VET in Schools Directorate School to Work Training Program 2003 .

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2/19/2012. 2. School to Work Program Milestones for 2002. 510 schools participatedinvolving 135,000 students120,000 logbooks conveyed to schoolsfive extra media professional learning assets dispersed to schoolssupport for 50 Careers Expos. Number of understudies taking an interest in School to Work Planning 2001
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VET in Schools Directorate School to Work Training Program 2003 Government Directions in Vocational Learning Presented by officers from the VET in Schools Directorate NSW Department of Education and Training 2003

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510 schools took an interest including 135,000 understudies 120,000 logbooks circulated to schools five extra sight and sound professional learning assets dispersed to schools bolster for 50 Careers Expos School to Work Program Milestones for 2002

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Number of understudies taking an interest in School to Work Planning 2001 & 2002 Total Students 2001 = 58912 2002 = 134939

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Activities recognized by schools that added to School to Work Planning in 2002

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What are instructors saying? "Understudies had a superior thought of what to pick when it came to subject determination" Grafton High School "STW is a great activity which the understudies have truly accepted and appreciate" Mendooran Central School "The generation of a resume was very refreshing as it is a substantial outcome which understudies can utilize promptly" Wellington High School "STW is presently being seen as an imperative part of the school structure" Cabramatta High School "The emphasis was on getting the understudies to take a gander at School to Work as a procedure of deep rooted learning" Liverpool Boys High School

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What are educators saying? "Understudies felt a feeling of accomplishment when picking up declarations – they understood an association amongst school and work" Narrandera High School "The profile of STWP in the school has expanded. There is an expanded mindfulness among understudies of the need to arrange their turn from school to work" Wade High School "Understudies comprehension of the significance of basic leadership, subject choice and VET courses has been enormously enhanced" Yanco Agricultural High School to Work was a significant effective program that will proceed. There are territories that need refining and this will happen. The school itself was exceptionally strong and are quick to witness it again ". Mill operator Technology High School

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Student results detailed by schools 2002 Students have created information, abilities and demeanors about:

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National Directions National Goals for Schooling in the 21 st Century – Adelaide Declaration 1999 SKILLS AND CAPACITIES business related aptitudes and a comprehension of the workplace, profession choices and pathways CURRICULUM professional learning in every single optional program and undertaking abilities , including those aptitudes which will permit adaptability and flexibility SOCIAL JUSTICE clear and perceived pathways to work, facilitate instruction and preparing

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National Directions Vocational Learning Vocational learning incorporates components, for example, general employability aptitudes endeavor training profession instruction group & work based adapting All understudies ought to encounter professional learning at each level all through their tutoring Vocational Education and Training in Schools Framework – MCEETYA March 2000

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National Directions Stepping Forward – enhancing pathways for all youngsters Wellington Declaration 2002 " With this revelation, we focus on creating reasonable approaches to expand the social, instructive and work results of Australia\'s youngsters… … " A joint Declaration by Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers for Education,Training, Employment, Youth and Community Services

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National Directions Stepping Forward – enhancing pathways for all youngsters Key Areas for Action instruction and preparing as the establishment to move pathways access to profession and move bolster reacting to the different needs of youngsters proclaiming viable approaches to bolster youngsters centered neighborhood associations and key unions

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National Directions The OECD Report to MCEETYA 2002 P ositive acknowledgment to NSW with particular specify of: the "emphatically professionalized structure" for professions advis o r y benefits the logbook as a " very much created case" of a portfolio framework the great speed in which the NSW School to Work Program has concentrated on supporting the move of all youngsters.

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National Directions "Supporting People\'s Transitions Across the Lifespan" 2003 Miles Morgan Report to DEST P ositive acknowledgment to NSW with particular say of: understudies having a vocations counsel devoted to every administration school. the School to Work Program … giving an organized, arranged way to deal with supporting understudies to better recognize, get ready for and deal with their moves from school to a scope of post school choices

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NSW Policy Directions Board of Studies K - 10 Curriculum Framework (March 2002) BOS K - 10 Cross-Curriculum Content Statements (July 2002): Information & Communication Technology Work, Employment & Enterprise Key Competencies Work Education Stage 4/5 Supporting the Australian National Career Information S ystem ,

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How is the VET in School Directorate supporting professional learning in NSW schools?

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Vocational learning and… scholarly thoroughness Traditional "scholastic" subjects can emphatically fuse professional learning standards

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Vocational learning and… sound instructional method E ffective educating and learning is improved by giving access to conditions inside and past the classroom which connect understudy figuring out how to individual, social and work settings

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Vocational learning and… connections subjects and courses to further training, preparing, business and undertaking highlights essential work that can generally be neglected or overlooked by understudies bolsters express and deliberate educating and learning upgrades understudy bolster for subject choice all KLA educators

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Vocational learning and... Understudies meet educational modules goals comprehend and outline alternatives feel more sure about future open doors maintain more prominent incentive for their subjects

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Vocational learning and… acknowledge educational modules which is pertinent and gets ready understudies for the future esteem the express learning of work related aptitudes Parents and Community

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Vocational Learning and… . Businesses and tertiary organizations Value understudies who are: well-spoken in meetings ready to exhibit their abilities, qualities and accomplishments in applications self coordinated learners better arranged for the universe of work

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Vocational learning is upheld by…

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Vocational Learning Priorities for 2003 Using a cross educational modules, entire school administration way to deal with professional learning Consolidating the qualification for all NSW government school understudies in years 9 to 12 to get to class to work arranging, bolstered by the business related aptitudes logbook Building people group associations to reinforce work environment learning programs, endeavor exercises and bolster understudy move from school

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