Virtual Reality Pattern for Computerized Liveliness and Global Success Cases.

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Virtual Reality Pattern for Computerized Activity and Global Success Cases Jim X. Chen, Ph.D. Chief of PC Representation Lab George Artisan College Fairfax, VA 22030 Substance Prologue to Virtual Reality and Equipment Virtual Reality Current Pattern
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Virtual Reality Trend for Digital Animation and Global Success Cases Jim X. Chen, Ph.D. Executive of Computer Graphics Lab George Mason University Fairfax, VA 22030

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Contents Introduction to Virtual Reality and Hardware Virtual Reality Current Trend Virtual Reality Software and Digital Animation Systems VR Research, Applications and Global Successful Cases

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Computer World Intro to VR & Hardware Conventional Computer VR-based Computer World

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Virtual Reality VR advances Character CRT Keyboard Computer illustrations Graphic CRT Mouse tablet Realtime CG Virtual console 3D mouse Computer reenactment/perception Video expressions Virtual items plan Tele-gathering Tele-Existence 3D CAD TV telephone Tele-Operation Computer Aided Design Telephone All advances meet together at VR !!

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A feeling of submersion Stereoscopic Tracking Tactile & haptic Acoustic, and so forth

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3D Graphics and Stereoscopes 3D design User controlled development and perspective Objects may react to activities and environment Stereoscopes 3D representation 2 projections

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Crystal Eyes (

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Head Mounted Displays ( (

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Tracking Systems ( ( )

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ImmersaDesk (

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C AVE ( (

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Immers ive Work Wall

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VisionDome Alternate Realities Corporation

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Tactile and Haptic Devices PHANToM (

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Cyberglove ( )

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Immersion Corp: Impulse Engines (2D and 4D [pinch])

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Sarcos Dextrous Master

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REFLEX FREFLEX is a 7 joints explanation frameworks that emulates human movement Is an exosqueleton framework permitting continuous control of robots Update rate of 130Hz

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Exoskeleton (Iowa State U.) An other exoskeleton framework created at Iowa State University Based on electromagnetic coupling

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3 DoF Force Feedback Joystick

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TouchMaster is a vibro-material transducer marketed by EXOS Use 6 to 10 speakers loops A vibrate at a recurrence of 210 Hz

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Virtual Reality - Immersion Key to the VR field is “immersion”. A VR situation is immersive in the event that it gives the client the sentiment being inside a scene, as opposed to just taking a gander at the scene. Genuine VR is nonexistent, yet we do what we can: Create a scene that is seen by the client as though they are in it. Permit the client to interface with items in the scene in something approximating a “natural” way. Acquire the greatest number of faculties as we can: Sight & sound are the primary ones we manage. Heaps of examination is start done on touch ( haptic interfaces). Taste & smell: overlook it, until further notice.

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Virtual/Synthetic Environments Tele-vicinity Presence Cyberspace Immersion Simulator/Motion Sickness Lag time 3D rendering/Graphics Engine VRML Bodysuit Head Mounted Display (HMD) 3D Mouse Joystick Stereoscopic Display Liquid Crystal Shutterglasses Ultrasonic/Magnetic/Optical Tracking Cyber/Power/Data Glove Haptic Display Position Tracking VR Terminology

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Window on World (WoW), Desktop Immersive Telepresence Mixed Reality (head up showcases) Fishtank VR Entry level VR Basic VR Advanced VR Projected VR (possibly with shutterglasses) Cockpit Simulators Types of VR

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Output Devices Visual Computer Screen, Head Mounted Display, 3D Shutter Glasses, Cyberscope, ImmersaDesk, CAVE, Spherical Projection, Big Screen Technology, Visiondome, Reality Center. Sound (Stereo) Speakers, Earphones, Speech, Music Tactile Gloves Motion eg. Pilot test programs utilizing pneumatic movement test systems

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DataGlove and Bodysuit Mouse, Joystick, Keyboard, 3D Mouse Movement Trackers (eg Polhemus) Gesture Recognition (with DataGlove) Speech Recognition Input Devices

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Virtual Reality: Current Trend PC-driven VR framework ( ) multi-channel synchronized PC-IG Networked virtual situations with symbols ( ) Web3D immersive frameworks ( ) Image-based/Quicktime VR

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Digital Communication and Animation: Active Worlds (AW) Universe, populated by Worlds Universe server: World servers: anyplace on the Internet Enter the Universe Select and enter a world in that Universe

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The foundation picture The flat 0 level surface of the world The virtual reality of AW Getting into a world in the universe ….

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The virtual reality of AW … later there was: a symbol virtual exemplification of individual in AW building squares (protests) the building material in AW the pieces are dynamic - they can react with some activity, or give extra data.

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The window to an AW universe/world 3D region Web zone Multifunction region Synchronous correspondence territory

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What is Web3D? The term Web3d portrays any programming or unmistakable dialect that can be utilized to convey intuitive 3D articles and universes over the web . Virtual Reality Modeling Language ( VRML ), Java3D and X3D (a work in progress) - likewise any restrictive dialects that have been produced for the same reason go under the umbrella of Web3d. : web3d consortuim

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3D for the Web Exploring electronic 3D situations obliges the utilization of a Plug-in Formats/architectures include: The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML): viewers incorporate Blaxxun Contact, Cosmo Player and Cortona X3D Superscape e-Visualizer and Viscape Cult 3D Biovirtual 3DMeNow Active Worlds Shout3D Shockwave 3D

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History of Web3D

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Java3D - Class

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Web3D amusements

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Image-based Virtual Reality VR framework utilizing Image-based Rendering Presence + Interaction + Autonomy

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Image-based Virtual Reality Characteristics of Images Fixed scene geometry Fixed camera development Fixed light condition Limitation on picture determination

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Image-based Virtual Reality QuickTimeVR was presented in 1994 photorealistic virtual reality sort impacts with constrained association Applications : Museum, Gallery, Sightseeing, Model House, Cyber Shopping Mall

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Virtual Reality Software and Digital Animation Systems Low-level illustrations libraries Visualization Modeling and Rendering Animation and Simulation VR Software/Web3D: innovator, VRML, X3D, WTK, WUP, and so on

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Virtual Reality Software and Digital Animation Systems Book: Guide to Graphics Software Tools : An easy route to design programming: most brief course reading that covers each of the A rundown of all design related devices, including Web3D and Virtual Reality Rich online sources to every single diverse apparatus

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VR Research, Applications and Global Successful Cases Education/Training Design Engineering Entertainment Museum Arts VR application Medicine Scientific Visualization Communication Products Engineering

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VR Research Better, Faster VR with less symptoms. The long haul impacts of VR. Uses of VR (eg for appraisal of mind harm and restoration) New VR apparatus. VR (and 3D) as the interface to a procedure. Vicinity (what is it and how would we gauge it)

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VR Research Problems VR still exorbitant for good framework Still seen as “research” by most organizations Gap in the middle of guarantee and conveyance Applications Demonstrating items, Sales, Design, Manufacturing, 3D displaying, Walk through, Visualization, Training, Process control...

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Industry a few organizations utilizing VR VOLVO to test auto inside outlines and to exhibit new autos on virtual streets. Joined VR and genuine auto cockpit, gives material, visual and discernable data. Nokia VR + PHANToM, to test new and potential phone plans. English Telecom For perception of to a great degree complex phone system in England and disengagement of flaws utilizing 3D visual signs.

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Cockpit Simulation (pilot training programs) Complex Machinery - control parts and see into troublesome ranges with on-line help In perilous Situations, eg. Atomic Reactor - brisk in and out, get used to the design before entering for genuine to diminish the chance for human slip. With Complex Procedures, eg. Surgical Operations, can hone on virtual patients to begin with, or have the patient filtered and made into a virtual model - complete with power input on the surgical instruments. Pe

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