Versatile Benefactors: Better Administrations on the Go.

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EZproxy does not have assembled in backing for cell phones. ... In the event that recognize portable, set administration to versatile. Check with CAS to check whether effectively validated. In the event that ...
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Versatile Patrons: Better Services on the Go Vincci Kwong and Gary Browning Indiana University South Bend 10 th Brick & Click Libraries

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Mobile Internet Usage

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Mobile Data Applications Usage

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Statistics for Library Website

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Mobile Website or Mobile App? Target group of onlookers User experience Technical aptitudes Costs

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First Version of Library Mobile Site

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Popular Items on Mobile Website Library list Floor map Events Hours Social media information

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IU Mobile Initiative

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Graphic Icon for Mobile

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Schurz Library Mobile Interface

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Statistics for Library Mobile Website

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Mobile Site Generator Hidden Peanuts Molly iPhone Application - DCPL

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Internet Built-in Authentication Mobile Friendly Authentication Remote access to membership databases is done through OCLC " s EZproxy Authentication and Access programming.

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Internet Built-in Authentication Mobile Friendly Authentication EZproxy does not have worked in backing for cell phones. X

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How to make EZproxy Mobile Friendly Incorporate a cell phone discovery library?

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EZproxy Ticket Authentication" Ticket verification permits remote frameworks to brief URLs that EZproxy will consequently perceive as being approved to login and grant access to an asset with no requirement for EZproxy to seek out the system that makes the URL. " – OCLC site

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Sample PHP code <?php require("ezproxyticket.php"); $ezproxy = new EZproxyTicket("", "shhhh", "someuser"); ?> <a href="<?php echo($ezproxy->url("")) ?>">Some Database</a><br/> EZproxy user.txt ::Ticket TimeValid 90 MD5 shhhh Expired; Deny expired.htm/Ticket

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Internet Valid ticket? Create Ticket EZproxy Ticket Authentication Server with ezProxy Web Server with PHP

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Internet Valid ticket? validated? Create ticket confirmation acceptance administration External Authentication Server with ezProxy Web Server with PHP

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Central Authentication System (CAS) Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a login administration that permits you to get to numerous secret key ensured web frameworks in the wake of signing in once on a focal verification server; this is frequently alluded to as single sign-on.

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CAS versus IU CAS Standard CAS reaction – XML <cas:serviceResponse xmlns:cas=\'\'> <cas:authenticationSuccess> <cas:user>username</cas:user> <cas:proxyGrantingTicket>PGTIOU-84678-8a9d... </cas:proxyGrantingTicket> </cas:authenticationSuccess> </cas:serviceResponse> IU CAS reaction – If approval is fruitful, CAS sends back a two-line reaction with "yes" on the first and "username" on the second.

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Connecting Ezproxy with IU CAS Detect portable or desktop CASSVC (administration) If identify versatile, set support of versatile Check with CAS to check whether officially verified If validated, show database; generally display a login screen

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Sample Code – login.php <?php include(\'mobile_device_detect.php\'); if(mobile_device_detect(true,true,true,true,true,true,false,false)){ header("Location:"); }else{ header("Location:"); } ?>

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Sample Code – casauth.php <?php session_start();/begin session if( isset($_GET[\'casticket\']) ){/verify whether a ticket has been passed $ticket = $_GET[\'casticket\']; } else { $ticket = ""; }

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Sample Code – casauth.php cont. /* check CAS ticket credibility and recover the client\'s uid * the variable $contents will have the string * "ticket \'<ticket value>\' not recognized" if an awful ticket * has been given. */$casXML = fopen("$ticket&service=","r"); $contents = fread($casXML, 1024); fclose($casXML);

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Sample Code – casauth.php cont. list($yesno, $netid) = split("\n", $contents, 2); $authok = trim($yesno); $iuid = trim($netid); if ($authok == "no") { header("Location:"); } else { $_SESSION[\'auth\'] = $iuid; header("Location:"); } ?>

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A Better Idea – Can IU Mobile isn\'t that right? IU Mobile is as of now associated with IU CAS Need capacity to Check if validated Display elective data if not Restrict to grounds level

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Yes, IU Mobile Can do it! <authenticated> <list-item> <link type="xml" xml="" title="Subscription Databases"/> </list-item> </authenticated> <not-authenticated> <list-item> <link type="xml" xml="" title="Subscription Databases"/> </list-item> </not-authenticated>

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Authenticated versus Not-Authenticated

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Sample Restriction to South Bend <list-item> <authenticated> <if permission="southbend"> <link type="external" url="<?php echo($ezproxy->url("")) ?>" title="HW Wilson"/> </if> </authenticated> </list-item>

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Library Resources with Mobile Platforms Ebscohost H.W. Wilson PubMed WorldCat Lexis/Nexis Get Cases and Shepardize Fastcase RefWorks Hoovers Encyclopedia Britannica arXiv Browse Factiva IEEE Xplore Westlaw

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Computer Availability Mobile Webpage

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System Requirements Computer Availability Web Server, for example, Apache or IIS PHP Database, for example, MySQL Ability to run login and logout scripts

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Internet Workstations How It Works Active Directory Server Web Server with PHP MySQL Server

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For Mobile, Output Data as XML <seats> <?php foreach ($regions as $region) { $region_id = $region[\'region_id\']; $region_display_name = $region[\'display_name\']; $region_location = $region[\'location\']; $region_mac_status_counts = get_status_counts_for_region($region_id, \'Macintosh\'); $region_pc_status_counts = get_status_counts_for_region($region_id, \'PC\'); $total_idle_mac_computers = $region_mac_status_counts[\'idle\']; $total_busy_mac_computers = $region_mac_status_counts[\'busy\']; $total_idle_pc_computers = $region_pc_status_counts[\'idle\']; $total_busy_pc_computers = $region_pc_status_counts[\'busy\']; $total_idle_computers = $total_idle_mac_computers + $total_idle_pc_computers; $total_online_computers = $total_idle_computers + $total_busy_computers; print "<seat lab=\"$region_building $region_location\" building=\"$region_display_name\" availability=\"$total_idle_computers/$total_online_computers\" campus=\" SB\"/> \n " ; } ?> </seats>

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Internet Mobile Output IU Mobile Server Web Server with PHP MySQL Server

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Texting Reference Service

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Planning for Mobile Website Needs evaluations Integrate with existing library administrations Project arranging Build the webpage Testing, promoting, propelling Keeping up

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Mobile Services Offered by Other Libraries SMS warning administrations Kansas State University Libraries Mobile accumulations Duke University Mobile guideline Open University Library LibGuides Library visit Temple Universities Libraries University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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QR Code Two-dimensional standardized identification comprehensible by QR scanners, cellular telephones with camera, and cell phones. Stores content, URL or other information.

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QR Code Generator Kaywa ZXing Project Mobile-Barcode … . and that\'s only the tip of the iceberg! Chrome augmentation

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QR Code Reader i-nigma ScanLife BeeTagg Lynkee

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Resources Mobile Access 2010 - Detect Mobile Browsers - Ezproxy - CAS - XML Tutorial - AOL Mobile - txt/M-Libraries Success Wiki - QR Code: Library Success Wiki -

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Questions? Don\'t hesitate to get in touch with us at Vincci Kwong Email: Phone: 574-520-4444 Gary Browning Email: Phone: 574-520-5516

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