Wal-Mart and The Glass Ceiling Investigating and Proving Gender Discrimination .

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Wal-Shop and The Unfair limitation Exploring and Demonstrating Sexual orientation Separation. February 2004. Wal-Bazaar Nuts and bolts. Established by Sam Walton Central command in Bentonville, AR Biggest Retailer On the planet Biggest Private Manager in U.S. $244.6 billion in deals; $6 billion benefit in 2003.
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Wal-Mart and The Glass Ceiling Investigating and Proving Gender Discrimination February 2004

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Wal-Mart Basics Founded by Sam Walton Headquarters in Bentonville, AR Largest Retailer in the World Largest Private Employer in U.S. $244.6 billion in deals; $6 billion benefit in 2003

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Wal-Mart Store Job Pyramid

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Women in Wal-Mart Management Positions

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Historical Comparison of Women in Management at Wal-Mart and Competitors

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The Promotion Process Getting Into Management Training No Posting of Openings No Application No Set Selection Criteria No Information on Management Jobs or Qualifications "Tap on the Shoulder"

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Were Women as a Group Less Qualified for Management ? No instruction necessity No related knowledge required Higher Average Performance Ratings

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What the Women Told Us About Promotion. .. No Information About How to Apply Shifting Requirements and Excuses Relocation Requirement – Real or A Pretext? Sexist Attitudes

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Rhonda Harper, previous VP Marketing Sam\'s Club

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Jim Haworth, previous Exec. VP Operations Wal-Mart

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Gender-Based Pay Disparities Average Annual Earnings ** In 2001 *Full-time **Including rewards Data: Richard Drogin

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Wal-Mart\'s Side of the Story No Uniform National Practice Women Not Interested in Management Positions Long and Unpredictable Hours Pay Differences are Very Small Have Made Efforts to Improve Diversity Women Are Happy at Wal-Mart Case is Just Too Big

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Every Store Looks and Operates Identically Same Jobs and Job Hierarchy Wal-Mart Cheer at Daily Store Meetings Wal-Mart Culture – 3 Basic Beliefs All work force strategies from Bentonville day in and day out Real Time Electronic Connection Weekly and Daily Reports and Store Visits Heat and Music Uniformity and Central Control

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Was The Alleged Discrimination Intentional? Interior Studies of Pay and Promotion Rates by Gender Diversity Consultant Benchmarking Against Competitors Warnings from the Executive Vice President of Human Resources Knew that Relocation Requirement Had An Adverse Impact on Women

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Tom Coughlin, Exec. VP and CEO of Wal-Mart

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Coleman Peterson, Exec. VP for People Division and Member of Board of Directors

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Don Harris, Exec. VP, Operations

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Stay Tuned Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores, Northern District of California Class Certification Motion Pending www.walmartclass.com

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