Versatile Web New businesses foreseeing the following huge win.

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Portable Web New companies anticipating the following enormous win. Sanjay Jhawar VP, Remote, cirlab!. July 2001. The Guardian: CIR Bunch. CIR = Compagnie Industriali Riunite one of Italy's most noteworthy modern gatherings, established in 1976 traded on an open market in Milan (CIRX)
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Versatile Internet Startups anticipating the following enormous win Sanjay Jhawar Vice President, Wireless, cirlab! July 2001

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The Parent: CIR Group CIR = Compagnie Industriali Riunite one of Italy’s most critical mechanical gatherings, established in 1976 traded on an open market in Milan (CIRX) FY2000 : incomes €2.52 billion, capital utilized €1.05 billion, net wage €86 million controlled by the De Benedetti family mission: create shareholder esteem through element administration of speculation portfolio and taking a dynamic part in administration of working organizations concentrate on media, utilities, telecom and car segments some significant telecom and new media ventures by CIR: L’Espresso/Kataweb (49.6%) driving Italian gateway with 256 million month to month online visits & 6.6m remarkable clients (March 2001) H3G (12.9%) 3G remote permit victor in Italy, as of now building versatile system. JV with Hutchison Whampoa (who possesses 78.3%) broadband access suppliers : eVia and CasaWeb

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De Benedetti Group Success Stories (Hutchison, CIR) as of late recompensed 3G-UMTS administrator permit in Italy Europe’s biggest remote business sector with 73% infiltration (now some piece of Vodafone Group) built up in 1994 inside Olivetti second remote administrator in Italy and Europe with 10+m clients, 43% piece of the overall industry biggest worth creation in Italy since WW II (now claimed by ENEL/Wind) set up in 1995 inside Olivetti the second altered line administrator in Italy with +5MM clients procured by Vodafone in Mannesmann takeover, as of late sold to Wind for $6.5bn Corporate Venture Capital Fund set up in 1985 to concentrate on developing advances all out speculations for $200MM 29% IRR since commencement, 35% IRR since 1992

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Who is cirlab? cirlab! is a seed and early-stage worth included endeavor speculator fo unded in 1999 and subsidized to €30m by CIR Group, concentrated on remote Internet administrations, applications and programming innovation computerized media and broadband substance other programming and administrations Objectives put resources into European, US and Israeli organizations where Europe is the real market abuse Italy’s versatile business sector size and our associations here and somewhere else be dynamic accomplices in building the business , investing a ton of energy outside of executive gatherings working nearly with administration Team foundations prepared business visionaries, technologists, advertisers and fund experts with top-level operational involvement in the US and Europe in our picked areas broad individual systems in Italy, UK, US, France, Sweden, Israel and somewhere else

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cirlab! versatile portfolio

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Current viewpoint for versatile Internet  3G postponed, moderate begin to GPRS Operators with high obligation and declining ARPU cutting all insignificant spending, hoping to share 3G radio access systems Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Lucent, Alcatel cut income gauges, scale back and cut back seller financing. Comverse cautions yet so far nothing from Openwave. Business sector droop creating endeavor speculation log jam : numerous new companies attempting to raise cash. European remote startup speculations (information from Tornado Insider): €171m put resources into March €227m put resources into April €127m put resources into May €92m put resources into June

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DoCoMo 23.0m KDDI 7.2m J-Phone 6.7m Shinsegi (Korea) 0.5m Sprint PCS 1.3m Verizon 1.0m AT&T Wireless 0.6m Nextel 1.1m BT Cellnet 1.5m France Telecom 0.7m Telefonica 0.5m Omnitel 0.1m TIM 0.1m Others 1.65m Total 46.0m Active versatile Internet endorsers Source: Motorola 5/01

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Current viewpoint for portable Internet  Regular portable Internet clients in Europe developing from 2.5m in 2000 to 170m in 2004 (Forrester, 9/2000) GPRS business system dispatches in a few nations, numerous in delicate dispatch GPRS advanced mobile phones at long last coming toward the end of this current year to Europe? NTT DoCoMo on track for October 3G business dispatch High trusts in XHTML (WAP/iMode meeting), Java telephones, texting, MMS Killer application is still versatile email – yet now for ventures. Energy behind institutionalized versatile middleware from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle second era administrator versatile entryways taking off European portable ASP’s iTouch (UK), Acotel (Italy) & Aspiro (Sweden) had fruitful IPOs in most recent 12 months. No lack of VC stores holding up the right versatile speculation opportunity

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Complete arrangement accomplices effectively spending enormous cash advancing the class – yet missing the piece that opens the entire worth chain they wager their business on Compelling business driver purchasers go out on a limb to go through cash with a startup that was planned somewhere else Buyers Value chains Gatekeeper position with couple of ebb and flow contenders and with innovation and different hindrances to passage End-clients Technology megatrends End clients really care fathoms a genuine (not envisioned) need. Basically enhances esteem for cash. Run with the twist not against it influence long haul speculations made by others. Foreseeing the following huge win Market timing is basic. Propelled innovation is insufficient

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2.5G administrators burn through cash on? Endorser obtaining in very infiltrated markets and for more up to date participants Subscriber maintenance and ARPU assurance for set up players Manage GPRS desire hole – advanced applications Avoiding SMS > GPRS income move issues Threat from web entries – supporter possession Migration of legacy architectures to Internet availability Voicemail, IN, charging Working with their gateway accomplices, present new applications on Internet time yet coordinate with a current telecom building design Integration of client experience crosswise over construction modeling

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3G administrators burn through cash on? manufacture brand - new innovation picture quick time to market begin producing income asap to cover premium installments new contestants must get set up before occupants can move legacy frameworks fill transfer speed cost to empower request , most extreme conceivable extent of information income minimize expenses of giving thing voice administrations catch clients from 2.5G new participants energize number conveyability permit clients to move existing administrations with better QoS new terminal sorts to bolster new applications diminish expenses of programming redesigns open administrations mode for new contestants separated middleware, outer applications enhance times of under usage

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Other persuaded purchasers MVNO’s Service separation without Radio Access Network Subscriber securing Cross marking tie-ins Well supported versatile entries and ASP’s Especially administrator possessed substances eg Vizzavi and so on. Application incorporation with telecom administrations, to catch administrator income sharing Large undertakings Mobile office Mobile business procedure support - vertical applications

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anyplace at whatever time profitability excitement group personalization content adjustment hard to arrange hard to utilize End-client esteem for-cash extraordinary gadget + Reduce broadcast appointment needs, gadget expenses Allocate transmission capacity to higher quality administrations Increase dynamic personalization Address interruption Careful with simple of setup and utilization, astute outline for idleness and so on customized powerfully connection mindful (important, fitting) broadcast appointment pressing additional month to month charge worth expense interruption - delay

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Value chain area based administrations Still advancing Several pieces not yet set up Issues not yet all around tended to cost of area examining push administrations protection/accessibility applications exchange and charging situating innovation area middleware closeness identification security & accessibility control application stage CPS Snaptrack Cellpoint Signalsoft Xypoint InirU iProx Teltier Personity Microsoft IBM Sun Webraska Akumitti ItsAlive GeePS Airflash uBmobile Portal s/w Geneva

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Value chain versatile publicizing Early days Many pieces not yet set up Issues not yet all around tended to protection hostile to spam converse charging to sponsor, or credits to clients harmony between abundance of media and expense of conveyance coordinating various touch focuses – TV, boards, Bluetooth, web, print accessibility control setting mindfulness (e.g area) content transfor-mation push administrations brand proprietors/retailers promoting offices media purchasers profile focusing on security control CMG Ecrio Airflash Nike P&G Starbucks IBM Oracle McCann JWT Initiative Media Mediatude Lumeria Privada Ayeca Angara Teltier Personity Teltier intuitiveness CMG, Hiugo, Iteru

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Value chain portable media dissemination Still developing Several pieces not yet set up Issues not yet very much tended to charging other than for movement QoS telecast and point-to-multipoint to lessen range required for circulation Client programming media makers substance change - ation exchange and charging pt-to-pt, multicast, show entryway radio gear computerized rights mgmnt DSP CPU Real Networks Microsoft Disney Atomfilms CNN Universal BMG Sony Microsoft Real Networks Microsoft Celltick Fantastic Streaming sellers Ericsson Nokia Motorola Lucent ARM TI Motorola Intel Analog Dev

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Technology Megatrends Signalling: telecom conventions >> Internet Parlay SIP OSA Internet megaservices – appropriated segment administrations, usable by third gathering general web applications SOAP .NET/Hailstorm AOL IM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Mobile mass stockpiling 512MB minimized blaze cards 1GB CF measure microdrives

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Hard circle stockpiling limit at steady cost 2X in 12mo 1GB 340MB Mobile WAN transfer speed at consistent expense: 2X in 30 mo 2Mbps UMTS low portability, couple of clients 384kbps UMTS bundle 144kbps UMTS CSD 40kbps GPRS 14kbps CSD 9.6kbps CSD Moore’s Law not the entire story Processor power at steady cost 2X in 18mo Log(performance) Moore’s Law M

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