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Utilize 3 pronged digger or greenery enclosure weasel to develop a years ago mulch. Include a 1-2
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Preparing Your Gardens For Spring Rice\'s Nursery 1651 55 th Street NE North Canton, OH 330-499-9622 Visit us online at:

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Prepare Your Beds Use 3 pronged scraper or patio nursery weasel to develop a years ago mulch Add a 1-2" layer of planting blend and blend into soil to around 6" Edge Beds before mulch When including mulch, just include a layer of 2-3" most extreme

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Fertilizing Existing or New Plantings Trees & Shrubs Perennials Annuals Roses Fertilize in Spring and Fall or more to everblooming Perennials & Shrubs

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Weed Control Pre-new versus Contact Landscape Beds – Existing or New Weeds Gardens – Starting seeds Ground Cover - Grass

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Weed Control Don\'t bother the dirt after application!

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Proper Tree Planting Procedures Materials Needs Growers Secret Tree Stakes Agriform Tabs Bio-Tone Starter Mulch Tree Wrap Chain Lock

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Proper Shrub Planting Procedures Materials Needs Planting Mix Holly-Tone or Plant-Tone Root-n-Grow Mulch Rootblast

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The "Spring Chores" Quiz

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The "Spring Chores" Quiz 1.What instrument does Steve use to develop his beds: A. The Garden Weevil B. The Garden Beagle C. The Garden Weasel

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The "Spring Chores" Quiz 2.How profound ought to your mulch be: A. 10-12" B. 5-6" C. 2-3"

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The "Spring Chores" Quiz 3.How regularly do you have to apply Holly-Tone and Plant-Tone: A. Each Leap Year B. On Steve\'s Birthday C. Spring & Fall

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The "Spring Chores" Quiz 4.What does Easy Weeder accomplish for your greenhouse: A. Produce leprechauns that pull weeds for you B. Set flame to thorns C. Keeps Seeds from Germinating

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The "Spring Chores" Quiz 5.What soil change do we use for EVERY planting we do: A. Rabbit\'s feet B. Macaroni and Cheese C. Cultivators Secret

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