Utilizing the Dumpy Recording Levels .

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Utilizing the Dumpy and Recording Levels. M.S.Martin Aug
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Utilizing the Dumpy & Recording Levels M.S.Martin Aug – 2004 Revised Feb - 2006

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Automatic Level/Dumpy Level Circular Bubble Eye Piece Sighting Pointer Horizontal Circle Focusing Knob Objective Lens Base Plate Foot Screw Fine Adjustment

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Completed booking sheet illustration Rise & Fall strategy

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Leveling gear & booking sheets (take as composed notes) A programmed level or then again a laser level, are the most widely recognized instruments utilized by manufacturers to set up RL\'s on a building site. To do this and for future reference, the levels you go up against site ought to be recorded formally, from which you can move given RL\'s into shape arranges, ascertain required cut & fill and so forth

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Notes proceeded Before we take a gander at the level book, you ought to know and acquainted with the accompanying terms View through telescope Cross hairs Upper & bring down stadia lines

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Notes proceeded with The view through the telescope is alluded to as "the line of site" or "the line of collimation"

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Notes proceeded with Terms: BS – backsite IS – middle of the road site FS – prescience RISE – an adjustment in stature going up in level FALL – an adjustment in tallness going down in level RL –reduced level CP – change point STN – station BM – seat stamp

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Notes Continued In reference to the utilization of instrument: The principal understanding you take is dependably a B S backsite The last understanding you take is dependably a F S foreknowledge Readings in the middle of are I S halfway locales

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Using the Instrument

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