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Virtual Training Space Controlled by Open Instructors Training Choice Emotionally supportive networks Meeting May 14-15 th ,2001 Kimberly Joyce, VES and Massachusetts Division of Instruction Joe Clark Office of the Administrator of Open Guideline, Washington State
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Virtual Education Space Powered by Public Educators Education Decision Support Systems Meeting May 14-15 th ,2001 Kimberly Joyce, VES and Massachusetts Department of Education Joe Clark Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State jclark@ospi.wednet. edu

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Welcome The Virtual Education Space Project is … An arrangement of online apparatuses and usage procedures intended to raise understudy accomplishment on instructive norms by engaging each teacher, understudy, and guardian with a customized e-learning stage and devices to change showing and learning, and to connect the advanced gap.

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Why Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993 “. . . to give a state funded training arrangement of adequate quality to stretch out to all kids the chance to achieve their maximum capacity and to lead lives as members in the political and social existence of the Commonwealth and as benefactors to its economy.”

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The Need Education has moved from an accentuation on the educator in a classroom to an understudy all through a framework. Correspondence was seen an extravagance. Presently it is a need.

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The Need Communication Information Accountability

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The Need Supply of New Teachers is Flat. . . . . . Making a Shortage in the Next Decade Reduced Class Size Average Teacher Salary 900K“New” Teacher Gap Increased Enrollment Number of Teachers (Thousands) Average Salary (1997 Dollars in Thousands) Bachelor’s Degrees in Education Number of Degrees (Thousands) Forecasted Supply Forecasted Attrition Source: The Parthenon Group

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Curriculum Instruction Professional Development Assessment To impart the important data to the right individuals when they require it. Instructional Resources: UNITS: Math Their Way LESSON PLANS SEE MORE … Congruent Polygons Logical-Mathematical, Linguistic Spatial Astronaut Combinations interpersonal, kinesthetic Introducing Bar Graphs Logical-Mathematical, Linguistic Attribute Trains Bodily-Kinestic, Spatial Using Data Logical-Mathematical District Curriculum Guidelines: O utilized numbers to the millions spot in calculation, word issues, outlines, and diversions. O exhibited a comprehension of spot worth for entire numbers and decimals. O utilized products of 10, 100, and 1,000. O utilized positive and negative numbers. O read/composed measures of cash utilizing legitimate documentation. Understudy Resources Projects: Activities: … Congruent Polygons STUDENTS State Standards: Exhibit a comprehension of the base ten number framework by perusing, displaying, composition, and deciphering entire numbers to no less than 100,000; showing a comprehension of the digits\' estimations; and contrasting and requesting the numbers. Speak to, request, and look at substantial numbers (to no less than 100,000) utilizing different structures, including extended documentation, e.g., 853 = 8 x 100 + 5 x 10 + 3. Understudy Samples Astronaut Combinations Exemplars North Andover Number Sense Benchmark MCAS Anchor Level 4 MCAS Anchor Level 3 MORE … Professional Development Math Forum OnLine Using Standards Based Education Utilizing Algorithms Mathemagica Teaching for Understanding Akamai Module Assessment Instruments North Andover Number Sense Rubric MCAS SA Rubric Mystery Marbles Checklist MCAS Results: ITEM # STATE DISTRICT SCHOOL 8 .54 .59 .72 10 .64 .55 .55 12 .76 .72 .87 16 .88 .88 .75 18 .53 .53 .49 19 .62 .58 .64 7 .70 .74 .80 13 .44 .44 .60 MCAS Questions: Q TYPE YEAR ITEM # REPORTING CATEGORY MC 1999 8 Number Sense/Estimation OR 1999 10 Number Sense/Concepts of Whole Number Operations SA 1999 12 Number Sense/Whole Number Computation MC 1999 16 Number Sense/Number Sense and Numeration MC 1999 18 Number Sense/Whole Number Computation MC 1999 19 Number Sense/Fractions and Decimals MC 1998 7 Number Sense and Numeration MC 1998 13 Number Sense and Numeration

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The Challenge Vendors Development Administration Evaluation Operations $$$ Hardware Integration Upgrades Licenses Terminology Content Professional Development Politics Maintenance

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Curriculum Instruction Assessment Technology The Goals of VES has three noteworthy objectives that are utilized as directing standards to address the issues Technology: Open E-learning stage that is available to K-12 Adoption: Pervasive Adoption Management: Powered by Public Educators

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pen VES We have to make the best of what we have. We have to influence our assets and make maintainable models – the general population segment strategy for success. We have to listen to needs of the individuals who “know”. We have to cooperate.

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Virtual Academy (New Jersey) iCan (Indiana) BEST (Connecticut) Technology Planner (Pennsylvania) eGrants (Pennsylvania)’ District Data Individual Educator Federal Reporting Educator WorkSpace (uPortal) Student Information Management System (SIMS) Student Desktop (uPortal) S/District Information Management System (DIMS) Linked Grading Assessment Reporting (WAVES) Educator Information Management System (Directory Admin) School Improvement (WAVES) Instructional Delivery (Bb/District Choice ) Student Portfolios (TBD) Instructional Management (District Choice ) Assignment Tracking Academic Education Plan Curriculum & Instructional Design (CLASP OnLine) Batch and Transactional Batch and Transactional Web-Based Smart Forms pen VES – the Building Blocks Data Warehouse

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In More Detail

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That More precisely fit together like this

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For More Information Visit

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For More Information Visit

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For More Information Contact us at Kimberly Joyce 888.301.5915 Joe Clark 360.664.2704

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Massachusetts VES System Overview

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Data Providers Data Base Applications Data Users Washington VES System Overview WSIPC, Districts, ESD, OSPI Financial Instructional Student Personnel Data Warehouse Government Schools Media Researchers Legislature Federal Public Characteristics: • Consolidated accumulations • Standard definitions • Collect once, utilize numerous • Electronic information gathering • Electronic access • Shared information • Support nearby change endeavors • Clear, straightforward

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Virtual Education Space Powered by Public Educators Working Group Districts: Acton/Acton-Boxborough r Boston r Hudson r Middleborough r North Andover r Springfield r Southern Berkshire r Worcester r Working Group Organizations: Hampshire Education Collaborative r Massachusetts Department of Education r Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents r MassCUE r Mass Networks Education Partnership r University of Massachusetts

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The Specifics: VES apparatuses Students and Parents Educators Professional Educational Services modified individual entryway correspondence & coordinated effort devices Threaded examination, white board, visit online expert improvement courses online expert affiliations virtual hard commute – online capacity Academic Educational Services altered individual entry correspondence & cooperation devices Threaded discourse, white board, talk, email web coaching administrations virtual hard commute – online capacity email administrations Standards Based Tools for the advancement/access of a task book a working portfolio a portfolio an instructive help arrangement online indicative devices (TBD) Standards Based Tools for the improvement/access of state principles and state evaluation materials area gauges and neighborhood educational programs rules courses, units, lessons, and exercises appraisal instruments –rubrics, portfolios, test things understudy tests and benchmarks direction organizer - online instructor arrangement book Standards Based Resources state measures and state appraisal materials region norms and neighborhood educational modules rules courses, units, lessons, and exercises evaluation instruments –rubrics, portfolios, test things understudy tests and benchmarks content Gateway to distributer assets Curriculum and Instructional materials created by teachers Standards Based Resources Content Gateway to distributer assets Marco Polo Encyclopedia Britannica Akamai Curriculum and Instructional materials created by teacher

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