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PCs and parts. Given or sold for low charge to open, low-pay individuals and schools. ... Incorporation of PC repair organizations and reusing offices. ...
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Vision Statement Our vision is to make a PC reusing business that is financially suitable, earth dynamic, and a positive nearness in the groups that we serve .

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Executive Summary Problem 500 million PCs will get to be outdated from now until 2007. (National Recycling Coalition) Solution Reuse, diminish, and reuse. Various strategically placed drop-off offices. Work with originators, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. Opportunity Availability of the out-of-utilization PC. Support the group through different exercises. Lessening waste, sparing landfill. Organization with different organizations.

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Executive Summary Financial Handling of screens The storefront repair organizations at four areas Recycling of the CPUs et al. Resale of the renovated PCs Financial Prospective Capital Cost of the Plant (FCI ) $ 772,620 L Working Capital (0.20*FCI) $ 154,524 Project Life (years) 10 Sales Revenue for every year $ 2,380,258 Cost of Manufacture for each year $ 2,009,994 Profit Per Year $ 370,264

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Industry Overview Insufficient data on reusing and reuse commercial ventures. Trouble in detail and assessment of new business opportunities Recycling commercial ventures because of customer or administrative weight. No advantage from great financial aspects at first. General difficulties A general diminishment in the expense of reusing (specifically, hand detachment of parts). Shipment of extensive number of the out of date and earth perilous parts. Absence of sorted out accumulation and of outline of reusing, and poor attractiveness.

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Current Recycling Processes Labor concentrated Can be more costly than the income from the recovered material. PCs and parts Donated or sold for low charge to open, low-salary individuals and schools. For unusable screens there is reusing charge of $10-50. Valuable and base metals are separated Remaining segments can be destroyed and examined for worth and sent to a smelter for definite refining.

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Sales Strategy Service to the groups Low-cost advantageous reusing. Minimal effort renovated PC deals. Advantageous PC repair (for a PC). Different people group out-achieve programs Education of the general population Integration of PC repair organizations and reusing offices. Joint effort with other PC reusing organizations. Cooperation with PC creators.

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Target Market Seattle territory Small organizations Family/singular shoppers Are you mindful of PC reusing programs? No(%) Yes (%) 86% 14%

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Organization Everett U-District Primary Bellevue Tacoma

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Satellite Facilities Located in business shopping centers not at all like different organizations Will repair and offer revamped parts, and frameworks Disassemble and presort PC parts Placement relying upon demographics

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Primary Facility South Seattle stockroom area Shredder, processor, dust gathering, buoyancy and dance separators 61,000lb every month of PC material 6,000 sq. ft. of space

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Management Organization Sheri Moore CFO, President, Primary Facility Manager Krystyna Szul Marketing Officer, Bellevue Manager Darby Kozak Chief Engineer, Tacoma Manager Sang Lee Operations Manager, Everett and U-District Manager

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Operations Around 23 full time and low maintenance representatives Primary office administrator works all day Satellite office supervisors work low maintenance to spare cash One full time driver to transport PC parts as required

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Potential Circuit Board Value

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Shredder Cuts material down to 1/2 inch squares Can handle up to 2000 lb/hr Ball Grinder Grinds material from 1/2 inch squares into fine powder. Can prepare up to 1000 lb/hr Equipment Used Shredders & Grinders

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Denver 3-cell floatation partition unit Separates of hydrophobic and high surface potential particles. Polymers and Sulfides isolates to the highest point of the tank. 300 gallons/hr limit 24\' by 24\' Simplex Jig Separates material in view of thickness. Overwhelming metals isolated from silica slurry 300 gallons/hr limit Equipment Used Floatation & Jig Separation

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Material Flow Chart

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Revenue Per Year

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Cost of Manufacture (C OM ) every Year

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Financial Overview

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Cumulative Cash Flow

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Contacts and Machinery Sources Behr Metals, Inc. 1100 Seminary Street. Rockford, Illinois. 815-987-2750 Halmark Refining. Mount Vernon, WA. Contact: Anthony Senff. Krieger Tile. 1236 N.E. 103 rd Street. Seattle, WA 98125. Contact: James Krieger. Dependable Resins Company . 6973 RidgeManor Avenue. San Diego California. USA 92120. Contact: Lee Loventhal, Tel. (619) 287-0096 Seattle Public Utilities. 710 Second Avenue. Seattle, WA 98104. Contact: Shirli M. Axelrod Total Reclaim. BOX 24996. Seattle, WA. 98124. Contact: Craig Lorch.

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