a rundown of current Notes by selecting the symbol from the home screen applications bar Add new Notes by selecting "New" Notes/Journal

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See a rundown of current Tasks by selecting the symbol from the home screen applications bar Add new Tasks by selecting "New" Tasks can be doled out a Due Date, Reminder and Categories, and additionally Priority Status Tasks/To Do\'s

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News (RSS) News gives news encourage ability inside the Good Messaging customer. Clients can subscribe to nourishes, get the most recent articles from those encourages and read them on the handheld. The parts to the News highlight are: Notification bar Article View/Quick Reader (article show win

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