Video-on-interest PC Aptitudes Preparing at UMBC.

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Feature on-interest Computer Skills Training at UMBC. Bill Shewbridge. Sway ... Classroom Training. Computerized
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Video-on-interest Computer Skills Training at UMBC Bill Shewbridge Bob Kuhlmann UMBC New Media Studio ALN, November 18, 2001

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University of Maryland, Baltimore County Technology Focus Technology proficiency Assured Access

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New Media Learning and Development Classroom Training Automated "without a moment to spare" abilities preparing

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First Efforts Broadband/Narrowband Video for Training IPTV Example: PowerPoint in the Classroom ResNet Installation

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Overview TV\'s impact on client desires Use Video for what it excels at Is video the right alternative? Nuts and bolts of Production Process

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TV\'s impact on client desires Video is generally simple to deliver now and insignificant consideration is adequate. The measures will ascend to meet the level of desire of a TV seeing crowd. As makers join more they will need to extend their abilities.

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Is video the right alternative? Video will require an expansion in asset responsibility to a creation, despite the fact that phases of the generation procedure are the same. It will be a procedure and asset concentrated item that will call for more noteworthy productivity time and cash.

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Use Video for What it Does Best See spots, individuals and things generally distracted. Chronicled Documentary Travelog Live Events Expresses passionate substance Drama Personal Service Training Visualizes activities. Resnet

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Pre-generation Content master Scriptwriter Organization and effectiveness of material and assets Allocating assets Multimedia combination issues Production Acquisition Cameras Formats Audio Graphics Post-creation Editing Multimedia Integration Distribution Production Process Basics

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Lessons Learned and Refocus Limits of MPEG for screen catch FINWeb MPEG FINWeb Screen Captures Recognition that different arrangements are required Criteria for media choice Quality of conveyance User Accessibility Production Issues

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Quality of Delivery Resolution Motion Sound

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User Accessibility What does the client need to setup to utilize. On interest issues: when does the client access it.

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Production Issues Time Resources Expertise

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Streaming at UMBC IPTV myUMBC (MPEG) Screen Capture (FINWeb) QuickTime w/PowerPoint

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