visiteurope - Becoming more acquainted with our guests Setting up, overseeing and following the guests.

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Do you go in Europe as a family, with your mate/accomplice just, with companions, ... When you make your travel courses of action do you utilize a travel operators? ...
Slide 1 - Getting to know our guests Setting up, overseeing and following the guests Limassol, European Tourism Forum – 16 November 2006 Karine Bruère ETC – Online Marketing Manager

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Index in its connection : Who are the guests? The insights from different points of view Most went by segments Overall Per target showcase Most went to nations per target market Internal Search motors Polls Pay per click battles Future movement to help us know our clients better

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The guests addresses the worldwide open More than half (*) originate from our primary target markets (USA, Canada, Brazil and Japan) of which 38% are from the USA. 85% of our guests are new guests to the entrance half originated from web indexes of which 90% originate from Google They visit a normal of 3,5 pages 68% of them stay somewhere around 0 and 5 minutes on the entryway (*) Sitestat figures

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beginning to end Directory Feedback Tell a companion TravelPlanner Activities Countries Getting around Accommodation classes Airport Backpacking Bank & Public Holidays Cell Phones Climate Conversion Currency Exchange Customs Regulations Drinking Restrictions Electricity Emergency Numbers European Languages Food & Drink Gas Health Tips & Medical Aid Internet Access Money Motor Vehicle Opening Hours Passports Pet import Postal Service & Telephone Public Transportation Recipes Safety & Security Shopping Speed Limits Taxes Time zone Tipping Toll stickers Travel Insurance eCards Calendar Nature Cities By Plane Image Gallerie Climate Culture Pan European Regions By Train Webcams Currency Converter UNESCO Eur. Legacy By Car Downloads Events By Boat Flight Connect. Courses To Explore Newsletters Special For Weather About ETC Credits FAQ Legal data Place an Ad Prehome page Selection of Target Market Home Introductory Text, Map, 2-3 ebb and flow news reports, 1 encounter thing, Advertising pennants, 1 Hot Deal, Top 3 occasions, Newsletter enlistment, Access to Services (Currency Converter, Weather, Flight seek), Access to Travel Planner, Quick Poll, NTO ListLink Experience Where To Go Accommodation How to Travel Useful Information Virtual Europe Tools A full sitemap

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Most went by areas of the entrance (*) Sitestat figures – YTD End of Sept 2006

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Most went by segments of the entryway per target market (1/2) (*) Sitestat figures – YTD End of Sept 2006

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Most went by segments of the gateway per target market (2/2) (*) Sitestat figures – YTD End of Sept 2006

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Most went to nations per target market (1/3) (*) Sitestat figures – YTD End of Sept 2006

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Most went by nations per target market (2/3) (*) Sitestat figures – YTD End of Sept 2006

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Most went to nations per target market (3/3) (*) Sitestat figures – YTD End of Sept 2006

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Internal Search motors highlights 3 sorts of web search tools Simple pursuit Advanced hunt Semantic inquiry (not yet dynamic) All ventures examine both the and the National Tourist Organizations\' sites In the previous 6 months, a mind boggling 20% of the quests were on only single word "Mozart". Rest of the hunts were for the most part nation particular Searched catchphrases are great pointers of what our guests are attempting to discover on the entrance

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Polls Short surveys are keep running on the entryway home pages on a quarter premise. 3 or 4 surveys are generally run all the while on every objective business sector. Here would some say some are case on surveys gone through the gateway since March: Have you ever gone by Europe some time recently? Yes: 394 ( 41 %) No: 567 ( 59 %) How much time will you spend in Europe on your next trek to the landmass? Under 1 week: 19 ( 4 %) 1 week: 84 ( 17 %) 2 weeks: 173 ( 36 %) More than 2 weeks: 209 ( 43 %)

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Polls Some case of surveys directed on the US variant of the entrance: what number nations do you plan to visit on your next excursion to Europe? 1: 59 ( 13 %) 2-3: 135 ( 31 %) 3-4: 87 ( 20 %) 5 and that\'s only the tip of the iceberg: 158 ( 36 %) How could you have been able to you discover A companion: 17 ( 6 %) A promotion in a daily paper: 68 ( 22 %) A web crawler: 101 ( 33 %) An advertisement from another site: 67 ( 22 %) Other: 50 ( 17 %) How much do you like the new look and feel of our entrance? I adore it: 67 ( 41 %) I like it: 63 ( 38 %) I don\'t care for it: 16 ( 10 %) I don\'t care for it by any stretch of the imagination: 19 ( 12 %)

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Polls Some case of surveys led on the US form of the entrance: What is your most loved element of our new site? Flight Search: 25 ( 30 %) How to Travel: 10 ( 12 %) Useful Information: 12 ( 14 %) Information on Countries: 36 ( 43 %) What is the explanation behind your visit? Simply perusing frequently: 61 ( 17 %) Planning a trek: 220 ( 62 %) Heard there was another rendition: 35 ( 10 %) Other: 37 ( 10 %)

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Pay per click battles Pay per click crusades have been keep running following early September 2006 Objective is to drive an additional 200.000 guests to the entry More than 16.000 watchwords in 4 dialects (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) Keywords continually checked to be balanced for the best cost per click Keywords cover all visiteurope subjects (general travel or Europe terms, valuable data, transportation, and so on) Lower positions to have lower taken a toll for every snap Number of impressions high, normal snap rate of 1.2%

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Future action to help us know our clients better Short term Conduct full studies on the entryway. Studies will supplement what has been assembled from the surveys take into consideration more mind boggling inquiries and investigation of the guests Use an email answer for get point by point details on the conduct of our guests while scanning the pamphlet. Initial step to a CRM framework Medium term Analyze the point by point measurements of the entryway, surveys and reviews Objective: better modify the sitemap to the need of the guests Run more pay per click crusades privately taking into account the result of the initially brought together battles Long term Acquire a CRM framework Objective: To become more acquainted with our guests better and to profile them

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A Portal for Europe : another open door for ETC… another level of coordinated effort with our partners

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