WAN Security and VPN.

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WAN Security and VPN Kaman Ng TEL660 19 Jan 2006 Requirement for Security? Web Exchanging Etrade, Schwab, TDWaterhouse, Constancy, Ameritrade Internet Managing an account Trade Bank, Citibank, HSBC Online Buys Ebay, BestBuy.com, BarnesandNobles.com Online Data
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WAN Security & VPN Kaman Ng TEL660 19 Jan 2006

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Need for Security? Web Trading Etrade, Schwab, TDWaterhouse, Fidelity, Ameritrade Online Banking Commerce Bank, Citibank, HSBC Online Purchases Ebay, BestBuy.com, BarnesandNobles.com Online Information Telephone Acct, Medical Acct, Utility Acct Remote Access Home Office, Mobile specialists, Temporary branch workplaces

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Security is Critical

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Security Threats Five Types of Risks Data presentation in travel and capacity Application-level assaults Mismanagement of encryption procedures Inattention to get to and personality dangers Misconfigurations by security overseers

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Intrusion Attacks and Virus Intrusion by programmers Unauthorized access into Government destinations, Telcos, Large Tech Corporations Email Virus Attachments to messages which checks client phonebook to further reproduce and taint different clients Worm Virus Small bit of programming that uses PC systems and security openings to imitate itself Trojan Horse An infection that camouflages itself and appears to the client as an ordinary PC program. Foreswearing of Service (DoS) assaults Render a PC or system unequipped for giving ordinary administrations. Creating high volume of activity that all system assets are devoured. Fundamental designs are to bring about blackouts and debasement/erasure of information.

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History of WAN assaults Around Christmas time in 1987, the first major WAN infection showed up and was promptly named the Christmas infection. The Christmas Virus was a REXX (CMS) script that drew a Christmas tree on the client\'s screen. In the mean time, it would look in the client\'s NAMES document and discover the locations of other system clients. When these locations were found, the infection would send duplicates of itself to this clients. This infection purchased VNET, IBM\'s interior system, to its knees.

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History of WAN assaults Sometime around 6 PM EST on November 2, 1988 the most renowned PC worm in history was brought into the Internet by Robert Morris, the child of an acclaimed PC security investigator working for the NSA. The worm spread like out of control fire tainting hundreds if not a huge number of PCs in a matter of hours. The main PCs that were suspectable were Sun 3 frameworks and VAXes running BSD 4.3 Unix. Numerous locales slice themselves off the system to secure themselves against the worm. Full Internet availability was not restored for quite a long time after this.

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Recent Internet/LAN/WAN Attacks

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Internet Intrusions Spam is flooding the Internet with numerous duplicates of the same message, trying to compel the message on individuals who might not generally decide to get it. This is a type of electronic garbage mail. Most spam is business publicizing, however there are SPAM made with the aim to ease off and cause blackouts to email frameworks/servers or surge hierarchical systems. POPUPs Irritating popup windows with promotion messages or site re-bearings. They interfere your program session and moderate down your web access. SpyWare/Adware Spyware and Adware is programming made by distributers that permit them to snoop on your perusing action, attack your protection and track your searching exercises. Your own data can be sold to different gatherings without your insight or assent. Your default landing page and settings can be commandeered so you can\'t transform them.

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Top Network Security Risks Un-fixed servers While most IT divisions would guarantee that they are persistent about applying patches when they are accessible, this danger must be considered important as even substantial organizations (Microsoft for instance) have neglected to fix all servers in a convenient way, prompting interruption of inward system movement by Worms like Code Red and its variations. Un-fixed customer programming Many normal and uninhibitedly accessible web customer applications, specifically Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Outlook contain security vulnerabilities that may be misused by an extensive number of minor departure from Worm or Viral code.

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Top Network Security Risks Insecure distributed document sharing Individual user’s PCs regularly have record and printer sharing turned on, permitting documents to be duplicated straightforwardly between PCs inside of an office or from the web. Notwithstanding when these components are killed. Web clients offer documents utilizing web applications like shared projects, for example, Kazaa, Morpheus, WinMX and LimeWire. Unreliable passwords Network IDs and passwords that are protected. Passwords that are not solid passwords with images, numbers and blended case alphas.

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Top Network Security Risks Home Personal Computers Exposing individual data to the web. Getting to corporate systems from less secure home PCs. Blending individual utilization with dangers to corporate system. Tablets Prone to absence of security. Focuses for robbery on account of its versatility. The convenient way of tablets leads them to regularly be joined with a large number of system situations, (counting client’s systems) and frequently oblige the utilization of one or more distinctive dial-up web associations notwithstanding association with the corporate system.

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SANS/FBI Top Twenty In 2001, the Security Administration, Networking, and Security (SANS) Institute distributed a top\'s rundown 20 security imperfections. In Verizon, a tech group was set up to filter and guarantee every single arranged server are agreeable and pass the SANS review.

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CERT It is the first PC security episode reaction group. CERT is an association committed to guaranteeing that suitable innovation and frameworks administration practices are utilized to oppose assaults on arranged frameworks and to restricting harm and guarantee congruity of basic administrations regardless of fruitful assaults, mishaps, or disappointments. CERT is situated at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), a governmentally financed innovative work focus (FFRDC) worked via Carnegie Mellon University .

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CERT Email Alert CERT NOTIFICATION The Verizon Security - Computer Intrusion Response Team (CIRT) asks for your prompt activity to the accompanying security consultative on the off chance that it unfavorably influences the system/framework you bolster. Email any inquiries or worries to cirt@verizon.com . If it\'s not too much trouble see beneath for the CIAC BULLETIN Q-090 Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine. A remote code execution defenselessness exists in the Graphics Rendering Engine on account of the way that it handles Windows Metafile (WMF) pictures. This HIGH-chance helplessness can be relieved by downloading and introducing the upgrades recorded in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-001 (912919). The URL for this notice is http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/Bulletin/MS06-001.mspx

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CIRT Notification Subject: CIAC BULLETIN Q-090 Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine _________________________________________________________ The U.S. Branch of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability __________________________________________________________ INFORMATION BULLETIN Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine [Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-001 (912919)] January 5, 2006 20:00 GMT Number Q-090 ____________________________________________________________________________ PROBLEM: A remote code execution vulneraiblity exists in the Graphics Rendering Engine on account of the way that it handles Windows Metafile (WMF) pictures. Stage: Affected Software: * Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 * Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 and Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 * Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition * Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 * Microsoft Windows Server 2003 for Itanium-based Systems and * Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with SP1 for Itanium-based Systems * Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition * Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), and Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (ME) - Review the FAQ area of this notice for insights about these working frameworks. Harm: An aggressor who effectively misused this weakness could take complete control of an influenced system. Arrangement: Download and introduce redesigns showed in the Microsoft Bulletin.

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CERT Vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities reported 1995-1999 1995 - 171 1996 - 345 1997 - 311 1998 - 262 1999 - 417 2000-2005 2000 – 1,090 2001 – 2,437 2002 – 4,129 2003 – 3,784 2004 – 3,780 2005 – 5,990 Total vulnerabilities reported (1995-2005): 22,716

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Corporate Security Solutions and Policies Education on ensuring PC resources and information resources. Strategies on adequate utilization of PC hardware and corporate information. Approaches on remote access Policies on data assurance Policies on Perimeter security Policies on Host/Device security Policies on client account/watchword arrangement Corporate strategies intended to be sufficiently adaptable to adjust the level of profitability and openness against the level of security control. In the event that arrangements are excessively prohibitive, individuals either discover ways, making it impossible to go around them or won’t uphold them.

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Corporate Solution: ID Security Automated requirement of ID and watchword polices 3 fizzled endeavors on signing into the corporate space locks out ID. Programmed reset in 15 minutes. Maximun 3 programmed resets. After that, needed to call Help Desk Support. Space and framework passwords must be changed month to month. Must be more than 6 characters comprising of no less than 1 number, blended case alphas and no less than 1 image or extraordinary character.

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Corporate Solution : the web Proxy servers observing action and control of movement between corporate system and the web. Utilization of Firewalls a

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