Video Conferencing Accreditation.

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Video Conferencing Confirmation OARNet Dr. Bounce Dixon Megan Crabb, Arif Khan, John Langkals, Gabe Moulton Ohio State College Columbus, Ohio January 8-9, 2002 Presentation Rules: Intrusions are REQUIRED ! Why are the slides enormous and strong and exhausting?
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Feature Conferencing Certification OARNet Dr. Weave Dixon Megan Crabb, Arif Khan, John Langkals, Gabe Moulton Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio January 8-9, 2002

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Presentation Rules: Interruptions are REQUIRED ! Why are the slides enormous and strong and exhausting? Furthermore, why are a slides\' portion “different”?

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Course Syllabus Tuesday - Bob talks. Megan, Arif, John, Gabe kabitz. You intrude. Tuesday evening - Bob, Megan, Arif, John, Gabe help you “Make it so!”. Wednesday - Megan, Arif, John, Gabe talk. Sway kabitzes. You intrude.

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The Internet2 Commons A substantial scale, Distributed Collaborative Environment for the Research and Education Community A dream: for empowering balanced, one-to-gathering, and gathering to-gathering joint effort in backing of individual interchanges, gatherings, meetings, and showing and learning for Internet2 individuals (essential and supported) and their global partners

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The Internet2 Commons Levels of Participation Non-Internet2 Organizations Internet2 Member Organizations Internet2 Member Sponsored Organizations Requirements for Participation Member association to round out Web-based structure If association has watchman, round out ViDeNet structure Follow applicable norms Provide any execution discriminating system redesigns Designate a webpage facilitator

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The Internet2 Commons Initial Commons Management Team Leader: Ted Hanss, Internet2 Operations: Bob Dixon, Ohio State University Research and Development: Tyler Johnson, University of North Carolina Outreach: Mary Trauner, Georgia Institute of Technology International Coordination: Egon Verharen, SURFnet DV-Videoconferencing Subcommittee Chair: Larry Amiot, Northwestern University

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About this course….. This course can\'t cover everything you need to know In 2 days. Be that as it may, it covers MOST things. By finishing this course attractively, you will be an affirmed OARNet site organizer. Be that as it may, you are still in charge of taking in the remaining points all alone.

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Site Coordinator Requirements Officially characterized on Internet2 site. Have individual equipment customer Have satisfactory allocated time for obligations Have obliged learning and experience Be or work with the VideNet Zone Administrator Support ALL grounds clients Provide grounds preparing and counsel Certify every single nearby client and gear Participate in email list (s) Maintain client registry Schedule multipoint gatherings Keep records Contact the NOC for backing

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Video Conferencing Video Broadcasting versus Video Conferencing Like a phone call Two - Way Call up or Answer Video Broadcasting Like staring at the Television One - Way Tune In or enter URL Streaming Webcasting

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Internet Unicast Video Broadcasting Minnesota New York Internet Colorado Ohio

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Internet Multicast Video Broadcasting Minnesota New York Internet Colorado Ohio

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Minnesota New York Internet Colorado Ohio Internet Point-to-Point Videoconferencing

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Minnesota New York Colorado Ohio Internet Multipoint Videoconferencing Internet MCU

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Use in unique room; uncommon Use anyplace; universal Uses ISDN phone lines Uses Internet High establishment cost Low establishment cost High use cost No utilization expense Scheduled ahead of time Impromptu Do-it-yourself Professional administrator Centralized control Decentralized control Two Types of Video Conferencing Traditional Internet Usage at level Usage becoming quickly H.320 standard H.323 standard

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Requirements for Good Quality Desktop Internet Videoconferencing 1. Quick PC. 300 MHz least. 450 MHz best. 2. Great quality feature conferencing hardware. Disregard “web cameras”. Disregard programming like Netmeeting. 3. Great Internet association. Most vast college systems are great. Disregard 56K modem dial-in. Link modems and DSL are conceivable.

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Video Conferencing Products 1. Programming based Generally moderate and non-standard; not exceptionally acceptable. Illustrations: Microsoft NetMeeting, White Pine CUSeeMe. 2. Equipment based, plug into PC USB Port. Most up to date methodology; will get to be omnipresent Examples: Polycom ViaVideo, VCON ViGo. 3. Equipment based, PCI-transport cards introduce inside PC. Included components and controls, past USB frameworks. Samples: Zydacron Z340, VCON Escort 25. 4. Equipment based, standalone, no PC included. Most effortless to utilize, best quality. Samples: Polycom Viewstation 128, VCON Falcon

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Recommended Equipment for Video Conferencing Desktop and Laptop: Polycom ViaVideo - cost $400 Also requires PC Classroom and gathering room: Polycom Viewstation - model 128 - Cost $4000 Also obliges TV screen or projector

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Where to purchase Video Conferencing Equipment Scott Dalton SKC Communication Products 8320 Hedge Lane Terrace Shawnee Mission, KS 66227 800-882-7779

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H.323 Video Components Local H.320 Video Room VIU Gatekeeper Gateway Existing PC Codec Card Internet Multipoint Control Unit Remote H.320 Video Rooms ISDN Telephone Lines

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Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) 1. Permits more than two individuals to be in a feature meeting. 2. May be physically found anyplace on Earth. 3. Capacities as an Internet server for feature conferencing. 4. Each person’s sound is constantly heard by all others. 5. Feature from the individual who talks loudest is seen by all. 6. Different brands have different limits and elements. 7. Different MCUs may be fell together for bigger feature meetings. Alternately utilized independently for more concurrent feature gatherings.

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Hardware versus Software Multipoint Control Units: Hardware (Dedicated, Real-Time Operating System) Generally function admirably. RADVision (and false names Madge and CISCO) Lucent Accord Software (Windows NT Operating System in a PC) Usually don\'t function admirably. White Pine PictureTel

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Important Administrative Topics Continuous vicinity Video exchanging calculations Testing endpoints ahead of time

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MCU Control Functions Defining a meeting velocity number of clients different windows Operating a gathering dial out dial in Monitoring a meeting Monitoring a MCU Cascading MCUs

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Recommended MCUs RADVision MCU-323 9 ports at 384K. $18K Small and basic; incorporates watchman. RADVision ViaIP 50 ports at 384K $150K Powerful and solid; ECS guard Accord/Polycom NGK 48 ports at 384K $450K Many best in class includes; no watchman

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Commons MCU Test Facility All three prescribed MCUs are accessible for testing and talk. Both remote and on location testing. Helpful for assessments and your own particular buys.

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Live Demonstration of each of the three MCUs Web interface Telnet interface PC Interface

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What is a Gateway An entryway unites an end point utilizing one system and/or convention to an end point utilizing an alternate system and/or convention. Samples: ISDN to IP or ATM (H.320 to H.323 or H.321) ISDN or IP to MPEG (H.32X to MPEG)

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Gateway (GW) 1. Joins H.320 ISDN feature calls with H.323 Internet feature calls. 2. Calls may be started from either side. 3. May be physically found anyplace on Earth. 4. Different brands have different limits and elements. 5. Different portals may be utilized for more synchronous calls.

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Gateway (GW) Specific sample: RADVision L2W-323 1. Up to 4 synchronous feature calls; 384K each. 2. Fabricated in telnet server. Gives discretionary remote control and checking. 3. Adjustable voice reaction. 4. PC remote setup programming. Gives parameter settings and programming redesigns. 5. Taken a toll about $5K in addition to $1500/2BRI and $800/2V.35

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Examples of Gateways Build-It-Yourself Gateway In A Box Gateway Feature of the MCU

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Build-It-Yourself Gateway sound MPEG codec I2 or IP H.323 ATM MPEG H.323 codec (could be ISDN H.320, and so forth.) feature

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Build-It-Yourself Gateway Pros Cost funds for low use, utilizes codecs that may be as of now accessible. Can be on a switch or patch cove so codecs can be effectively repurposed for classroom use when not performing door capacities. Valuable for non-H.32X systems, for example, MPEG

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Build-It-Yourself Gateway Cons Needs administrator for active calls. No far-end camera control interpretation, hangup, and so forth. No T.120 interpretation, must utilize option, for example, web meeting to team up.

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PSTN ISDN ATM IP Gateway In A Box H.324 H.320 Gateway H.323 H.321

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Gateway In A Box Pros Protocol interworking of control and media streams between a H.Series end point with another H.Series end point or voice band end point. Approaching and active call bolster utilizing Gatekeeper to interpret telephone number. Far end camera control may be upheld. T.120 upheld if end focuses bolster, else utilization web. GK and GW are frequently in the same box for simple administration.

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Gateway In A Box Cons Limited items accessible supporting interpretation to non-H.32X systems, for example, MPEG or simple. Non-H.32X frequently obliges a custom frame setup, as utilized on Wisconsin’s K-12 Motion-JPEG system to passage to H.32X.

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PSTN ISDN ATM IP Gateway Feature of th

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