VERB Recreations.

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Why recreations? - Verb Games. Chancho (Card Game) Verb Board Game. Dominoes ... 2) Verb Board Game. Reason: to practice verb conjugations. Target: to get to LLEGADA ...
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VERB GAMES Carolina García Rivas (Argentina) Wabash College Crawfordsville, IN

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Verb Games Presentation Outline - Introduction. Why diversions? - Verb Games Chancho (Card Game) Verb Board Game Dominoes Oyes , Dices (You Hear, You Say) - Conclusion

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Why diversions? Learning verb conjugations requires a lot of exertion. Break from the typical routine of the dialect class. They are persuading. They make a significant setting for dialect use.

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1) Chancho SALGO SALIR Purpose : to make understudies mindful of troublesome or sporadic verb shapes. Objective : to assemble cards to finish the conjugation of a given verb. Materials : verb cards (cardboard, scissors, marker) Dynamic : gatherings of 10 understudies or less Time : 15 – 20 min SALES SALE ES SER ERES SOY

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2) Verb Board Game Purpose : to practice verb conjugations Objective : to get to LLEGADA (last box of the load up). Materials : board, 1 dice, counters. Dynamic : gatherings of 5 understudies. Time : 20 – 30 min

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3) Verb Dominoes adjusted from Instituto Cervantes Objective : to dispose of all your domino cards. Materials : domino cards Dynamic : gatherings of 3-4 understudies. Time : 15 – 20 min

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4) Oyes, Dices ( You hear , You say ) Purpose : to practice verb conjugations, and in addition listening and talking abilities Objective : to say every one of the verbs in your card Materials : verb cards Dynamic : 3 or more understudies Time : 15 – 20 min

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