Venture Management Special Presentation for PEC Dr Ali Sajid .

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Project Management Special Presentation for PEC Dr Ali Sajid. Project MANAGEMENT What is project: Overview and Concepts Dr Ali Sajid, (TI). Never to suffer would never to have been blessed. Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849). 3. Although the world is full of suffering,
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Extend Management Special Presentation for PEC Dr Ali Sajid

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Project MANAGEMENT What is venture: Overview and Concepts Dr Ali Sajid, (TI)

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Never to endure could never to have been honored. Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849) 3

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Although the world is brimming with misery, it is full additionally of the overcoming of it. Helen Keller (1880 - 1968) 4

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Nature does nothing pointlessly. Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC), 5

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So quite a bit of what we call administration comprises in making it troublesome for individuals to work. Subside Drucker (1909 - 2005) 6

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To do right is awesome. To instruct others to do right is significantly more awesome – and much less demanding. - Mark Twain 7

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"Self centeredness is our most exceedingly awful foe & on the off chance that we respect it, we can never do anything insightful in this world" - Helen Keller 8

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" To be readied is a large portion of the triumph. " Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 9

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"Regard individuals as though they were what they should be, & you help them to end up what they are fit for being" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 10

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The nature of a man\'s life is in direct extent to his dedication to magnificence, paying little mind to their picked field of attempt. 11

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The race is not generally to the quick... in any case, to the individuals who continue running. 12

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In three words, I can aggregate up all that I\'ve found out about existence: It goes on. - Robert Frost 13

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Actions… "Activity may not continually bring joy, but rather there is no satisfaction without Action" - Benjamin Disraeli 14

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If you have your sight, you are honored. In the event that you have understanding, you are a thousand times favored. 15

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Leadership & learning are irreplaceable to each other. John F. Kennedy (1917 - 1963) 16

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Setting an illustration is not the primary method for affecting others, it is the main means. - Albert Einstein 17

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When the Fire starts inside himself, a man merits something. - Robert Browning 18

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In times of tempest, the shallowness of the root structure is uncovered. 19

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"We can\'t take care of our issues with similar level of imagining that made them. (Albert Einstein) "The genuine voyage of revelation falsehoods not in looking for new scenes, but rather in having new eyes." New Thinking in venture Mgmt

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" The world is partitioned into individuals who get things done, & individuals who get the credit. Attempt, in the event that you can, to have a place with the five star. There\'s far less competition." (Dwight Morrow, 1935.) Credit on Work in Project Mgt

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"Fantastic things happen to the way we feel, to the way we make other individuals feel. This basically by utilizing Positive Words ." Value of Positive Words in PM

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Projects in Stone Ages C onstruction of Alexandria Light House, Ajnata Caves (India) Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Shalamar Garden, Mosques and Forts Great ventures But… … Beginning of Modern venture Management U S Navy\'s Polaris Program, NASA\'s Apollo, Space carry & SDI ("star wars") programs - uniquely created administration ways to deal with uncommonly complex tasks. " A Project Is A Problem Scheduled For Solution ." J M Juran Problem - crevice b/w where u R & where u need to be, with an impediment that forestalls simple development to close the hole. "A venture is a brief attempt embraced to make an extraordinary item or administration:"

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"Interesting procedures, comprising of an arrangement of facilitated & controlled exercises with begin & complete dates, embraced to accomplish a target complying with particular necessities, including the imperatives of time, cost and assets ". (ISO 10006 Standard). A gathering of exercises - to be attempted with restricted assets to yield particular destinations in a particular time in a particular territory. Formation of Business Value – Important

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One Goal: have a solitary objective when contrasted with a program Has a client Specified Time : C ompletion date Within Budget: R esource limits (individuals, cash, machines) According to Specs: Customer expects a specific level of Functionality & Quality (S mythical person forced or Customer-determined, & Fixed) . Qualities of a Project

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Definite starting & a clear end. At the point when destinations accomplished, or When Objectives can\'t be met –so ended. Not short in span numerous keep going for ys. Span - limited: undertakings are not progressing endeavors. Interdependencies Interact with Organization other proj at the same time inside SOPs Uniqueness Project - never happened & will never happen again under same conditions. A few components are extraordinary. No two are accurately similar. Some level of customization is a normal for proj. Attributes of Project Projects are Temporary

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Progressive Elaboration. Creating in steps & proceeding by additions. Extend Scope extensively characterized in early stages More Explicit as Project group builds up a superior comprehension of O bjective & Deliverables.

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Life Is A venture

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Your undertakings Cannot Afford to Fail 66% of all IT anticipates fall flat, come in over spending plan or keep running past the first due date Every year, $55 billion is squandered on fizzled IT anticipates in the U.S. Business Impacts: Reduced benefit Inability to subsidize new ventures Poor consumer loyalty Source: Chaos Chronicles 2003, The Standish Group

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Individuals & Org - effectively included in proj Whose premium might be influenced as an aftereffect of venture execution Pr oject Mgr Responsible for venture Customer/end clients Performing Organization-whose workers are included venture Mgmt Team - Performing assignment of venture colleagues - straightforwardly included Sponsor-_who back Influencer PMO-exists in performing Organization Internal & External, Investor,seller or temporary worker, Govt Agencies, media individuals, society on the loose. Extend Manager: Must oversee partners desires. May hv ve or negative impact on venture Internal/External, Owners merchants, Govt Lobbyist,contractors, govt, society Stake-Holders

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PMGT-Utilized as a mean of accomplishing Org Strategic Plan . Either by claim individual or through untouchable A market Demand ( oil organization auth a building an oil refinery 4 intense deficiency of K 2 oil) Customer Request ( control organization auth new power plant) Technological Demand ( New computer game .new Cell) Legal prerequisite ( Toxic Waste Disposal Center) Project & Strategic Planning

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Classified as Social Sector & base. Transportation Highways, mass travel, airplane terminals Utilities Electric control, gas, phones Education Schools, schools, HEC Funded Public Safety Police, fire, National monitor Recreation Parks, play areas, noteworthy destinations Development Harbors, dams, water system, Research Health, space, agribusiness Defense Military hardware and frameworks Conservation Forests, shorelines, contamination Classification of Project Types

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Proj Planned & actualized in a Social, Economic & Environmental Context. 1. Social & Social Environment (how extend influence individuals & how they influence extend, require comprehension of monetary, demographic, moral, ethnic, religious issues ) 2. Global & Political Environment ( information of relevant universal, national, provincial or nearby laws & Customs different elements like Time zone contrast, national occasions, travel implies & calculated necessities and so forth 3. Physical Environment. Learning - Local biology & physical geology that could influence extend or be influenced by proj. Extend Environment

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The Project Environment The Organization Suppliers Government Organization Goals Top Management Boss venture Manager extend Staff Colleagues Managers Controlling Internal Resources Internal Users External Users Sub Contractors

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Frequently separated into more sensible parts or sub Proj albeit singular/sub undertakings can be alluded to as tasks & oversaw all things considered. S ub contracted or out sourced. Sub proj as indicated by HR needs like P lumbing in Construction Based on P roject Process-One Phase of PLC Based on S pecialized Technology Auto mated Testing of PC program Sub Projects

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The Triple Constraint of venture Management

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Triple Constraints

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Delivery (Performance) Client Agreement Time (Schedule) Cost (Budget) Manage the Triple Constraint Managing Triple Constraint .

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The Scope Triangle: Time, Cost, Resources Scope Triangle Cost Time Scope and Quality Resources

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Cost = f (P,S, T) Where P is Performance , S is Scope & T - time As P & S increment, Cost for the most part increments… yet not straightly ventures come up short when: An) Estimates are flawed; B) Time, Talent & Resources - deficient or erroneously connected Relationship of venture Objectives

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Common attributes: Performed by individuals. Compelled by restricted assets. Arranged, executed, and controlled. Operations may incorporate exercises, for example, Financial mgt & control Continuous fabricate Product circulation Distinguish b/w ventures & operations: Operations progressing & dull tasks - brief & extraordinary, performed by groups: - Clearly characterized group & singular parts - Open & successful interchanges - Visible rewards for good execution, weight to enhance Poor execution undertakings may incorporate exercises, for example, Developing another item or administration. Affecting an adjustment in structure, staffing, or style of an Organization. Creating or gaining another or changed information framework. Operations & Projects

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