Venture Feathered creature Influenza Crusade.

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Venture Flying creature Influenza Crusade Arranged for Picture Measurements Foundation:
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Venture BIRD FLU Campaign Prepared for Image Dimensions

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BACKGROUND: TB LINC was tasked by the United States Agency for International Development Office of Health to give specialized help to key workplaces of the Philippine Government Implementing the National Avian Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan particularly to: Lead the behavior of national correspondences crusade on fowl influenza mindfulness Develop interchanges messages focusing on high-hazard bunches on suitable practices and practices Develop particular media for building open mindfulness This report will demonstrate the demeanors and impression of the objective high-hazard bunches on the different materials arranged by Image Dimensions for TB Linc.

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SCOPE OF WORK: This undertaking meant to pre-test the different limited time materials arranged by Image Dimensions for TB LINC The materials were tried for agreeableness and social propriety among target groups of onlookers. The aftereffects of this pre-testing will in this way help USAID and its accomplices to guarantee that the special materials have the capacity to meet the message goals.

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RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: To survey the adequacy of correspondence materials produced for TB LINC by Image Dimensions. Particularly to Evaluate the materials visuals and duplicate on whether it is: Visually engaging Acceptable Understandable Culturally suitable Relevant to the intended interest groups Provide data Motivate individuals to make a move Provide suggestions on which among the materials would be best utilized Provide proposals on changes needed to guarantee existing pictures and duplicate fit the Filipino connection

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METHODOLOGY: Communications materials Pre-test FGD (Focus Group Discussion) Respondents are from pre-chosen barangays in a given territory who are: Minalin, Pampanga – occupied with poultry cultivating Cauayan, Isabela – occupied with terrace poultry developing, poultry cultivating or gamefowl reproducing La Carlota City, Bacolod – occupied with gamefowl rearing General Santos City - 2 bunches Muslim Non-Muslim bunch both of which are occupied with lawn poultry cultivating and/or in the exchange of colorful feathered creatures

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General Discussion on respondent’s work How long been in the business? (For poultry agriculturists/gamefowl raisers) what number heads of chicken do they have under their consideration? (For intriguing winged animal merchants) what number do you get the opportunity to exchange a month? Mindfulness for Bird Flu/Avian Flu Have you found out about Bird Flu? What do you think about it? From where did you find out about Bird Flu? From where/whom else would you like to find out about Bird Flu? Monadic Presentation of Materials Super Chicken Seal Poster/Print Ads Coloring Book Cover Coloring Book Story Line Radio Ad TV Ad Appeal (Likes/Dislikes) Visuals Situation Copy Understandability Correctness of interpretation Message take-out What does the material request that you do? Pertinence Of message For whom is this material? Who is its intended interest group? Of circumstance delineated Do you end up in a comparative circumstance? Arrive more fitting/pertinent circumstances? Credibility Of message (particularly of anticipation) Feasibility of activity obliged What would they be able to really do when confronted with the circumstance? Discourse GUIDE:

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Knowledge of Pests/Infestation/Illness

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ILT Symptoms Nose draining & cheddar like bodily fluid on the throat Source Unknown Cure Veterinarian controls meds NCD (New Castle Disease) Symptoms Fever Source Virus Cure Veterinarian regulates drugs Gumboro Symptoms “Tayo ang balahibo… bagsak ang pakpak at palong” (Feathers stand on ends…wings and crown are down) Source From inoculation – presentation of the infection brings down the resistance of un-immunized chicks which prompts infestation Cure Veterinarian directs meds Common Pests/Infestations experienced (Pampanga)

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Chicken lice (Ulmog) Symptoms Caretaker experiences tingling Chicken has ear contamination Source “Mainit ang panahon” (Hot climate) Cure Malathion (pesticide) Tobacco leaves (Soak in water and after that shower like pesticides) Sipon Symptoms Runny nose Source Change of climate Cure “Pakainin ng paminta” (Make the chicken eat entire pepper) Bulutong Symptoms Blisters Source Virus Cure “Pakainin ng siling labuyo” (Make the chicken eat hot bean stew) Betadine (antibacterial wash) Lugpi (deadened) Symptoms Unable to walk Source Cold climate Cure Vitamins Common Pests/Infestations experienced (Isabela)

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Sipon Symptoms Runny nose Source Change of climate Cure Medicine from poultry supply store Cholera Symptoms Natutuyo ang paa (Drying of the feet) Source Unknown Cure Sulpa powder Bulutong Symptoms Blisters Source Virus Cure “Pa-infusion a ng gamot” (Inject pharmaceutical) Common Pests/Infestations experienced (Bacolod)

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Cough/Cold Symptoms Runny nose Droopy head Source Change in climate Cure Cold Medicines for people i.e., Neozep cut down the middle and encouraged to the chicken (“ Hatiin yung Neozep tapos ipasok sa bibig ng manok”) Medicines prescribed by poultry food store i.e., Vetracin Injections suggested by poultry food store Piping hot rice Common Pests/Infestations experienced (MUSLIM – General Santos)

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Source of Information on Pests/Infestation and Cure The respondents (poultry/gamefowl proprietors/overseers) are normally left with their own gadgets as far as determination and cure for basic fledgling ailment. Accordingly, the overseers credit the poultry/gamefowl ranch proprietors with the CARE MANUAL utilized inside of the homestead. The veterinarian is typically brought in amid desperate circumstances (i.e., when there is a flare-up, when the overseer is not acquainted with the manifestations show) The Filipino’s inclination for self-prescription stretches out to how they treat their homestead creatures/pets. In the event that the general Pinoy depends on the drugstore agent to suggest solution, the overseers respect themselves and the poultry sustain retailer to be the power in regards to infestation and cure. The wellsprings of data on bugs/infestation and cure are: Poultry/bolster retailer Customized manual/system/diagram created by Owner and Veterinarian Observed from years of experience Seminars given by Cooperatives i.e., MIPOLCO (Pampanga just) Companies offering antibodies (Pampanga just) USAID supported project (Non Muslim Gen San)

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Common Practice regarding reacting to conceivable infestation Separate wiped out chicken/s Caretaker may: Find out what the issue is without anyone else\'s input i.e., Slit the chick\'s throat to figure out what isn\'t right with it Find a palliative/conventional cure i.e., Make the chicken take vitamins/prescription from poultry sustain retailer/pepper/hot bean stew If particular issue couldn\'t be recognized, educate (genuine just in Pampanga) Veterinarian (for Poultry Farmers) Barangay then Municipal Hall then City Veterinarian (For Backyard producers) Only guardians can impart data about what to do to infestation Owners once in a while concede that his poultry has been plagued a. On the off chance that still sensible, the veterinarian directs solution (just in Pampanga) the guardian regulates medication suggested by poultry encourage retailer (for all regions) the overseer oversees drug that is utilized by people for the same condition (Muslim Gen San)

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Common Practice regarding reacting to conceivable infestation b. On the off chance that no more reasonable, the chickens are Buried (for all zones) Burned (just in Pampanga) Given to crab/lobster cultivators as food (just in Pamapanga) Sold for a much less expensive expense to needy individuals in the city (just in Pampanga) “Binibili dad rin kahit na twofold dead… alam naman ng bumibili kasi 3 for P100 lang, pero kinakain dad rin dahil sa hirap ng buhay” (The individuals still purchase it regardless of the possibility that it is twofold dead… they know it is twofold dead in light of the fact that it is valued 3 for P100, yet despite everything they eat it essentially in light of the fact that life is a struggle) Generally JUST EATEN before the chicken bites the dust all alone (Pampanga, Isabela, Muslim Gen San) Disinfect the enclosures utilize a disinfectant (in all ranges) utilizing 4 unique chemicals/pesticides (just in Pampanga)

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Knowledge about BIRD FLU

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Knowledge on Bird Flu Majority of the exploration members have caught wind of the term BIRD FLU, they fear it however don\'t recognize what the reason, manifestation, counteractive action and cure for the illness is. Indeed, even the “professionally knowledgeable” Pampangueã±os are still oblivious in the matter of what are the reasons, side effects and right reaction to Bird Flu are. Since most of the Non-Muslim respondents in General Santos were a pilot\'s piece bunch on Bird Flu mindfulness, they appear to be the most educated and cautious about Bird Flu.

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Knowledge on Bird Flu However, among the individuals who were not at first enlisted to be Purok pioneers on Bird Flu mindfulness in General Santos, the mindfulness on the pestilence is low. “Alam naming masama ang Bird Flu… kailangang patayin ang mga manok pag nagkaroon na niyan… pero paano ba nagkaka Bird Flu? Ano ba ang gamot dyan?” (We realize that Bird Flu is bad… we have to murder the chicken on the off chance that it happens … yet where does it originate from? What is its prescription?) – Pampanga “ Nagkaka Bird Flu ba kapag nakakain ka ng twofold dead na manok?” (Do you get Bird Flu on the off chance that you eat a twofold dead chicken ?) – Isabela “Nahahawa ang manok sa tagapag alaga na might flu…” (If the overseer has influenza and the chicken contract it from him ) – Bacolod “Nakita namin sa TV na may Bird Flu sa Indonesia… might nagsabi rin sa TV na kapag might nakitang banyagang manok sa lugar namin (ang nearby authorities) ikukulong kami… nang mapanood namin yun, pinakawalan namin lahat ng banyagang ibon namin” (We saw

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