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Project Overview. Bag-It Game E-Learning By Design Group Presenters: Cheryl Anderson Chuck Chills Tim Davis Lisa Fuller Susan Genden. Project Goals. Setting the standards Planning Phase Design Phase (Macro-Design Document) Development Phase Implementation Lessons Learned.
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Extend Overview Bag-It Game E-Learning By Design Group Presenters: Cheryl Anderson Chuck Chills Tim Davis Lisa Fuller Susan Genden

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Project Goals Setting the models Planning Phase Design Phase (Macro-Design Document) Development Phase Implementation Lessons Learned

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Setting the Standard Quality of Team Members Group individuals aptitudes and qualities Specific Game Requirements Development of a Flash-based mixed media diversion

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Planning Phase Conducting the underlying conceptualizing Identifying the amusement idea Narrowing the extent of the gathering of people Determining/distinguishing assets Defining the look and feel of the amusement

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Design Phase: Macro-Design Document Initial thoughts Concept Flash-based diversion, testing new contract to legitimately sack basic supplies Improper systems result in lessening in pay check; reward got for appropriate strategies One part of a few conceivable Flash-based preparing devices

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Design Phase: Macro-Design Document Program depiction/requirement for item ACME has anticipated high worker and client turnover Needs appraisal and undertaking investigation uncovered that ACME representatives were not effective in packing basic supply items. Group of onlookers/Learner Characteristics New contracts at ACME, 15-20 years of age Little to no experience sacking perishables Exposed to PC innovation all through life

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Design Phase: Macro-Design Document Objectives Upon culmination of Bag-It , new contracts will show sorted out and effective packing methods Enabling destinations Game guidelines Look and feel Informative and engaging Animated, beautiful and fun

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Development Phase Game details Rough draft of amusement components:

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Development Phase Design of diversion representation first form

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Development Phase Design of amusement illustrations Rules first form

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Graphical Interface Graphics join with usefulness after plan characterized Task & end client cognizance - generally imperative. Case – message in a catch can be more reasonable for the client than a symbol, contingent upon symbol Look and feel of Bag-It Consider target group of onlookers (15-20 yrs., new contracts) to make something enlivened, bright and fun

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Development Phase V.2 diversion screen All amusement components included Mouse included for amusingness Prototype endorsed

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Development Phase V. 2 outline of diversion Rules Screens 1 & 2 Mouse included for silliness

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Development Phase V.3 amusement modifications: shading alterations & visual depiction changes to target group of onlookers. Include music, scoring spot beneath sacks Cheerleader buddy supplanted mouse Animations of fellow & coupon Broken packs made Final format of Game Screen before Actionscript

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Development Phase V.3 screen modifications: shading conformities visual computerization changes. Last format of Rules Screen 1 with enlivened person and coupon Screen 2 outline of standards erased – simply changed content

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Development Phase Writing program codes for Bag-It Game Loading screen Scoring highlights Animation and sound Final Game Revisions

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ActionScript Difficult with all the diverse situations however could be produced advance "activities" layer utilized Buttons have script for convenience Music and sound

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Loading Screen Used for online arrangement and moderate associations

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Scoring Features Timer Items sacked Items harmed Paycheck findings and rewards

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Animation and Sound Animation for the most part ActionScript rather than "tweening." Sound put away in library Event driven

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Game Revisions Some bugs found amid testing Limited amusement work because of the various situations that could exist Game could proceed with upgrades for future renditions

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Implementation Phase Bag-It Game Demonstration To be posted

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Pilot Testing happened 7/23/05 & 7/24/05 Testers: Ages 16 – 20 2 Males/1 Female Look and feel was gotten well by all analyzers Previous look/feel modifications were a brilliant move Some analyzers found the guidelines/directions simple to handle, others more troublesome inside and out principles/guidelines important to guarantee learning happens Testers had issues with two or three things staying and not carrying on appropriately Concerns were inspected and amended

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Lessons Learned Initial Project Plan was created after the outline archive Integration of parts and assignments by colleagues: parts not plainly characterized Game illustrations and programming glitches Team fundamentally imparted by means of email; more eye to eye gatherings were required for cohesiveness

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Any Questions? Setting the gauges Planning Design (Macro-Design Document) Development Implementation Game Demonstration Pilot Testing Lessons Learned

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