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Veho Bunch The biggerst car business in Finland Veho Bunch Established in 1939 Turnover over EUR 900 million in 2005 Faculty appr. 1 500 toward the end of 2005 Gathering organizations Veho Bunch Oy Stomach muscle (guardian organization) Veho Oy Abdominal muscle Auto-Bon Oy (import and appropriation of Citroën)
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Veho Group The biggerst car business in Finland

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Veho Group Founded in 1939 Turnover over EUR 900 million in 2005 Personnel appr. 1 500 toward the end of 2005 Group organizations Veho Group Oy Ab (guardian organization) Veho Oy Ab Auto-Bon Oy (import and dispersion of Citroã«n) Assistor Oy Ab (car logistics focus in Hanko) Vemic Auto Oy Ab (import and circulation of Mitsubishi) Subsidiaries abroad:, Veho Eesti A/S in Estonia, UAB Veho in Lithuania and SIA Veho in Latvia © Veho Group

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Veho Group Mercedes-Benz Passenger autos Mercedes-Benz Commercial vehicles Veho Oy Ab Retail Sales Auto-Bon Oy Citroã«n Vemic Auto Oy Ab Mitsubishi Group organizations © Veho Group

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Mercedes-Benz Passenger autos Mercedes-Benz appropriation since 1939 Retail deals: Veho outlets and free merchants at 34 areas Sales volume 2005: 4208 vehicles (2.8 %) savvy dissemination since 2003 Retail deals: Veho outlets Sales volume 2005: 355 vehicles (0.2 %) Maybach traveler auto conveyance *preliminary data 3.1.2005 © Veho Group

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Mercedes-Benz Commercial vehicles Vans, trucks and transports, extraordinary vehicles Mercedes-Benz appropriation since 1939 Mitsubishi Fuso, Canter model reach subsequent to 2003 Setra transports following 2003 Sales of trucks and exceptional vehicles through own business association at 15 areas Service and repair operations for trucks Sales of vans at 32 areas © Veho Group

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Veho Oy Ab Network of full administration traveler auto retail outlets Also Honda traveler autos retail deals Seven full administration outlets: Pitã¤jã¤nmã¤ki, Herttoniemi, Olari and Koivuhaka in the Helsinki district and in addition Tampere, Turku and Oulu Body shops in Suutarila in Helsinki and Muurala in Espoo Subsidiary Vaihtoplus Oy Ab, pre-claimed vehicles authority in Kaivoksela in Vantaa Turnover appr. EUR 500 million in 2005 Personnel right around 700 toward the end of 2005 © Veho Group

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Auto-Bon Oy Citroã«n import and dissemination Passenger autos and business vehicles Retail deals: Veho outlets and autonomous merchants at 36 areas Sales volume 2005 (registrations) traveler autos 6706 vehicles (4,5 %) vans 1 002 vehicles (7,1 %) *preliminary data 3.1.2006 © Veho Group

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Vemic Auto Oy Mitsubishi import and appropriation Retail deals: KehäVeho in Espoo, Veho outlets in Herttoniemi in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Oulu and free merchants at 27 areas Sales volume 2005: 1 161 vehicles (0.8 %) *preliminary data 3.1.2006 © Veho Group

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Yritysryhm㤠Veho The greatest car business in Finland Helvar Merca International mechanical operations Mercantile Technical exchange Finland and Estonia Electrosonic Global master in varying media arrangements © Veho G

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