Versatile and Handheld Perusers.

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June 23-26, 2003 New York City. 6.0 What do they resemble? ... June 23-26, 2003 New York City. 6.0 What do they resemble? ...
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Portable & Handheld Readers The Need for Mobile & Handheld Readers in Today\'s Biometric Projects Speaker: Gregory McConnell, Partner

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Presentation Plan 1.0 Intro: Mobile biometric perusers. Why? furthermore, Why Now? 2.0 Applications of these handheld & Mobile biometric gadgets 3.0 Basic functionalities of the gadgets 4.0 Specific elements and functionalities 5.0 Which biometric strategies are reasonable for Mobile & Handheld applications? 6.0 What do they resemble? 6.1 How much do they cost? 7.0 Projects around the globe who need or utilize Mobile & Handheld biometric perusers.

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1.0 Introduction: Mobile & Handheld biometric perusers. Why? what\'s more, Why Now? With 9-11, vulnerabilities in our ID and travel archives frameworks are uncovered. We need more security. Gone from utilizing biometrics to ensure not very many and particular things/places (servers, rooms, documents, and so forth) to verify a moderately little number of individuals. … to attempting to verify masses of individuals, over vast regions, in the large number of spots we may discover them. In this new setting: People don\'t generally go to the validation point (door,desk/PC) The innovation needs to go out to them Away from the entryway, the work area/PC, to the auto, the vessel, the door, and so forth

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2.0 Applications Travel archives check (quick track passes, visa, outside versus household identification, and so on): Land visitor control (up-stream check, from vehicle to vehicle, pre-leeway Maritime ports (ID V&A on load up the boat, in port or out adrift). Air terminals (quick track successive or residential explorers through traditions)

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2.0 Applications Physical Access & Employee ID Gate access control Airport Tarmak Military base Power plant Construction site, other confined access territory Manned (Guard/agent) ID check & watch Fed. on the other hand State Gov. building access Airport confined territory get to and watch Vessel group ID V&A and/or Time and Attendance Etc.

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2.0 Applications National ID (Permanent Resident, Green Card, and so forth) Border passage check Plane pre-loading up check Proof of lawful age: Voting, buy of Alcohol or tobacco, and so on Drivers License Police confirmation and confirmation of permit/driver Healthcare card (Nominative attribution of advantages) Card validation in crisis rooms (Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, and so forth.)

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3.0 Basic functionalities of the gadgets Read qualifications off an ID/Travel report or get to token (redundant if Identity profiles are put away on a server or in the perusing gadget itself) Verify the legitimacy of the archive/token and it\'s "issuing power" Authentication of the proprietor of the record/token (individual showing it) through biometrics Display aftereffect of verification + ID accreditations

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4.0 Specific components and functionalities Validation of Origin Digital mark (advanced endorsements) Verification of Data Integrity Digital mark (DSA, DSS, RSA) Establishing Trusted Communication between the card and the peruser SAM (Security Access Module) Perform some other activities with information from card Log exchange for later download Send exchange or ID back to a server (Wireless) Print exchange or related activity (Find, ticket, pass, and so on)

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5.0 Which biometric techniques are reasonable?

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5.1 Mobile/Handheld or not? Iris Scan Large size of peruser is restrictive (No peruser accessible) Facial Scan Size (little camera) is not restrictive Sub-ideal lighting, foundation commotion (pictures/individuals), and beautifying agents individuals where outside may bring about an issue. Doesn\'t require the individual\'s collaboration (useful for remote/portable observation, not for handheld). Hand Geometry Large size gadget, not fit for Mobile & Handheld applications

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5.2 Mobile/Handheld or not? Voice acknowledgment Fits Mobile Wireless applications (validation with server) Environmental clamor and changes (outside) influence accuracy Signature check Has been coordinated in handheld & Mobile gadgets For mark catch, not V&A May be issues with token stockpiling

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5.3 Mobile/Handheld or not? Unique mark detecting Compact perusers (especially capacitive, warm and computerized direct sensor s) Fits Mobile & Handheld gadgets In numerous cases weatherized (for the most part Optical) Biometric sleeves/center points accessible as extra to PDA (fits into Compact Flash card opening) two or three (3) organizations at present fabricate and ship handheld versatile perusers (both capacitive and optical)

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6.0 What do they resemble? Optical unique mark perusing Contact brilliant card peruser Optional 2D scanner tag card peruser Alpha-numeric keypad Monochrome Graphical LCD OS: Proprietary What does it cost? MSRP: $3,000

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6.0 What do they resemble? Capacitive unique mark perusing Contact keen card peruser Alpha-numeric keypad Color Graphical LCD OS: Windows CE Optional Bluetooth and GSM modules What does it cost? MSRP: $2,500

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6.0 What do they resemble? Capacitive unique mark perusing Contactless keen card peruser: ISO-14443 + ISO 15693 Optional: 2D scanner tag peruser Navigational keypad Monochrome Graphical LCD OS: Proprietary Optional: Bluetooth association What does it cost? MSRP: $1,025

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6.0 What do they resemble? Capacitive unique finger impression perusing Contact brilliant card peruser Navigational keypad + programmable capacity keys Touch Screen Graphical shading LCD OS: Windows CE Ruggedized Optional: Bluetooth, GSM, desktop and auto dockings. What does it cost? MSRP: $1,900

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7.0 Projects with Mobile & Handheld biometric perusers USA Project: Common Access Card (CAC) Solicitor: The U.S DoD Project: Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Solicitor: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Project: Borders E&E Solicitor: Homeland Security/TSA

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7.0 Projects with Mobile & Handheld biometric perusers Canada Project: Restricted Area Pass System Solicitor: Canadian Air Transport Security Administration (CATSA) Project: Permanent Resident Card Solicitor: Canadian Customs & Revenue Agency (CCRA) Project: NEXUS Solicitor: CCRA/Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) Potential Project: Canadian National ID Card Solicitor: CIC

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7.0 Projects with Mobile & Handheld biometric perusers World Project: Saudi National ID Card (CAFIS) Solicitor: Saudi Ministry of Interior Project: Colombian National ID Solicitor: Colombian Fed. Gov. Venture: National ID Card of El Salvador (DUI) Solicitor: El Salvador Fed. Gov. And so forth

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