Vocations Training and Direction More or less.

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Vocations Training and Direction More or less. An instructions for senior administrators Arranged by the Vocations Training Bolster Program Associations for the benefit of DfES. Foundation. 'Vocations Instruction and Direction More or less' was delivered by the Professions Training Bolster Program for Associations
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Vocations Education and Guidance in a Nutshell An instructions for senior supervisors Prepared by the Careers Education Support Program Connections for DfES

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Background ‘Careers Education and Guidance in a Nutshell’ was delivered by the Careers Education Support Program for Connections It is accessible from DfES Publications (Tel: 0845 6022260 citing ref: DfES/0151/2004) or on-line at www.cegnet.co.uk

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What would you like to do? Figure out what’s in ‘Careers in a Nutshell’ - Follow this connection Decide how you are going to utilize it - Follow this connection Know why it was created - Follow this connection Find out additional about vocations training and direction (CEG) - Follow this connection

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1 What’s it about? 2 Sorting out the difference 3 Strong Connections 4 Why we have vocations education and guidance 5 What professions training and direction looks like practically speaking 6 Who’s included? 7 Tutors check! 8 Subject educators rouse! 9 You’re not the only one Contents

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1 ‘What’s it all about?’ lets you know that professions training and direction serves to: Lay the establishment for deep rooted vocation learning and advancement, decisions and changes Foster a more coordinated way to deal with self-improvement through Connections Harness vocations instruction and direction to accomplish the goes for 14-19 instruction

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2 ‘Sorting out the difference’ lets you know that vocations instruction and direction comprises of: Careers training - an arranged project of educational modules exercises and encounters for gatherings to advance self advancement, vocation investigation and vocation administration Careers direction - made up of balanced or little gathering exercises to empower people to make arrangements, decisions and choices

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3 ‘Strong Connexions’ lets you know that Connections is: an one-stop look for all adolescents separated to address individual issue intended to offer nearby answers for neighborhood needs based on the rule of giving a voice to youngsters

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4 ‘Why we have CEG lets you know that schools give professions instruction and direction to: help raise accomplishment, advance social incorporation and support more extensive interest meet lawful prerequisites, eg. they must give a vocations system to Y7-11 from September 2004

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5 ‘What CEG looks like in practice’ lets you know that powerful professions instruction and direction is: arranged deliberately very much drove coordinated in the educational modules well-taught via prepared staff surveyed fittingly assessed and quality guaranteed

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youngsters folks, carers and gatekeepers senior directors governors neighborhood power staff professions pros coaches subject masters grown-ups other than instructors individual counselors 6 ‘Who’s involved?’ lets you know that vocations training is an association between:

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7 ‘Tutors count!’ lets you know that mentors have a key part in connection to: supporting and checking the profession learning and improvement of understudies encouraging correspondence between understudies, educators, folks and carers, individual consultants and others professions showing cutting edge direction and sorting out referrals

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8 ‘Subject educators inspire!’ lets you know that subject instructors have a key part in connection to: impelling understudies on to larger amounts of accomplishment clarifying the profession significance of their subjects conveying parts of vocation training through their own subjects

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9 ‘You’re not alone’ lets you know that valuable sites for further help include: www.cegnet.co.uk www.connexions.gov.uk www.nacgt.org.uk www.qca.org.uk www.ofsted.gov.uk www.namss.org.uk

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How are you going to utilize it? Prompting for new staff on their part in professions instruction and direction Awareness raising for governors Photocopy significant areas for preparing specific gatherings of staff, eg. segments 2, 3 and 7 for mentors Developing an administration method for enhancing vocations instruction and direction in the school

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So why was it created? To demonstrate that CEG is essential for executing the Key Stage 3 Strategy and the 14-19 changes To help schools to actualize the national system for CEG (March 2003) which is much the same as a project of study To empower schools to assume a greater liability for the conveyance of CEG under Connections To assist schools with creating CEG as a component of a brought together way to deal with self-awareness (CEG, PSHE and citizenship)

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Living, learning and acquiring Today a profession is an individual voyage through an arrangement of chances that incorporates learning, work and vocation breaks, both arranged and spontaneous Continuous change presents individuals with profession decisions for the duration of their lives Dealing with progressing vocation decision and change implies that most grown-ups are taking part in deep rooted vocation arranging and improvement, in spite of the fact that they seldom utilize these names. The professions instruction and direction that people get in schools and universities give the establishment to this. Professions training projects now stress assisting youthful with peopling to manufacture their insight and self improvement aptitudes

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Finding out more ... Each Connections organization ought to have a CEG counsel in charge of preparing and bolster Some LEAs have a counselor for CEG Teachers’ and head teachers’ unions distribute exhortation The National Association of Careers and Guidance Teachers (NACGT) is the fundamental subject relationship for CEG Ofsted reports A conclusion to-end audit of CEG by the DfES will make suggestions later in 2004

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… about the National Framework

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… about the National Framework Careers Education and Guidance in England - A National Framework 11-19 (March 2003) Ref.: DfES/0163/2003 Sections: Careers Education Framework 11-19 Using the Framework in Different Settings Securing Coherent Guidance Provision Improving Quality

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The National Framework - CEG 11 to 19 a vocations instruction structure 11-19 This backings educational modules survey, assessment, arranging and improvement. It expands on national direction and nearby activity. It offers learning results with model substance and has three segments: key stage 3, key stage 4 and post-16. Every segment demonstrates how professions training can connect with PSHE, citizenship and monetary ability. exhortation on securing reasonable direction procurement This offers functional thoughts on the best way to fortify existing courses of action so youngsters increase greatest advantage from direction gave by the association inside which they are learning and that gave by Connections PAs and folks counsel on enhancing quality This offers down to earth thoughts on the best way to guarantee that quality affirmation exercises bolster the nonstop change of procurement and practice. Duplicates accessible free from Prolog, the DfES request line Tel: 0845 6022260

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… about the KS3 National Strategy Literacy in Careers Education pack Published January 2004 Ref: DfES 0050 - 2004 DfES Publications: 0845 60 222 60

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… about CEG and Progress File CEG ought to be fueled by Progress File It is an individual accomplishment organizer (replaces the NRA in 2004) Its key goals are to prepare individuals to arrange and deal with their learning, make successful moves, build inspiration and certainty to accomplish, fortify extra learning and accomplishment, empower individuals to display their accomplishments For data: www.dfes.gov.uk/progressfile and to request materials: 0845 60 222 60

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… about the Careers Education Support Program

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… about the Careers Education Support Program Research and discussion exercises distinguishing the plan for change. The CEGNET site Classroom assets, instructions materials and contextual investigations Promoting related activities, eg. National Healthy Schools Standard, Advanced Skills Teachers business related learning

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… about the CEGNET site

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… about the CEGNET site CEGNET is a site for educators which conveys a large portion of the assets created by the Careers Education Support Program including a help-line, a searchable database of expert and classroom assets, plans of work, lesson arrangements, articles, news and connections to other pertinent sites

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… about the CEGNET site CEGNET is a site for instructors which conveys a considerable lot of the assets created by the Careers Education Support Program including a help-line, a searchable database of expert and classroom assets, plans of work, lesson arrangements, articles, news and connections to other important sites www.cegnet.co.uk

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The CEGNET site menu framework

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How can vocation learning be accomplished?

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How can vocation learning be accomplished? Profession learning can be accomplished through: expert vocations lessons vocations exercises in instructional exercise and enhancement projects professions units in PSHE and citizenship projects professions exercises in subject lessons (eg. English, science, humanities, ICT & business related learning) vocations exercises in word related and authority courses professions exercises in the Connections Resource Center extraordinary occasions and additional curricular exercises (eg. alternative nights, vocation traditions, industry days, work experience, congregations, visits and taster days) drop-in sessions, centers and surgeries (fundamentally post-16) bolstered self-study and free work (primarily post-16)

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What ought to a professions subject pioneer do?

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What ought to a professions subject pioneer do? lead the advancement of compelling professions instruction, data and direction for youngsters and encourage its proceeded with change. work in organization with, and encourage commitments from, partners and others, including Connections Pers

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