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This venture will include composing two letters and arranging a timetable of occasions ... He appreciates soccer and water games and needs to learn kayaking in Austin. ...
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Venture AUSTIN RULZ! Find Austin! Offer Austin! ESOL Department ACC

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Introduction Some new global understudies will move to Austin to concentrate on ESOL at ACC. For this undertaking, you will rehearse your sentence structure abilities and composing aptitudes to assist one of the new understudies. This undertaking will include composing two letters and arranging a calendar of occasions with depictions. You will help the new understudy find out about existence in Austin.

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Objectives In chipping away at this task, you will figure out how to: compose letters to a particular gathering of people for a particular reason and utilize appropriate configuration function as a group to create a gathering venture outline what you read and compose brief portrayals put your language structure aptitudes into practice with an attention on tense and verb frames

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Meet the New Students Alina is from Argentina yet completed secondary school in Brazil. She needs to concentrate on ESOL at ACC and after that enter UT Austin. Alina communicates in Spanish and Portuguese and now needs to enhance her English aptitudes. She is searching for a tennis accomplice and is keen on open air undertakings in Austin. Zeki was conceived in Turkey yet experienced childhood in Morocco. Zeki needs to study biotechnology at ACC and plans to work for Ambion in Austin. He appreciates soccer and water games and needs to learn kayaking in Austin. Sook is from Korea. She is a music major and shows piano and cello. She is anticipating enhancing her English abilities and to making new companions in Austin.

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Austin, Here We Come! Magda is from Poland and has lived in Germany for a long time. Her fields of interests are material science and math. Magda cherishes stallions, and she is a swimming teacher. Her most loved understudy is her three-year-old little girl, Brygida. Mahmuda is from Bangladesh. She simply completed her therapeutic degree, gaining practical experience in Internal Medicine. Mahmuda will move to Austin to study English at ACC and after that proceed with her studies in the United States. Her significant other fills in as a product engineer in Austin. Benito is from Mexico. He goes to the University of Monterrey and is majoring in Civil Engineering. Benito will burn through one year in Austin and after that go to master\'s level college to proceed with his studies. Benito appreciates outdoors and climbing and is an individual from the college paddling group.

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What\'s Cool … AND you will take in more about Austin and its fun spots to visit and energizing things to do!

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Step 1: The First Letter Think about your first encounters in Austin: Arriving in the airplane terminal Finding a spot to live Making your first companion Finding transportation Struggling with dialect/society Getting enrolled at ACC Taking evaluation exams Starting your first ACC class

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Preparing the principal letter What\'s Next? work out the letter in legitimate organization check your composition and linguistic use precisely overhaul until you have a GREAT letter Got a few thoughts? list your encounters (6 taking all things together) choose a legitimate request compose the body of the letter

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Step 2: The Second Letter Think about some exhortation that you would provide for another universal understudy who will move to Austin. Where to live Where to eat What to purchase Language tips Cultural tips Advice about ACC Advice about classes Tips for making companions

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Preparing the second letter Got some guidance to offer? list your proposals/suggestions (4 on the whole) settle on an intelligent request compose the body of the letter What\'s Next? work out the letter in legitimate organization check your written work and punctuation deliberately modify until you have another GREAT letter!

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Step 3: The Itinerary Now it\'s a great opportunity to play visit guide! What ought to the newcomer see and do in Austin? A craftsmanship exhibition hall A kayak stumble on Town Lake An incredible eatery A decent stop An extraordinary shopping center Lake Travis or Lake Austin A music show or play

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Team Work: Create a Plan You will work with a group for this a player in the undertaking. Every part will pick 3 spots or occasions around Austin to appear to the new understudy. As a gathering, plan a calendar for a two-week time frame to incorporate the occasions you have picked. Every part will compose a short depiction of each of your three decisions.

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Preparing your Folder As a gathering, you will turn in: a schedule of occasions (a course of events) a passage disclosing to the new understudy what you will do amid the two-week time frame a short portrayal of every occasion (3 for every colleague)

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Grading You will be evaluated on every part of the undertaking: First letter: 25% (Individual evaluations) Second letter: 25% (Individual evaluations) Descriptive Itinerary: half (Each individual from the gathering will get the same evaluation for this a player in the task.)

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Grading Criteria You will be offered agendas to ensure you have done your best work for this venture. Evaluating of every part will be founded on: substance (adequate subtle elements/word tally) association (consistent blueprint/requesting) vocabulary (right decision and type of word) language structure (tenses, verb structure, word request, and so forth.) mechanics (accentuation, upper casing, and so on.)

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Feedback and Revision We will cooperate in class for quite a bit of this task. You will have the capacity to make inquiries and impart your unfinished copies to your schoolmates and with me. You will have a lot of time to benefit an occupation!

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Conclusion When you finish this undertaking, you will have worked on: composing letters composing portrayals arranging ventures with a group utilizing the language structure you have learned … and best of all … you will have discovered that AUSTIN RULZ !!

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