Video Conferencing Would you say you are contemplating it?.

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Do you know whether they have feature conferencing? Let me know about your travel approach and spending plan ... IP feature conferencing will surpass ISDN inside of the following couple of years ...
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Video Conferencing Are you considering it? Diane Richter AT&T

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Agenda Video Conferencing, why now? Things to ask yourself Components of a video system Video Hardware ISDN video conferencing IP video conferencing

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What is driving the development of Video Conferencing Reduce Business Travel 9-11 Business down turn Save cash Increase creation Migration to IP is at last genuine Can utilize the same system as whatever remains of information administrations.

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Video Industry Statistics Revenue Potential Generated $2.3B 2001 $6.8B by 2007 Market immersion 5% Projected Compound yearly development rate 2001 – 2007 18.6% 2001 Network Type ISDN 85% IP 10% ATM 5% 2007 Projected Networks ISDN 11% IP 85% ATM 2%

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Top Applications in 2002 Application Travel evasion Supplier/client connections Distance Learning Legal, Depositions & Partner gatherings Executive Recruiting It is about getting the opportune individual in the perfect spot at the correct time

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How would you prepare your representatives? HR? New items? New frameworks or methods? Is it accurate to say that you are content with web preparing or teletraining? Shouldn\'t something be said about your business gatherings? How frequently do you meet up close and personal? Would it meet all the more regularly? Venture arranging gatherings? In the event that you met all the more frequently and invested less energy voyaging, would you have the capacity to get an item grown all the more quickly? What amount new income do you think you could create in the event that you voyaged less yet met all the more frequently? Gatherings with key clients and suppliers? Would it have better access to your suppliers? Do you know whether they have video conferencing? Let me know about your travel strategy and spending plan Is your organization under weight to diminish costs? Has your travel spending plan been influenced by the debilitated economy? Do you have any new security approaches that influence business travel? Have the new air terminal security measure affected the efficiency of your voyaging representatives? Where does your travel office report into? Is that division inspired by lessening costs? What is your business need?

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When was the last time you saw video conferencing? The innovation is always making strides. In the event that it has been > 1years, it is better, less costly and simpler to oversee and utilize now. Are the greater part of your gatherings inward or outside? Inner, you can use your current IP system External we offer a protected door that permits you to call to either ISDN or IP endpoints without putting resources into the equipment What sort of LAN/WAN system do you have set up? Video can run successfully over MIS, ATM and IPeFR, and also ISDN. Open web is not a business quality option. Did you realize that 84% of all video equipment is prepared to do either IP or ISDN calling? You will not have to secretive you\'re existing video equipment, it could be IP proficient today. Consider…

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IMUX ISDN PRI MCU BRI Videoconferencing Network Components H.320 Dedicated ISDN lines to each end point Predictable execution Metered use charges H.323 Utilizes existing framework LAN: Ethernet WAN: IP Higher altered expense, yet… "Whatever you can eat" WAN ISDN 10/100 Ethernet GW Or AVGS MCU

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ISDN or H.320 Cost Usage touchy valuing Great for variable use But,may not be the best decision for each desktop Most broadly utilized video system Intercompany application ISDN implanted base Legacy H.320 equipment Proven and solid Bandwidth has ensured execution

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IP or H.323 Fixed costs Forecast costs Allows for innovation joining Integrates into information system foundation IT staff can concentrate on a solitary system stage Fits into system extension arranges IP availability is on each desktop Greater openness New video equipment is IP able Allows better mixed media and information coordinated effort

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Typical IP Video Deployment

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The Gateway Choice With an administration supplier Within your own particular system Who will expect obligation regarding buy, establishment, design, upkeep, and investigating of door gear? Who will get ready for and outline system for passage position?

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ATM IP empowered Frame Relay MIS AT&T\'s Video Gateway Safe, secure interchanges amongst open and separate private systems Benefits Provides an Easy Transition Path Between Network Architectures Allows you to Track and Manage VC Usage by giving Usage Detail Lower Capital/Resource Required to Deploy & Manage Video Network Features Browser interface Global Directories Favorites List User status markers Point and Click Call Launching MCU capacities Supports speeds up to 768 KB Consolidated Billing Advance Scheduling Automatic email warning AT&T Video Gateway Service ISDN Internet Private Networks Public Networks

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H.320 Room System H.320 MCU MCM GK/Proxy ISDN MCM IP/VC 3520/3525/3540 GK/Proxy IP/VC 3530 H.323/H.320 Gateway VTA IP/VC 3510/3540 H.320 Room System H.320 Desktop H.323 MCU IP/VC-Based Enterprise Videoconferencing Network H.323 Desktop H.323 Group System AT&T IP H.323 Desktop H.323 Desktop

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Effect of Latency, Jitter, & Packet Loss What is the impact of... Inactivity Video slack time Awkward discussion Too much = parcel misfortune Jitter Intermittent slack Awkward discussion Too much = bundle misfortune Packet misfortune Image ancient rarities Audio antiquities Too much = video unusable Delay < 150 ms. end-to-end Jitter < 150 ms Packet misfortune < 1-3%

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Routing and so forth. Video Voice Data How Much Bandwidth Do You Need? Video Data Rate + 20% = Bandwidth Required Video Data Rate BW Required 128kbps = 153kbps 384kbps = 460kbps < 33% of Link Capacity 512kbps = 614kbps 768kbps = 921kbps < 75% of Link Capacity 1.5Mbps = 1.8Mbps Link Capacity

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Quality of Service Means Prioritization and Metering of Traffic Desktop Conferencing, Distance Learning Mission-Critical Applications E-mail Web Browsing FTP Built into all Cisco Routers and Switches with Cisco IOS ™

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Why Video over AT&T\'s IP? Quality CoS on access transfer speed and AT&T\'s Managed IP Network protect business class video quality Simplifies system administration and enhances system rate of return Clears a way toward the imaginative video uses without bounds and less difficult IT administration

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AT&T\'s Video Offer Converged systems MIS IPFR ATM ISDN Managed Bridging Services AT&T Video Bridging Service (ISDN) AT&T Video Gateway Service (IP) Solutions Outsourcing AT&T Solutions Hardware Resale Cisco Polycom Implementations Support Professional Services Alliance Program

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AT&T Belief System It is about union IP video conferencing will surpass ISDN inside the following couple of years Our clients don\'t need nor need to manufacture a different system for video conferencing. We urge our clients to put resources into a fantastic, high unwavering quality system framework and run their video over it. We give system based empowering influences that will consistently give doors between our systems and different clients. In the event that our clients need to manufacture their own particular portal, we can help them engineer arrange and pick the right segments.

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Videoconferencing Solutions What does AT&T Offer? ü = AT&T offers ü Consulting - Fee-construct Advice in light of videoconferencing over IP Videoconferencing Rooms - Fully prepared and upheld videoconferencing room rental ü Endpoint Equipment - Camera/codec/screens for PCs or videoconferencing rooms (Co-showcasing with Polycom) ü Premise Based Gateway Equipment - IP - ISDN convention change hardware working on clients premise (Co-advertising with Cisco) ü Network Based Gateway Equipment - IP - ISDN convention transformation gear working in the system (AT&T Video Gateway Service) ü Network Services - ISDN, ATM, Frame, MIS supporting videoconferencing (AT&T system administrations) ü Videoconferencing Mulitpoint Bridging Service - Provides ring set and hands-on backing of a client\'s videoconferencing multipoint calls/occasions; (AT&T Video Bridging Service)

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