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Verry Nice! High-Five!. Yoojin Kwak Michael Preysman Ruben Quintero Russell Savage. Test Cases. Concept Portable communication device for use within industrial, collaborative work environment Status Back end mostly finished, GUI in the works. Gumstix—problems with ALSA and GNU Classpath
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Verry Nice! High-Five! Yoojin Kwak Michael Preysman Ruben Quintero Russell Savage

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Test Cases Concept Portable specialized gadget for use inside mechanical, community workplace Status Back end for the most part completed, GUI in progress. Gumstix—issues with ALSA and GNU Classpath Test Cases: Boot Gumstix, associate on boot. Interface different Gumstix to the server. Send/get sound from the base station to the Gumstix. Server acceps different clients and can move them between gatherings. Server talks just to particular gatherings or potentially clients.

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Performance Tests Latency (essential) Why: Ability to have an ordinary discussion. How: Stopwatch/Basic Usability. Test Latency versus Activity. Organize Traffic Why: what number clients would we be able to bolster? How: Increase number of clients talking and associated Packet Loss Why: Don\'t need cut, unrecognizable discourse. How: JSpeex handles parcel misfortune. Consistency Why: Users ought to have the capacity to move between hubs (versatility). How: Piggy support on existing systems.

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Testing Process Network Traffic Brute compel – increment clients until framework comes up short. Mechanized – increment parcels sent (not voice, simply irregular data). Inactivity Ping from the Gumstix. Stopwatch/General Usability. Additionally increment clients, perceive how inactivity is influenced.

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Difficulties Latency will be most troublesome in light of the fact that it is influenced by an assortment of things (activity, preparing, bundle exchange, and so forth). Pinging does not time from contribution at the mouthpiece to yield from the speakers (pressure, preparing, human response time). Hard to discover the wellspring of specific blunders (for example, sound: Classpath, JamVM, ALSA, OSS, and so forth.) Gumstix have been generally hard to work with.

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