Video of Beijing effective offer for facilitating the Olympic Diversions.

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Video of Beijing fruitful offer for facilitating the Olympic Recreations We won! A documentation of Beijing's fruitful offer in the Olympics 2 Venues of Olympic Recreations The National Stadium
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Video of Beijing fruitful offer for facilitating the Olympic Games We won! A documentation of Beijing’s effective offer in the Olympics 2

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Venues of Olympic Games The National Stadium National Aquatics Center

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Values Views or standards towards target surroundings including individuals, occasions and items Things that one sees as imperative and one seeks after With diverse sorts With distinctive significance and needs Influence our practices Govern us to settle on diverse activities and choices 4

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Different sorts of qualities For instance: center/seek after Rationality: concentrate on learning and Truth Importance of gatherings and other individuals Benefits amplification Beauty and agreement Power and status Religious conviction 5

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Chinese Economists Environmentalists Group 1: Group 2: Group 3: Group 4: Group 5: Town Planners Beijing Residents President of Beijing Olympic Committee 6

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Worksheet 1 7

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Worksheet 1 More vital Pos Neg Pos Less vital 8

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Olympic Forum Motion: “ It’s advantageous for Beijing to have 2008 Olympic Games.” 9

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Worksheet 2 Olympic Forum Society Economy Culture Economy Culture Economy 10

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Worksheet 2 Olympic Forum Long-term Short-term Long-term Short-term Short-term Long-term 11

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Worksheet 2 Olympic Forum Tangible Intangible Tangible 12

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Summary Complete Worksheet 3 13

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Reflection – Worksheet 4 Is the expense too high to hose the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games? Can the normal advantages adjust these expenses? Who will pay? Who will be profited? How to bargain in the middle of expense and benefit? Should we concentrate on long haul effects or transient advantages? Did you consider the public’s hobbies or your own? What sort of qualities has influenced your choice? 14 .:tslides

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