Vitality STAR Business Items U.S. Opportunities and Status.

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Recognized target items for maker enlistment (compact gadgets items) Begun general media bring issues to light and volunteer Partners ...
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Vitality STAR Commercial Products U.S. Open doors and Status Canadian ENERGY STAR Participants Meeting May 4, 2006 Kate Lewis, U.S. EPA

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Commercial Foodservice (CFS) Product Sales & ES * From NAFEM Size and Shape of the Industry (2003). Deals and unit shipments are in thousands ** ENERGY STAR Units Shipment Data Report, October 2005

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Targeted Programs: CFS Goal: Demonstrate suitability of CFS stage Facilitate correspondence between industry/Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors ( EEPS ) Integrate ENERGY STAR informing into EEPS programs Develop and show CFS "entire kitchen" idea

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CFS Objective Transform the business sector for vitality proficient business kitchen items by helping EEPS create viable projects that advance (1) a heap of ENERGY STAR qualified business kitchen gear and (2) water-sparing and item working practices/suggestions for eateries

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CFS FY 06 Strategies Establish ES\' validity with and esteem for utilities Help make their current business nourishment administration hardware programs as effective as could be expected under the circumstances Refine gear bundle, use proposals, and rationale/investment funds model with utilities CEE business kitchens board of trustees Demonstrate program backing and purchase in from hardware producers ES CFS accomplice outreach

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CFS FY 06 Strategies Demonstrate market appropriation through pilot usage of the kitchen bundle with one eatery network (autonomous, little/local, or national) Will probably include ES Buildings and ES Small Business Document best practices and lessons learned and share those cross-industry Continue to inquire about other non-eatery business kitchen opptys. for establishment of particular qualified items or group/suite Schools and accommodation divisions Follow the utility refund reserves, direct introduce projects and area centered effort

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CFS FY 06 Goals Early FY 07 (fall 2006) 2-6 EEPS accomplices/utilities are effectively advancing ENERGY STAR qualified CFS gear to their clients Via hardware centered discounts/motivating forces Later FY 07 (spring 2007) 1-3 EEPS accomplices/utilities are effectively advancing a proficient business kitchen through ES\' approach (the propelled kitchen bundle) to their clients Primarily eateries, additionally could incorporate schools or substantial institutional records Via new development or business discounts/impetuses .

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New Specification Prospects Battery Charging Systems* Complement to EPSs Seeking CEC appropriation Commercial dishwashers Research continuous on water and vitality 1 st draft target May \'06 Ice Makers* Research on water/vitality "tradeoff" Final archive Nov \'05 * Product tended to in EPAct 2005

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Revised Specifications – 2006 Imaging Equipment: values for items tried utilizing TEC and OM approaches, incorporates power supply prerequisite, prohibits grandfathering. Points of reference : Test information due (November 1, 2005) Distributed second draft particular (December 2005) Released last determination (April 2006) Effective date (March 2007) Industry Concerns/Issues: Integrated computerized front-closes Allowances for arranged gear Duplex necessities Functional snake Remanufactured segments Recovery time

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Revised Specifications – 2006 Priorities Vending retrofits

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EPS - Where Are We? Dispatched detail in January 2005 Have enrolled 5 end use item producers (EUPM\'s) Have drawn nearer 40 to 50 EUPMs general Developed realistic for use on bundling (Samsung will be first to utilize – 2 mobile phones in Nov. 05) Identified target items for producer enrollment (versatile gadgets items) Begun general media – bring issues to light and select Partners Recruited 18 EPS creators (counting 6 of the main 7 producers), speaking to more than half of the business sector, have gotten to be ENERGY STAR Partners and supply qualified EPSs. Along these lines, dynamic enlistment of EPS producers not a noteworthy core interest.

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Initial Focus on High End Portable Devices

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EPS - What We\'ve Learned Recruiting new accomplices can be moderate (newness to ES, legitimate issues, # of contacts) Partner prerequisites include a few impediments Label Presence of English content (HP) Label over-burden (brought by a few accomplices) Acceptability of realistic (Apple) Efficiency levels 230V necessities barring numerous items Some makers may not be worth enlisting (Nokia illustration – as of now have proficient EPSs, won\'t utilize realistic, lawful concerns) Need contextual investigations and more accomplices for more powerful PR outreach EUPM Recruitment will drive achievement not EPS makers

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Overall Strategy and Activities Current and Near term: Directly select EUPMs utilizing first to market classification strategies Develop fairly adaptable answers for utilization of realistic and options Develop contextual investigations highlighting achievement, utilization of realistic, and advantages to accomplice Media outreach Mid term: Work intimately with partaking EUPMs to construct number of items and to name them Begin making client inclination for items with ENERGY STAR EPSs through PR Design of acknowledgment and reputation components Redesign Website to an enrollment apparatus Recruit direct retailer of EPSs (e.g. Targus) Long term (Expand Market): Begin working with retailers Integrate into FEMP particular

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