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Mobile Robotics Julie Letchner Angeline Toh Mark Rosetta

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Fundamental Idea: Robot Pose 2D world (floor arrangement) 3 DOF Very straightforward model—the trouble is in self-rule

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Major Issues with Autonomy Sensor Inaccuracy Movement Inaccuracy Environmental Uncertainty

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Problem One: Localization World guide Robot\'s underlying stance Sensor updates Given: Find: Robot\'s stance as it moves

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How would we Solve Localization? Speak to convictions as a likelihood thickness Markov presumption Pose dissemination at time t adapted on: stance dist. at time t-1 movement at time t-1 sensor readings at time t Discretize the thickness by examining

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Localization Foundation At each time step t: UPDATE every specimen\'s new area in view of development RESAMPLE the posture conveyance in light of sensor readings

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Algorithms Markov confinement (least complex) Kalman channels (generally most mainstream) Monte Carlo limitation/molecule channels Same: Sampled likelihood dissemination Basic redesign resample circle Different: Sampling systems Movement presumptions

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Localization\'s Sidekick: Globalization Localization without learning of begin area Credit to Dieter Fox for this demo above and beyond: "seized robot issue"

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Problem Two: Mapping Robot Sensors Given: Find: Map of the earth (and verifiably, the robot\'s area as it moves)

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Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) If we have a guide: We can restrict! On the off chance that we can restrict: We can make a guide!

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Circular Error Problem If we have a guide: We can confine! NOT THAT SIMPLE! On the off chance that we can restrict: We can make a guide!

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Incorporate area/map vulnerabilities into a solitary model Optimize robot\'s exploratory way Use geometry (particularly inside) How would we Solve SLAM? Credit to Sebastian Thrun for this demo Major obstacle: relationship issue

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Good diagram papers by Sebastian Thrun: "Probabilistic Algorithms in Robotics", 2000 "Robotic Mapping: A Survey", 2002 For the Interested Stanford course: cs225B Build a Markov Localization motor Run it on Amigobots to play soccer

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Mobile robot sample: Underwater robots Localization is just helpful in case we\'re portable… … so how do these robots move? Up Next… Emergent Behaviors Mobile robots all the more intense in gatherings … … yet limitation is costly… … so what would we be able to manage without confinement?

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