Varroc Corporate Presentation June 2010.

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Varroc Corporate Presentation June 2010 Varroc Bunch Vision We are resolved to serve the general public by increasing the value of the Clients, Representatives, Suppliers, Shareholders and the Group everywhere as far as :
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Varroc Corporate Presentation June 2010

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Varroc Group Vision We are resolved to serve the general public by increasing the value of the Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Shareholders and the Community everywhere as far as : Offering so as to provide Customer Satisfaction Reliable Products and Services at Competitive Prices Providing a situation helpful for the improvement, development and fulfillment of representatives while satisfying their sensible yearnings Providing satisfactory comes back to the shareholders while sustaining business development Contributing to the general public\'s prosperity and acting as a capable corporate resident known for trustworthiness and morals.

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Varroc Group Mission Varroc plans to turn into a Global Player in the matter of supplying parts, totals & frameworks to its clients. We should take into account car OEMs in 2/3 Wheeler, Passenger Car and Commercial vehicle portions, and to non car clients, for example, Off - street vehicles, White Goods, Industrial, Oil & Gas and so on. Our business sectors should be India, and chose abroad markets, for example, America, Europe & Asia. Fares will constitute 10% of our aggregate deals by 2013. The post-retail will constitute 10% of our aggregate deals by 2013 including Domestic deals, Exports and deals to the Spare Part divisions of our clients We might keep on growwing at 25% CAGR throughout the following 3~4years.

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P S I S H Varroc Core Values

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Varroc Group Leading Integrated supplier for Automotive Components & Modules ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS METALLIC, Hot, Warm & Cold Forging POLYMER Integrated Division, PantNagar METALLIC Engine Valves PRODUCT CAPABLITY 3 Manufacturing plants Technical focus gives backing to Design acceptance,, Testing, Tooling and Prototype 3 Manufacturing plants Technical joint effort with Italian Company 6 Manufacturing plants Technical Support by Japanese & European Manufacturer Supplier to all premium OEMs 7 Manufacturing plants Technical focus gives backing to Design approval,, Testing, Tooling and Prototype All 4 item portfolios included in this division Varroc Engg. Pvt. Ltd. Varroc Engg. Pvt. Ltd. Varroc Engg. Pvt. Ltd. Varroc Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Varroc Engg. Pvt. Ltd. Gathering STRUCTURE VPPL VEPL Mr. Tarang Jain MD Mr. Tarang Jain (MD) Mr. S N Patil Sr. VP Mr. Sanjiv Kumar (President) MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE Mr. Naveen Singh Mr. Brutal Kohli Mr. Prakash Khose Mr. L.K.Miniyar 2009 - 10  US$450 Millions *2010 - 11  US$575 Millions GROUP ANNUAL SALES 5% with White Goods & Consumable Segment 80% with 2 & 3 Wheeler Segment 15% with Passenger Car, Off Road and Oil & Gas Segments

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Operational Structure

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Varroc Group_ Journey 2007-08 Strategic rebuilding of Varroc Group Varroc Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Varroc Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Improve Capacities & Added innovations to take into account OEMs. Attack in Europe in Forgings Space by Acquiring IMES Spa – Italy and Poland. SOP at Integrated Manufacturing Plant in Pantnagar, Northern Region Industrial Hub 2006-07 2005-06 Enhanced Capacities Started Exports to European OEMS Added clients in Northen Region of India Enhanced Capacities for every one of the 3 adding so as to fabricate divisions Enhanced item portfolio Engine Valve Technology 8 New Plants & R&D Center Started Focus – Passenger Car Industry & White Goods Industry 2003-04 SOPs at 3 extra plants Metallic & Polymer divisions Focus – Honda, LG , Yamaha 1999-2002 1995-98 SOPs at 3 extra plants Metallic & Electrical divisions Focus – Bajaj Auto & Overseas Market 1990-91 Plastic Molded Components for Automotive and Consumer Electronics Industry. Business Production Started (1990) Electrical Division (Aurangabad) Focus – Bajaj Auto

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3 Engineering, R&D 20 Production Varroc Worldwide W. Europe 2 1 India 18 2 India Plants Location Northern India-3 Western India-15 Employees – 9,000 OEM Supplier ISO-TS 16949 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001

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20 Varroc Worldwide

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Varroc Polymer - Product Expertise HVAC Components Varroc Polymers Air Filter Assemblies NVH Components Plastic Painted Panels Mirror Assemblies

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Varroc Polymer - Product Expertise Varroc Polymers

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Varroc Engineering _ Product Expertise Catalytic Converters Metallic Transmission Assemblies Front Wheel Hub Assemblies Hot Forged Brackets Steering Spindle Assemblies

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Varroc Engineering _ Product Expertise Engine Valves Metallic Gear Primary Drive & Flanges Crank Pins Cam Shaft Crank Shaft

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Varroc Engineering _ Product Expertise Digital Instrument Clusters Electrical/Electronics Starter & Wiper Motors Regulator Rectifier Capacitor Discharge Ignition

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Varroc Engineering _ Product Expertise Body Switches Electrical/Electronics Lighting Systems Magneto & AC Generators Handle Bar Assemblies

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Quality Customer & Internal PPM TPM, Kaizen Culture, TS 16949 authorize Cost Input Costs/Benchmarking with Competition Reduction of Rejection & Waste Elimination Lean Manufacturing Techniques/Reduction in inventories Control Overhead Expenses Innovation Enhancing execution of the part/module supplying Continuous Focus on expanding Brain Power Improve the Value Chain, Component to System/Sub-framework Supplier Value Engineering Proposals Delivery JIT Delivery System 100% impeccable conveyances Varroc Group Priorities

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Joint Ventures & Acquisitions Strategic Alliances Focus on 4 wheeler business potential in Electrical & Electronics space Expansion in Far east markets for Japanese OEMs basically in 2 Wheeler commercial center. Extending assembling vicinity in India & chose abroad nations for Future Technologies. World Class Technologies, offices & Human Resource Investing in Green Technologies Varroc Group Overall Strategies

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Varroc Group – Joint Ventures & Technical Collaboration Exterior Modules – Bumpers, Wheel Arces, Claddings and so on (JV) Interior Trims – Door Panels, Glove Box, HVAC Housings and so on (TC) Automotive Lighting (TC) (TC) Automotive Catalytic Converter (JV) Engine Valves for 2Wh Application SCARPA & COLOMBO Strengthening & Technology Up degree – 2 JVs & 3 TCs

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Production Floors

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Program Management Concurrent Designing with client State of Art Communication innovation, Secured Data Transfer thru’ ftp destinations. Advancement Processes  Spanning the time zones

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Our Global Customer Base Two Wheelers Passenger Cars Commercial Vehicles System Suppliers White Goods TRADEMARKS SHOWN IN THIS SITE ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE RESPECTIVE COMPANY

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Varroc Group: Sales Turnover

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Employee Motivation & Social Responsibility Varroc Vengsarkar Cricket Academy .:tsli

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